Marvelous in my Monday & a giveaway winner

the best thing that can happen on a Monday morning is to wake up reeling from an amazing weekend and feel that all is well — no, wonderful — in your world. nothing like starting your week off on an amazing note. i even woke up ready to go when my alarm went off at 5:30, and had a great workout (4 mile treadmill run + some planks and decline bench situps) before riding my bike to work in the chilly sunshine.

today, it isn’t hard to identify the things from this past weekend that make my Monday marvelous.MiMM
*my brother’s 30th birthday on Saturday.

homemade brunch + mimosas + board games + wine + relaxing + Huss fam dinner (+ SOs) + falling asleep on the couch by 10pm = amazing day.

*Saturday morning run in brand new first-time sneaks, entirely pain free.

i bought the Heidi Klum for New Balance 890s on a whim, and i was amazed at how much i loved them. they fit me so well and offered just the right amount of support, and i’m excited to run in these more.

*stumbling across a pic that could be me and one of my best friends and feeling sweet nostalgia for our carefree girlfriend summer days at the beach — and making a mental note to reenact this next year. young, wild & free.

photo 4
*believing this is true. because why shouldn’t it be?

photo 1

*simple is 2

*I spent a long time trying to find my center until I looked closely one night and found it had wheels and moved easily in the slightest breeze, so now I spend less time sitting and more time sailing.* -Brian Andreas

*above, take two.

photo 3
*for every reason in the world. and i want to decorate my bedroom ceiling like this.

photo 5
and finally, the winner of the Old Factory Candle giveaway as per random number generator is…

randomAvery Bechtel, my 5th commenter. congrats, Avery! please email me (shawnadothusseyatgmaildotcom) for instructions on how to receive your gift! hope you enjoy these candles.

thanks to everyone who participated in my giveaway, and hope you stick around for more in the future.

have a marvelous, marvelous Monday, friends!

What’s making your world marvelous lately?

Tell me something good from your weekend!


19 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday & a giveaway winner

  1. Those globe ceiling decorations are incredible! Can you image having a room like that? I think if I had a library in my apartment (I wish) I would decorate like that.

    Looks like you had a great weekend! Cheers to pain-free runs in new shoes 🙂 I broke in a new pair this weekend too!

  2. It really does sound like you had an amazing weekend!! This is going to sound really lame but I got a lot of stuff done this weekend and that made me feel so much more relaxed! I also got to catch up for lunch with some friends!

  3. I’m sooooo happy to hear you using the words “pain-free” when you speak of yourself these days!!! And ummm I had one thing happen this weekend that was awesome sauce but I’m still working on the post so I can’t reveal the secret yet 😉

  4. So awesome! Great post! Hope your Monday was Marvelous! Happy birthday bro.
    Funny story, last time I was in NYC I saw Heidi Klum and Seal walking down the street being hounded by papz.
    Love that tat.
    My weekend was spent running, yogaing, costuming, and cleaning. It was tiring.

  5. Your posts always give me allll the feels I love it! Glad your bro’s bday was fun! I’m a little mad at you that I didn’t win the candles but I guess i’ll get over it 😉

    THAT CEILING – those globes – the wanderlust side of me is jumping for joy

    • aww thanks, girl — that’s exactly what i’m going for and i’m so glad you feel it. 🙂 ahhh i knowwww, i’d be mad at me if i were you, too. hopefully next time! 🙂

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