Friday Five {11.7.2014}

*inspire. i’m pretty sure most of you know by now that i’m a creative free-spirit at heart, so i’m not sure that anything excites me more than dreaming up projects and outlets to unleash my creative side and hopefully inspire others in the process. one of my best friends is a kindred wild-and-young-at-heart-gypsy-soul-bright-eyed-believer sort, so we teamed up to start a still-in-the-works project called


photo 4
just a blonde and a brunette, trying to take on the world one messy-hair-don’t-cared dream at a time. 🙂

we’re not sure exactly what this will become — i’m already dreaming big and getting ahead of myself, because that’s how i do — but we’re excited to go with it and see where it takes us! for now, we opened an Instagram account under that name, so please follow us in our journey to post inspirational, girls-in-love-with-the-world sort of sentiments. check out today’s posts: Fridays are for friendship and fitness.

been sort of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my pants week for workouts.

Monday morning: 5 mile treadmill run + abs
Tuesday morning: a full hour of strength/plyo + abs, followed by 20 minutes of Arc trainer
Wednesday evening: 5.5 mile treadmill run + abs
Thursday: skip. i’d say “rest day” but it was unintentional, as i’d wanted to work out but was so exhausted. 9pm bedtime last night.          Friday (today): couldn’t get up this morning – slept almost 10 hours. much needed. plan to run after work

tonight will hopefully be a 4-5 miler (or else a combo of running and strength), and i’d like to get a longer (8-10 miles) run in tomorrow morning. i just wanna move. a lot. that’s all.

photo 2

*ego-boosting. i want a boy bear to put on my dresser and repeat such sentiments to me. this guy knows how to compliment a girl.

“all the talents. look really good. impressive vocabulary. great butt.”

i mean, come onnnn…do compliments get any better than those??


a whole lot of my favorite things are on store for this weekend:
running, sleeping, relaxing, and an all-day cuddle-up-on-the-couch-and-do-work with one of my bffs date tomorrow (the other half of wildeyes.gypsyskies, so hopefully some creative brainstorming will be happening there!). i can’t begin to explain how excited i am to wear sweatpants and hunker down into full relaxation and productivity girl-time mode with her. i’m getting reallllly good at relaxing these days.
*pumpkin. still goin’ strong with the punkin’ obsession.

this stuff is my newest jam:

promo_pumpkin-spice-yogurtomg it’s so so so so so good. the best yogurt i’ve ever had, and doubles as the perfect dessert. they need to keep this stuff out all year round, as i don’t know what i’m going to do when it disappears. must buy allllll the pumpChobs. mmmm.

happy weekend, lovelies!

Fave yogurt flavor/brand? pumpkin + Chobani for me, fo sho.

Weekend plans? you know mine!

Best compliment you’ve received or given in a while? because we all like to hear and say (hopefully) nice things.


7 thoughts on “Friday Five {11.7.2014}

  1. I bought all the pumpkin Chobani when I saw it in the store. Seriously, so good. I always try and give little compliments here in there… it can make such a big difference in someone’s day. Weekend plans are pretty low key – running with friends, football, movie, 17-miler on Sunday, more football, a little work. My kind of weekend. 🙂

  2. wildeyes.gypsyskies. I love it! Can’t wait to learn more 🙂

    I need to hunt down that yogurt because everyone keeps raving about it! I rarely buy any flavored yogurt but would definitely make an exception for this one.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Chobani just kills it in the flavor department. I go gaga for their key lime pie flavor. The best pumpkin yogurt I’ve had was noosa – but that’s probably because there’s sweet cream cheese in there too 😉

    LOVE your wildeyes.gypsyskies idea! Can’t wait to see how that evolves!

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