MIMM {11.17.14}

is it realllllly Monday again?

i had a perfectly lovely weekend and put myself to bed nice and early to try to avoid those Sunday night blechs… and then i saw this on The Berry’s Instagram (anyone else obsessed with this site??) as i was getting into bed, and had to send it to one of my best friends immediately because we spent the weekend together and were totally bemoaning this exact thing earlier in the day:

photoerrrr, yep.

welp, now that i got that out of the way, let’s focus on all the good things, hmmm?

MiMMthanks to Katie, who hosts MIMM!

so, my weekend had all sorts of marvelous:

*workouts.Β i had two very different, both noteworthy workouts this weekend.

Saturday: at 9am i ran 8 miles outside along the Hudson River. it was the chilliest run i’ve done so far this year, as it was in the 30s, and i regretted not bringing gloves. i felt really good, though, despite the cold. and i know i plug them all the time lately, but it’s true — adding the 1975 album to my daily running playlist really kicks things up a notch. i can’t get enough of this band.

Sunday: at 9am i took my first barre class at Local Barre in Hoboken with my bff Alex. i haven’t taken a group exercise class in a minute, and everyone seems to be all crazy-eyed over barre, so i was game to give it a whirl. plus, the 9am class was free for first-timers, so that was an extra added incentive.

the studio was small and cozy, with an elemental, wood & exposed brick decor, which i really dug.

they also had this sweet mason jar light fixture that i’m totally crushing on and want for my apt. amazingness.

as per the actual class itself, well — it was okay. i liked it, and appreciated it for what it was, but it wasn’t high up on my list of fave workouts or classes i’ve taken. it’s definitely a totally different type of workout than i’m used to — i don’t do much low-impact, isolated muscle groups, active stretching stuff, which is what this totally was. it had its challenging elements for sure, and my tight runner’s IT bands certainly weren’t happy at many moments, but it wasn’t my class of preference. however, it basically had the same effect on me that yoga does: made me realize just how inflexible i am and how much more i need to stretch.

oh, and it made me want to be a ballerina, for sure. my dream life do-over? be a professional dancer. tomboy in real life, dancer by trade. the dream.

speaking of (aka shameless plug): if you’re not following my friend and i on our inspirational Insta journey, please do so! @wildeyes.gypskyskies. we posted this pic this past wknd and are kiiiinda in love with it. πŸ™‚

*yum. i had some fab eats in Hoboken this wknd, including great sushi and veggie dumplings, but the only thing i remembered to take a pic of was my greek yogurt/granola/fruit bowl yesterday from this adorable little cafe called La Bouche that i kinda wish i owned. pretty sure this is my fave food combo ever.

in keeping with my love for yogurt, i discovered this seasonal Chobani this past weekend as well and am totally hooked:

chobsapple cinnamon. so so good. this is a close second to the pumpkin for me, as those two tend to be my fave flavors of most things. i’m just sad that both are limited batches. i need these in my life alllll the year ’round.

*girl time with my kindred friend. this makes my heart the happiest and was the highlight of my weekend for sure, spending Saturday-Sunday with my lovely friend all snuggled up on her couch doing allll the best things: giggling and boy-talking and eating sushi and drinking pumpkin beer and watching movies and working on our Instagram page and knowing we were exactly where we wanted to be. it’s one of the greatest things in the world to have a friendship like that, and i couldn’t have asked for a better, more soul-fulfilling weekend.

oh, and our pumpkin beer taste testing is still in full effect. we both agreed this is our fave of the season:

Southern Tier’s Pumking (how great is the name, too??)

southern-tier-pumpkin-2the flavors were just perfect. def the winner.

*baking. i’m not a huge sweets person but i like a little every now and then, and i really enjoy baking and try to make healthier goodies. i whipped up some pretty great little drop cookies last night that turned out even better than i’d expected: pumpkin oatmeal peanut butter doo-dads, with Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips.

cookiesthey’re so yummy, i sorta feel like i should just quit life and start an all-things-pumpkin company or something. i’ll get back to you when that idea pans out into something that makes any sense at all. πŸ™‚


photoi mean, it’s funny because it’s true.

hope you all had fab wknds!

Tell me something that’s making your Monday bearable marvelous.
What are your fave things to do with your besties?
Any good workouts this weekend?


12 thoughts on “MIMM {11.17.14}

  1. Alrighty Shawna are you raiding my fridge cause we seem to be loving on the same Chobani’s lately hahaha lol and what’s marvelous in my Monday??? Ummm a cold front racing through Florida right which will drop our highs to the 50’s tomorrow and lows in the high 30’s. Which means I can drink all things hot and not sweat lol πŸ™‚ I had a marvelous 7 mile run @ 8:20 pace yesterday. You have a amazing rest of the day Shawna!!! πŸ™‚

  2. So glad that you had such a fantastic weekend full of simple pleasures. That barre studio is incredible! I want to make it my apartment! I love Pumpking, but OFallon’s pumpkin still remains my favorite, even though I have only had it once. It is elusive…

    • totally with you on wishing that was my apt. we should start a decorating company. i think they call that interior design? right. oooh i haven’t heard of that (elusive) beer…must try to find.

  3. This looks like one awesome weekend! I love pumpkin beer and definitely tried the Southern Tier. There is a fun beer place on the UES on 86th Street called City Swiggers. I think it is worth taking a crosstown bus over for πŸ™‚

  4. I have not been running….at all. I am back to the spot where 8 miles sounds like a lot to me. MY how quick that “spot” comes haha. I’ve been enjoying other workouts so I’m rollin with it! I totally want that granola bowl.

  5. That studio is beautiful! I love the wooden, rustic-yet-sleek/modern feel it appears to have. My favorite thing to do with friends is go to brunch – unfortunately I’m one of the few people I know who likes to spend money on going out to brunch. I need new friends, apparently! Mine don’t have their priorities lined up, obviously πŸ˜‰

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