WILW {10.29.14}

i decided these Wednesday posts needed an official graphic to make them feel like a “thing.”



that, and i really like playing around with photo apps. i still maintain that my iPhone photographer career has great potential…

so, let’s get on with this before Wednesday is over, shall we?

WILW, category style:

what everyone needs:
about a month ago, boy and i were out to dinner at this adorable French wine bar restaurant upstate, and the waiter slid one of these magical instruments into our white wine bottle after pouring our wine:


i was floored. boy was floored. what was this crazy icicle of wonder?

answer: the Corkcicle. maybe some of you know about this, or even have one, but it was totally revolutionary for me — and as a wine lover, i knew i needed one in my possession as soon as possible. it’s ingenious: you store it in your freezer, and you suddenly have a magic wand of a chill stick cork to keep your wine at perfect drinking temperature after you open it. it totally eliminates the need to put the wine in the fridge, or to use an ice bucket when out to eat. best.idea.ever.

i think this is a perfect gift idea, because who doesn’t like wine? (and if you can answer that question with “me” or “my (insert anyone you know)”, please don’t tell me. i don’t have time to psychoanalyze your deepest issues.)

plus, it comes in fun colors, which just makes life so much more enjoyable.  (*note: if you’re someone to whom i give a Christmas gift, sorry for spoiling it, but this is probably what you’re getting. you’re welcome in advance.)


what i’m looking forward to:
*my (lil) bro turns 30 on Saturday.
we make big deals out of birthdays in my family, and i’m stoked for Ry to leave his 20s and enter the land of the 30s that i inhabit. crazy how the years fly by but stretch on forever at the same time, isn’t it?  to think we once looked like this,

and now are all growed up. ish.

i’m counting down the days til Friday, when i get to head upstate to spend the wknd w/ the fam (and boy) and celebrate Ry’s big 3-0. i anticipate this entailing good food, mimosas, board games, a Hussey + the new add-ons b-day dinner, wine, and lots of silliness. just the way i like my life.

what i’m watching:
*the World Series.
have i mentioned i’m a baseball fan? welp, i’m a baseball fan, thanks to my sports-obsessed dad. i was the little girl in Chuck Taylors carrying around a binder of baseball cards everywhere — bright pink, nonetheless. love the sport, and my team is in it again this year for the third time since 2010! yep — i’m a San Francisco Giants fan. giants-logo-sfthey used to be a NY team back in the day, and my grandpa was a fan, so my dad continued the streak. i’m currently watching them battle out game 7 of this series against the Royals while typing this blog, and hoping they manage another title win. ahhh, the suspense. lesssgoboys!

what i’m eating:
*dried mango.
this stuff is so good, and such a perfect sweet snack as an alternative to any unhealthy sweets. i buy it at Whole Foods in their bulk food section. they don’t add any extra sugar or preservatives — just pure dried mango. so gooood. when i did Nature Box, i chose this every month. hey, if it ain’t broke…

47ade78cc9bc534fwhat i’m doing for workouts:
*mainly cardio.
this week has been cardio central in my world:

  • a 10-miler outside on Sunday (felt so goooood to be back in the double digits)
  • 50 minutes of intervals at high resistance on the Arc trainer on Monday
  • 6 miles outside this morning, starting in the pitch darkness of pre-dawn

i’m so thrilled to be over the worst of the leg injuries and have been trying to take advantage of my ability to run more easily again. tomorrow i’m going to do a strength/plyo workout, however, to not get too overeager with the running streak and re-injure.

annnd one more thing before i send Wednesday on its merry way (get gone, hump day):
don’t forget to enter my Old Factory Candle Giveaway, if you haven’t already! 🙂

Fill me in on one of the above categories for you this week! eating/workouts/looking forward to, etc.


18 thoughts on “WILW {10.29.14}

    • i’m so excited about them and plan to give them away as gifts — they’re really quite awesome for wine lovers, and beat having to keep going to the fridge. 🙂

    • thanks girl, for the graphic love! haha i can totally envision the wine pouring down the sides…although i somehow doubt i’ll have that problem of leaving too much in the bottle… 🙂

  1. Corkcicles are so cool (lollllz) and so useful. If I ever see you put ice in your wine, we can’t be friends. Happy birthday to your bigggg bro!! My bro will turn 30 in a few months. And I am far more mature than him. That tells you something haha

    • haha oh you so cleva. no ice in wine? hmmm i’ll make a mental note not to do that…ya know, when we have our next girls’ night and all. wishful! hmm i wouldn’t say i’m more mature than Ry in all things… we’re about equal. we should be twinsies. ‘cept he’s so tallllll.

  2. Oh mah gawd words cannot describe how much I want that corkcicle! I’m sure I would end up never using it haha but it’s so awesome!

    The World Series was yesterday right? And SF won! (I think? clearly I know nothing). My neighbors were screaming late into the night so I’m assuming I’m correct haha.

    Happy birthday to your bro!

  3. Happy Birthday to your bro! 30 is a big deal, so make sure you spoil him. 😉 I have a couple of those corkcicles and love them. As long as your friends drink wine, I think they would be happy to receive that gift. 🙂

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