Friday Five: Halloween Edition

happy Halloween, weeners! i’m of the school that you’re never too old to play dress up, and i think Halloween is oodles of fun. since it falls on a Friday this year, of courseeeee my Friday Five post must be dedicated to all things Halloweenish.

let’s keep this short and sweet, hmmm?

1. my fave costume. i’ve been a lot of things (read: i always dress up), buuuuut the time i thought i was invincible will always be my fave.


i have seriously had to restrain myself from considered wearing this basically every day year since then. it just feels so right. don’t judge me.

2. what i’ll probably be doing tonight. since i dressed up 2 wknds ago and had my premature Halloween, this sounds about right for tonight…

3. The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze. i probably won’t make it to this this year, unfortunately, but i think it looks amazing and really want to get myself here one year. it’s a walk-through jack-o-lantern extravaganza, where you’re dazzled by over 5,000 hand-carved illuminated pumpkins. i think i’d feel like i was in a magical fantasy world and love every single second of it.


4. fave Halloween candy? as a kid, my fave were always these tried-and-trues:

1110p42-snickers-funsize-mand hey, btw, whatever happened to these guys? they were a runner-up for me, and i feel like they’ve disappeared?

5. Violet from The Incredibles. the costume i need to be at some point, because i keep coming back to it every year.

and yes, this is the teenager daughter, not the mom. i’m so not a mom type. 🙂


so, trick or treat, friends! have a fabulous Halloween.

OH, and don’t forget — today is the final day to enter my Old Factory Candle Giveaway, as i’m choosing a winner tomorrow (in honor of my bro’s 30th bday, someone else is also getting a gift!).

lemme know how you feel about any/all of these:

Halloween: yay or nay? you dig, or so not into this holiday?

Fave costume you’ve ever worn?

A costume you really want to be?

Fave Halloween candy?


6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Halloween Edition

  1. Girl, you are one HOT ASS Wonderwoman. SERIOUSLY. Good gravy. Your dude is one lucky man. How did I not know about this Pumpkin Blaze thing?? That is amazing. Simply spellbinding. I am seriously putting it on my bucket list. WOW.
    You would be invited of course, just don’t wear the WW costume, because I don’t think I could handle it.
    Have an amazing (and safe) night!

  2. Love the Wonderwoman costume! You make Halloween look fun to the holiday hater like me haha. I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this magical place called the Pumpkin Blaze! It’s officially added to my must-visit list.

  3. We were just reading about the pumpkin blaze. So freaking awesome. But we didn’t get to go. Work gets in the way. I was ever so creative and dug through the equipment room of the rink and dressed as a goalie. It was pretty funny. This figure skater was trying silly moves in mass amounts of padding. I was going to surprise the kids this morning and show up as the goalie for their game but we got rained out :(. Love the Wonder Woman. I was just telling Rock that I want a good Wonder Woman next year!

  4. That pumpkin blaze is AWESOME!!! I wish I was anywhere near it! We go big with Halloween in our house. I used to work on my costumes for months and now I do that with my daughter’s costumes. 🙂
    I LOVE the WW outfit! My favorite even was when my friend and I went as zombie cheerleaders.

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