i like these things {picture post #6}

been a minute since i’ve done one of these short-n-sweet picture posts, so let’s hop to it!

sometimes i think 99.9% of the reason i stay at my job is because of the view from my seat, especially at sunset:
putting those new kettlebells in my building’s gym to good use last night — and in matching gym attire, for once:
my fave warm scarf has resurfaced as a seasonal daily necessity (and surprise, it’s actually not blue):
a reminder to stay focused, when the path seems a bit bumpy or uncertain, or just plain harder than you’d like:
photo 1
how i feel about my city, each and every day i’m blessed to awake here:
photo 3

the pic i must recreate (give me allllll the words):
photo 2

the fairy world i plan to re-construct in my bedroom (as if i needed another reason to spend more time in bed):
photo 4

been keeping at that writing.



16 thoughts on “i like these things {picture post #6}

    • i have one of those net canopies but haven’t used it since i lived upstate 5 years ago — on a mission to locate it at my parents’ house over Christmas!

  1. That view is AMAZZZZIIINNNGGG!!!! Shawna!!! Great picture for real! And I take it you like blue eh’? You’re looking like a boss in that gym 🙂 and keep those writings coming chica!!!

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