Friday Five: Five Holiday Traditions

TGIF you guyyyys! i’m so especially excited for this Friday and have been looking forward to it for, ummm, ever? tonight starts my Christmas vaca — taking the whole next week off work and heading home tonight upstate til next Sunday (so get ready for lots of lake pictures!). i cannot wait: for a week off, for so much lovely family relaxing time, for bro-sis bonding, for drinking wine with my mom, for celebrating my dad’s bday tonight (it was Wednesday — happy birthday, pops!), for seeing my bff and her baby, for catching up with other girlfriends, and for as much time with the boy as possible. and mayyyybe some snowboarding!?

so many good things to look forward to!

but first, i gotta make it through one more day of work (brrrrrppppp), which is made more fun by means of the Friday Five link-up. this week’s theme:

ONE: Fam time by the fire. my parents have a lovely stone fireplace as the centerpiece of their lake house living room, so our holidays often include some cozy cuddled-up-on-the-couch time in front of the fires that my dad loves to make. there’s something so intimate about spending time around a fire with the people you love most, tucked away in a quiet moment. that usually includes wine. and nodding off. two of my


TWO: Running. not sure this is any surprise, but i usually like to run on Christmas day. we generally just stay home and chill, so i like to get out and run and reflect on my blessings and lil baby Jesus’ bday. i don’t do any themed races, but i revel in having my own Christmas run.

photospecifically these. i want these.

Family meal. the four of us always have a quiet family Christmas dinner together (now that we’re all adults) at the lake house, which i love. we go around and each say something — sometimes we all pray, sometimes we all say what we’re thankful for — and it always makes me think of how significant the “family meal” has always been in my immediate family, and how very thankful i am for that. i read a study recently on the role of a family meal as an indicator of the strength of a family’s relationship, and it totally spoke to me and made me reflect upon how thankful i am that this has always been such an integral component of our little fam of four. i love having this time together.

oh, and the dogs love this time, too, and try to sneak their ways in at all costs, without fail. they reallllly don’t do well at being excluded from any family events — esp not ones involving food. there have been numerous “tried to jump on the chair or table and ended up entirely falling on my face” incidents, and they somehow always survive those attempts at flight entirely unscathed. their antics are just so cute, you have to give them treats. 🙂


FOUR: Cards & games. we’re a big “play all the games” family. Spades is our go-to card game, and we throw back some rounds of Cranium and Apples to Apples on the regular as well.

and sometimes we look like vampires while doing so. nbd.

the dogs hate to be left out of this time, too. so spoiled.


FIVE: Candlelight Service. we always go to a Christmas Eve candlelight church service, to which i really look forward. as a Christian, it’s paramount for me to stay reminded of the whole purpose of Christmas, and the Christmas Eve service is such a lovely time to commemorate Jesus’ birth and reflect upon everything and take inventory of all for which i’m so very thankful. and it never fails: i get emotional and teary every year when we sing “Silent Night” and light our candles, and the room is pregnant with everyone’s unspoken gratitude and hearts full to bursting, and for that moment, all seems right in the world, and time almost appears to stop and wrap you in the beauty of a moment so completely that you can’t help but be utterly, entirely present and humbled. at moments like that, my cup more than runneth over.

happy Friday, friends!

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?


27 thoughts on “Friday Five: Five Holiday Traditions

  1. This will only be my second Christmas running, but I LOVED going out on Christmas Day last year! I wore ridiculous candy cane socks and listened to a Christmas playlist. It was awesome and I can’t wait to do it again!

  2. THOSE PANTS, I would run so fast in those. And by fast I mean like 9:40 pace haha. I will for sure be getting a solid workout in on Christmas, it’s a must with the food I’ll be consuming. I want to come celebrate with you guys, sounds so fun!

  3. I love the candle light service. We used to go to an 11pm service and they would ring the bells at midnight. I loved it. We would go outside and search the sky for santa. This is Rock’s first year doing Christmas Eve at my parents (we switched it up this year). I was telling him just yesterday about the year my mom was rather tipsy from the party and slurred her way through the scripture reading! By thr way I meant to say that I know that feeling of looking forward to dog time at home. It might have been the biggest draw at times 🙂

  4. Love the Candlelight service! It has been a while since I’ve been to one…maybe since I’ll be at my mom’s we can go to the one at her church! I am really looking fwd to spending Christmas with my sweet papa. I’m picking him up at the airport tonight.
    I will probably run on Christmas Day too! We shall see! Hope you continue to have a blessed holiday season!

  5. I do a cardio workout to a DVD on Thursdays, so will stick to that and have a good appetite for roast, salad and pudding!
    Those running tights look great – but its too hot here for that kinda thing! I wear Skins in winter:)
    Best wishes.
    Glad I’m not the only person exercising Christmas day!
    Skinny Jeans Mum

  6. I love the tradition of wine by the fire! That is a great one. We love building a fire out in the yard during the summer but I hadn’t thought of it as a Christmas thing, may have to give that a go!

  7. I love lying next to the fire, glass of wine in hand, and reading a book or watching a movie. I actually do a lot of writing during this time of year. With the break from work, I can think about other things and not get distracted.

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is going out and cutting down a Christmas tree – and then pulling out all of the ornaments to decorate. My family and I also like going to Church service, a movie, and having a Christmas feast! ☺

  8. Looks like you’ve got some good plans there! I bet you’ll have a ton of fun! I’m also going to go for a run, just trying to decide if it should be solo or with friends – the friend run starts at 530am, so it might have to be solo. Ha!

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