Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

holy holidays, this whole once-a-week blogging thing really needs to stop. i love having a blog. i love writing. i don’t love when i don’t write and neglect my blog. life fail.

but you know what wasn’t a life fail? my 6am run this morning. after a long, restful, family and friend (and sleep and wine) filled weekend upstate, i guess i returned well-rested and motivated or something, because this morning’s (in the dark) run just felt amazing. really needed this.photoit was also 54 degrees out on December 1st — how’s that for a hellllooooo, Decemberrrrrr?! running in the early-morning dark in a lightweight shirt and capris just weeks before Christmas? i’m lovin’ this Indian Autumn, or whatever we shall call it.

photoso, how were your Thanksgivings, friends? mine was amazing, especially because i was off from life work since last Tuesday and spent 5 days upstate doing as little as possible. i mean, i devoted plenty of time to the important things, of course (minus writing…brrrpppp somehow that fell by the wayside): there was plenty of running, gym time, family time, sweats and gym clothes ’round the clock, wine, good food, movies and sleep. i think i covered all the basics there.


my adventures in pie baking; writing my final final of the semester(!!); at the gym on Thanksgiving morning

equally breathtaking in every season...this view never gets old

equally breathtaking in every season…favorite morning view

hazy light, new snow and some geese

hazy light, new snow and some geese

really into this wine, too, which my mom and i enjoyed this weekend: Joseph Carr’s “Josh” Pinot Noir. so good.

1_131998750_3annnnd we can’t forget about this little nugget face, who lights up my life every time i see him — even though he still refuses to keep his eyes open when i’m around. i’m going to go ahead and give myself props for this and say it’s because he’s just sooooo relaxed and comfortable in my lap. otherwise i’m going to start developing some sort of baby-boring complex or something, because seriously — the kid sleeps the entire time i’m there. it’s crazy. but i forgive him because, well, look at this face?!


i also saw a few movies over break and have determined that 1) Channing Tatum is actually hilarious (21/22 Jump St, anyone?!) and 2) not all Johnny Depp movies are amazing (Transcendence just wasn’t what i hoped).

oh, and my creative writing? it’s still happening. thanks for asking, friends. 🙂

photohappy December 1st, lovies! ❤

How was your Thanksgiving?
How’s the running going, runners? Any killer runs to talk about lately?
Pie preference: apple or pumpkin?


5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

  1. SO MUCH AWESOME. Also, I need that snowflake sweater. For Zoe. She won’t like it, but I’m ok with that. I had some amazing runs while I was home.Just gorgeous weather, scenery, so comfortable, and Thanksgiving to come home to. And my mommy. And then I came back home, and had Thanksgiving again, and my husband to come home to. Just happy clappy sappy all around.
    Pie preference: ALL

  2. Those are some nice pics Shawna!!! And I’m loving your post run face chica!! 😉 Is that your game face??? Also another amazing piece of writing 🙂 Running has been going well I had a solid 13 miler on Friday my longest run since 2013. Unfortunately, I did something to my right foot/ankle during last night run 😦 today was a rest day so I”ll find out more tomorrow when I try out an easy run. Hopefully, resting today will be the cure all.

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