that time i went to alllll the speakeasies

oh heyyyy, friends. apparently it’s easy as 1-2-3 to just take a whole week off blogging sometimes. to be honest, i didn’t feel like i had a ton to write about, and i had a busy week, so that combo certainly didn’t make for much on the blog scene.

i did, however, start getting back into my first love of creative writing (namely poetic prose) more this past week, which i’m really hoping i am able to sustain. if you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, well, why don’t you? :)), you might have seen a few of the lil snippets i posted. i really love to write short little snapshots of moments and scenes, so i’ve taken the leap and started posting them on Instagram. i hope to post a few a week, and i plan to include them on my blog, too.

so, after not writing for a week, we’ve come full circle, back to my mahhhhhvalousss Monday.

*the writing. yep, have to talk about it first, as i’m really quiet excited to have a focus for it and hope to do more with it in the future. TBD, but i have some ideas. floating around.

here are two i posted on Instagram last week:

two sticks and we burn

love&fire - Copy

the things we leave behind

*city living. this weekend, i actually did something entirely unusual for me: took advantage of my city and packed the entire weekend full of allllll the things and kept myself busy out of the apartment from morning til night. i was thoroughly, utterly exhausted by 3pm yesterday and was making delirious and semi-mean-in-a-funny-way comments about every celebrity possible during the AMAs last night and cracking my roommate up…but it was entirely worth the exhaustion. i had such a great freaking weekend, it was almost unbelievable.

there was some West Village rambling & a new addition to my feet-in-the-shot sidewalk art collection,

followed by an awesome brunch with some sick live jazz at Garage in the West Village. i really dug everything about it: the food, the unlimited mimosas, and the music were all awesome. such a great spot to chill and enjoy some mid-day music and drinks.


*speakeasy tour of Manhattan. one of my favorite things to do in NYC is visit speakeasies, of which we have plenty, all offering their own cool vibe and charm. i totally dig that whole Prohibition-style decor and atmosphere, not to mention the deliciousness of the cocktails. i had the best drinks i’ve ever had in my life on Saturday night at the final spot we landed at.

here’s a rundown of our tour:

Friday night we went to a late dinner, so we just hit one speakeasy after: a hip & totally hidden Roaring 20’s style joint called Bathtub Gin in Chelsea, of which i’d never heard before that day and stumbled across on an online search. the cool thing was that you’d never know it existed at all if you weren’t looking for it, as it’s set behind a real coffee shop on 9th Ave and the bar itself has no street entrance. the not-cool thing was the 30 minute + wait at midnight in the cold. thankfully we got a table, as i definitely wouldn’t have enjoyed this scene so much had i not been nestled into a corner. it was completely unexpected: super loud, throbbing music, people dancing and being sort of wild, and not the easiest place for a conversation. the drinks were great, however, and the interior was way cool. i really, really wanted to like it more than i did, and i think if i’d been there at a tamer time and gotten to see more of the space and just chill, i’d have loved it. it was so crowded, i didn’t even see the bathtub. fail.

photo from

photo from

Saturday night we started our speakeasy ventures much earlier, and were out and about by 7pm.

first stop: Death & Co. in the East Village. this was another first-time for me, and everything about this spot was a yes, from the friendliness of the staff to the loungey oldies music (“Earth Angel,” anyone?), to the fab marble bar and the expertise and personalities of the bartenders — it was all seamless and lovely. it wasn’t crowded, it wasn’t loud, it wasn’t cheesey — it all just worked. it was definitely the classiest of the places we went, and i felt very much so tucked away from the rest of the world in a true throwback to the Prohibition era. i had one of their new drinks, which was some sort of refreshing appley thing topped with champagne, and it was great. this is pretty much the perfect cocktail bar, in all aspects.



next stop: The Back Room in the Lower East Side. fun fact about this super-hidden spot: it’s one of only 2 speakeasies still existing today that operated during Prohibition, and has been in existence in the same location for over 85 years. the entrance is cool, as you go through a little fence on the street and walk down a dark hidden alley to a random door, and the vibe is really chill and authentic, with the high-backed couches and old school atmosphere. one of my fave parts is that they serve the drinks in tea cups; one of my least fave parts is the drinks themselves. nothing special, especially in comparison to every other speakeasy i’ve visited. but i’ve been a few times, and i dig it.



the final stop: Apotheke. to say we saved the best for last is an understatement here, as this place was absolutely the coolest experience of the night. located on the most random of all random streets imaginable in Chinatown, it’s nestled into a little bend in the road and marked by a “Chemist” sign, as though signifying an old school apothecary. everything about this place is so dope: the decor is awesome, and the cocktails are all made with local and organic produce and ingredients from either local markets or the bar’s own rooftop herb garden, and i’ve never tasted drinks like this in my life. they are so meticulously crafted and unique, it’s really quite incredible and definitely deserves the comparison to a chemistry lab experiment. oh, and the bartenders wear chemist’s coats, too, just to make it even more rad. we hunkered down here in a cozy little corner for a good little while, having our best drinks and conversation of the night (don’t you just love when those two things go so well together??). my fave drink of the evening was my final one:

yes, i believe i just took health freak to an entirely new level with this one, and it was like Heaven in a glass. this was the perfect drink for me.

oh, and check out this place:



’nuff said, i do believe.

i think i’m about good for today with this — enough marvelousness to go around, i’d say.

and, well — after such a full weekend, i’m pretty darn tired and writing this is about all i can muster. šŸ™‚

off to leave work and bake some pumpkin peanut butter oatmeal cookies to bring home to my fam!

Weekend highlights for you?
Does your city have speakeasies? Are you into that vibe?
What’s marvelous in your Monday?


15 thoughts on “that time i went to alllll the speakeasies

  1. Sooo cool. I love bars like these. There was one in NYC called Chumley’s that I went to once. I looooved it. Sadly it closed shortly thereafter and I hear it still hasn’t reopened. It had been one of the oldest in the city. Bummer.

  2. These look so funny. My husband has been to The Backroom. As soon as I mentioned it he told me about going through the coffee shop to get in. These pics look so fun and Rock is now googling speak easies in Chicago. Love the pics. In my dream life I will build a room like that in my house šŸ™‚

    • i love that Roaring 20s vibe for a room in a house, too — great idea. i think i now need to have one in my hypothetical one-day house, just so i can throw Great Gatsby parties on a whim and hire expert mixologists to serve darling cocktails. i might never leave home. šŸ™‚

  3. Wow – these places are so cool. Damn New York is so hip! When I visited there we found some random Russian dive bar that was doing a LGBT poetry night and had the sketchiest bathroom I’ve ever seen. It was crazy strange and not something you’d find in SLC.

    • haha i love that you remember the sketchy bathroom. i always mean to try to find poetry nights (prob have the best luck on the lower east side) but haven’t made it to one — maybe next year. šŸ™‚

  4. Now I want to go to NYC just to hit up a bunch of jazz clubs!! We need more of those grown n sexy type spots down here in the D. I was on a date and we hit up this marvelous wine bar with live Spanish music…it was divine.

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