Friday Five: Goals for 2015

i just have to start by saying: how hard is it to come back to work on the day after New Year’s?! i mean, even though it’s a Friday and the weekend is fingertip-reach close, this day is totally killing me. i cannotttt.

hope you all had safe & wonderful New Year’s Eves and days, friends. mine were both lovely and included running (both days) and some great girl time with wonderful friends…like this gem of a girlfriend, who always makes my life that much brighter. so thankful to have closed out 2014 and ushered in 2015 with one of my favorite people in the universe.

my New Year’s was perfect: champagne (with lychees, mmm) and dinner at a local Thai restaurant we love, followed by some low-key parties right in my apartment building. good friends, no craziness or lines or high heels or cab-worrying involved…it was great. i saw all these girls decked out in miniature dresses and sky-high heels and bare legs — it was freeeezing here, mind you — and was so, so thankful for my boyfriend jeans and Chuck Taylors and faces i loved and impromptu apartment bachata dancing. such a good night.

so, i didn’t think i was going to write a “goals for this year” sort of post, but after i saw that the ladies are doing that for their Friday linkup this week, i figured i’d jump on in.


ONE: Have a great year of running, including running the marathon in October. i’m starting off 2015 feeling so strong and happy about where i’m at with my running, and i’m praying i remain injury free and continue to feel so good. i really want to run the marathon in October this year that i was forced to defer from last year (injury, boo), so here’s to hoping i’m able to accomplish that.

TWO: Healthier eating. i eat super healthy most of the time, but we all have our own struggles with defining this for ourselves, and i’m not happy with some of my choices and want to change them. less alcohol, less sugar, less snacking. healthy, balanced meals. i want to be in the best shape i can for my running, and after a rough week of indulging this past week, i’m feeling ready to commit to changing these patterns.

THREE: More focus on my spiritual life. get involved in a church again, start reading my Bible regularly. live out what i say i believe, every single day of my life.


FOUR: School. this is my last semester of classes (woot!), but i still have the monster of a clinical internship looming ahead of me — and, quite frankly, it’s stressing me out. i need to make figuring this out a priority, as i’m not sure how it’s going to fit into my life, but i know that it MUST. i need to finish this degree and get started on that career!

FIVE: WRITE. i said i was going to write more in 2014, and i did: more blogging, more creative writing, more trying to figure out how to find various outlets for my personal writing. i want to continue to commit to this and focus on it and hopefully see it take off even more in 2015.

i feel like i could keep going here — i want to write about love and friendship and making it an extension of all the great things from 2014, because i had so many awesome things this past year — but this is the Friday Five, soooo…there ya go.

happy almost weekend, friends, and happy 2015.

what’s one of your goals for this year?


16 thoughts on “Friday Five: Goals for 2015

  1. I’m with you on the food, I eat wayyy clean, but have my weaknesses that can TOTALLY SPIRAL! I am focusing on eating well and balanced, and NOT TOO MUCH at once. That’s my killer hahaha. I’m still on vacation so my schedule is AlllLLLl ova da place.

  2. Hey!! Happy Friday! Glad you had a fun, chill New Year’s Eve!! Mine was pretty relaxed, too!! I really love your goals. They are amazing. I especially love the writing one! πŸ™‚ I have a feeling you’re going to have an amazing running year! Can’t wait to hear about your marathon training!! Have a wonderful afternoon!! XOXO

  3. I know what you mean with the healthy eating–I also eat very healthfully, but there are, of course, things that I would change about how I eat. These are fantastic, holistic, and life-improving goals, and therefore I give them a hearty thumbs up!

  4. I’m trying to connect more with my spirituality as well. I pray a lot when I am running and cycling, but this year I am hoping to listen to the Bible on my iPod as well. πŸ™‚

    Big goal for me this year is train for and complete an Ironman.

    I must totally pick your brain at some point – my husband and I are going to be traveling to NYC near the end of March/Early April and will be staying somewhere close to Central Park (not sure where yet). Any recommendations for restaurants, places to go out, things to do, etc. would be very appreciated. Also, he will be in work meetings for half the trip and if you have any time during the day it would be great to connect! πŸ™‚

  5. Marvelous goals, my friend! I hope that you stay injury free and get that marathon in October. πŸ™‚ Your New Years Eve sounds absolutely perfect! I can’t think of a more fun way to ring in the New Year!

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