Friday Five: Five Faves

i’m joining up with the gals who do their Friday Five linkup again this week, to speak my piece on Five Friday Favorites. because i love to play favorites.

FridayFive-Favorites-1024x102411. the 1975. yep i’m still rambling on about this band, but i can’t stop won’t stop. i saw them live last night (!!!), which was all sorts of amazingness in theory but sort of a near-fail for me — i got there late and missed half their set and it was way more crowded than i’d anticipated. apparently they have quite the fan following and i’m not the only 1975-obsessed individual in NYC?! who knew there were so many cool people here. but i did hear my fave song (listen to “Girls” asap), and danced up a storm in the midst of a huge flailing dancing crowd (so many dudes like this band, it was crazy), and saw my lovely girlfriend who i like to do allll the things with, and they sounded amazinggggg live. so it was also a near-win.


2. holiday parties. tis the season…to be a big exhausted partying mess. πŸ™‚ seriously, that’s what i feel like with all these holiday shenanigans and allllll the wine and champagne in the world. but they’re oh-so-much-fun when they’re happening! we had our annual work holiday party last night, and this was my first year in charge of planning it, and i’m happy to say it went super well and everyone had a blast. the venue was great: City Hall in TriBeCa is a sweet space, and the staff did an awesome job (and by awesome, i mean insisted on following you around with wine bottles and topping off your glass the entire evening. i seriously had to keep my hand over it sometimes.). although there are parts of my job i don’t enjoy so much, i really love planning and working and hosting the events, so i’m thankful for the chance to do that — and stoked when they turn out so well.


3. biking in December. riding the Citibike is def my preferred method of transportation to work, so i’m pretty psyched that it’s still nice enough out in December for me to utilize this. no major snow hindrances or too many freezing windy cold miserable un-bikeable days as of yet…although my exhausted post-party-and-concert hazy self had to take the subway today. i foresaw a potential crash in my future.

4. heart talks. you know, those convos with people you love and value that enrich your life immeasurably? yeah, those. whether it be at a bar with a girlfriend about boys and love and life, or over the computer with an old friend with whom you lost touch and connection and are now trying to rebuild a relationship with, these emotion-laden, say-what-you-need-to-say conversations where you feel entirely free to express any and everything you’re thinking and feeling without fear of judgment or filter — those truly make life worth living. i had both of these above examples happen this week, and i’m so thankful to have genuine, amazing people in my life with whom i can talk openly and entirely be myself.

and then you see words you wrote to someone show up on their Instagram, and you realize the convo turned their day around, too. and suddenly, nothing in the whole world matters as much as caring about other people, and feeling cared for in return.


5. words. and how sometimes, the right arrangement hits you just so, entirely out of nowhere, and you don’t even want to question why. some things just are, for no reason and every.

because it really shouldn’t, now. should it?

happy Friday, my lovely friends. enjoy your weekends! xo

Tell me one of your favorites, of anything.


9 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Faves

    • awww, yay!! this makes me so happy. i always joke that i should be their PR girl, b/c i cannot go a single day without listening to them or trying to convince everyone whose path i cross that their lives are severely lacking if they haven’t heard them. πŸ™‚ their “known” song is “Chocolate,” and i also really like “Settle Down,” “Sex” and “Pressure.” let me know what you think!

  1. I was just commenting to Rock last night that I forgot how pleasant December can be at times. He even pulled the bike out to ride along for a 10 miler I have to coach this morning. Hooray for nice Decembers. I also love your Friday Faves. I got that corkcicle for a few Christmas gifts this year.

  2. ” words. and how sometimes, the right arrangement hits you just so, entirely out of nowhere, and you don’t even want to question why. some things just are, for no reason and every.”

    period. The end.

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