Ups & (Sorta) Downs

this is still a WILW post, but with a twist: some of what i love, and some of what i don’t really love so much lately but am still powering through. work with me, mmmmkay?

i’m happy to report that i have refused to cave in and submit to the treadmill so far this year. apparently i’ve lived in NYC long enough to get over any fears (silly or warranted) of running the Hudson River path solo in the dark, because i’m feeling just fine about it these days. if i run before work, it’s dark; if i run after work, it’s dark. so, dark and cold are now my friends. ish. or at least, i’m beating them. boom.

some shots from last night’s chilllllllyyyy windy run:

Empire State from Chelsea Piers - always a view to be found

Empire State from Chelsea Piers – always a view to be found

lastnightruni can’t stop won’t stop with that headband. it’s so much fun and colorful and comfy and totally hides the fact that i don’t wash my hair very often if i straighten it (hi, if i’m putting in that much effort, it’s staying for dayyyyys). it was a short & sweet run that felt good (despite the wind on the way back) after a few longerish ones lately. oh, and it ended at the bar (how is this becoming a thing?!), where two of my girlfriends desperately needed my wit & charm & gym attire to round out their happy hour. (peach bubbly as post-run hydration, anyone?) and you know i made it home for The Voice, my fave show. i can’t stand my mom up for our running-text-commentary as we watch from two different cities. we’re both totally team Matt McAndrew all the way. and yes, i like to do allllll the things in one evening, thankyouverymuch.

Down: so, i found out this morning via email that i didn’t get chosen by lottery to run the 2015 NYC Half Marathon. i’m pretty bummed, because i had such a fantastic experience running it last year and i’ve been feeling so strong with the running lately, but i’m sort of not-tooooo-bummed, because the big annual gala i love to attend for Big Brothers Big Sisters happens to be the night before it this year, soooo…looks like the decision between dressing up and drinking champagne with thousands of people and going to bed early to run a long, fun race was made for me. even though i was trying to convince myself i could do both…kinda like that time i ran a full marathon and then went to a good friend’s wedding immediately after. that was fun.


October 2013: one of the best days of my life

so, i’m not super thrilled, but hey — there will be other races. and at least i get to buy a new party dress now.

Up: tonight, i’m fiiiiinallllyyyy doing something i’ve been wanting to do since it became a thing people could do in NYC. (get that?) a lovely girlfriend and i are going to see this spectacular wonder of a Broadway show:

eeeeeee i’m so excitedddddd! i’m not quite sure how i managed to not see it before now, but all that matters is that i will tonight. i adored the movie (and sobbed my eyes out), will never ever grow sick of “Falling Softly” (Taylor killed it on The Voice this week, too — so good!), and am a sucker for anything related to music & love & the love of music. i cannot wait for this.

Down: i’m having issues waking up to workout this week, even though i’m going to bed early enough. usually this isn’t a prob for me at all, but for some reason i just cannot get up when my phone sings to me at 5:30am (yep of course my alarm is a 1975 song) and need to go back to sleep til 7. at least my workouts aren’t suffering, as i’m still running or working out every evening, but still. it’s weird. maybe the night workouts are making me want to sleep in? anyway, let’s hope i break this soon.

Up: i’m doing great with the Christmas shopping and have most people done already! thank God for online shopping. some of my go-to sites this year, in case you’re still looking for ideas:

*for, like, anything: Amazon
*amazing stuff (and great deals) for your runner/fitness lover: Joe’s New Balance
*preppy/trendy/all-American & great quality, made affordable: J. Crew Factory
*designer quality & fab holiday sales (and the perks of an awesome friend offering me her discount): Ralph Lauren

these totally nailed it for me this year. shopping with my feet up and coffee/wine in hand is my idea of shopping.

& no more downs because i have to end on an UP, duh. because because.


Give me some ups & downs, or just ups, from your life lately!
How we all doing on Christmas shopping? Any sites saving you this year?
Who has seen Once? Thoughts?


15 thoughts on “Ups & (Sorta) Downs

  1. OMG serious kudos to you for running in the dark no matter what! I’ll be the first to admit I’m a wimp and just can’t…haha. Also, I’m a huge fan of your headband too! WHERE DID YOU GET IT?! Bummer for the NYC Half though 😥

    My up: I hit my ultimate big-time marathon goal this weekend.
    My down: I’ve had to patiently wait for my legs to recover so I can run again!

    And…I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping too! I basically jumped on a bunch of different Cyber Monday sales and did all online shopping…so much less stress 🙂

    • thanks, girl! the headband is Bula — i got it at Copper Mountain a few winters ago, so i’m not sure if they still carry it. check out Bondi Bands — they have some fun ones, too. congrats on killing your marathon goal — that’s such a stellar feeling! def worth being patient for recovery, to have run a marathon.

  2. Hi Shawna! This is my first time stopping by, and I love your spunk. My ups are that I always teach a fun double-header of group fitness classes on Wednesday night, and my downs are that it’s supposed to be the worst rain storm in five years in San Francisco (where I live) over the next two days. I love your headband!

    • hi Ashley — thanks so much for coming by, and i hope you continue reading! can’t wit to check out your blog, too. thanks for the kind words! i loooooove SF and wine country and am an SF Giants fan – my dad is a diehard. double-header of classes?! ok, rock star. 🙂

  3. I once ran home from work at the rink and hit the East River Promenade on a Friday night during a snow storm. I was the only person on the path and I absolutely loved it. I felt like was in my own little world.

  4. I cannot believe that you haven’t seen Once. I love that show. I have the movie & the soundtrack on my iPod.

    I am really bummed cuz I didn’t get in and I’ve never run it and I so want to run a race in NYC.

    I caved yesterday – sun, sleet & freezing rain – had to run on the treadmill 😦

    • i’ve seen the movie, just not the show — i can’t believe i haven’t yet, either! so stoked. ahhh, neither of us got in. i’m considering doing a charity but not sure yet.

  5. Thanks for sharing your downs as well as ups – it’s very genuine. Sorry about the lottery 😦 what a bummer. I understand the need for a lottery but it just really sucks that it’s come to that and it disappoints so many people. I’ve been in the same boat as you, workout-wise. I keep hitting snooze! I was up sooo late last night and it’s driving me crazy! Fingers crossed we get it together!

  6. It might have been windy chilly run but damn if you looked cute! And while that is a bummer for you about the NYC Half, I often don’t like to run races that I absolutely adored twice–I never want to spoil the memory! And I have mad respect for the full marathon then wedding–Ali G, booyakashaw snap respek. I’d say that you earned that cake! And I want all the details about once…..
    Joss and Main, Gilt, and some lucky regifting are saving me this year. But then i am a master regifter. THE MASTER.

    • awww gee, thanksss girlfriend. and i didn’t think about that, ruining such a fab race w/ a potential to hate it the second time. sort of a trick-yourself-into-thinking-a-negative-could-be-a-positive thing…you and your advanced mind. 🙂 lollzzz about regifting. i seem to like everything i get. and all the things i buy myself along with my gifts for others, too. whoops.

  7. I am so excited to hear about Once! I love that movie (growing up just outside Dublin probably had something to do with it) and I was thinking about splashing out when it comes to SLC next year. Bummer about your race I guess you’ll just have to go to your fancy party instead.

    • it was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen — i can’t wait to write about it, but not sure i can do it justice!! ahhhhh i’m still on a high from allllll the emotions. you definitely should see it on stage if you can.

  8. I SOOO want to come run in the dark with you. I’ve only managed to run a few miles around my neighborhood in the dark, otherwise I’m too chicken. Bummer about the lottery but great silver (or champagne colored?) lining.

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