Corkbuzz (review)

it’s been a minute since i’ve written about any restaurants in NYC, and i have visited a few great spots recently that definitely deserve some blog space!

first up: Corkbuzz, which is branded as a wine studio, as part of their philosophy encourages patrons to take recreational wine classes and learn more about the art of wine, and also to see the space as a place to gather and eat, drink and be merry with new and old friends alike — all united by a love of wine, of course.

i’ve been meaning to go here since it opened a couple of years ago, and it was the perfect place for a Tuesday night girls’ night the night before NYE. we didn’t take a wine class; just met for some delicious wine and dinner in the (original) Union Square location.

everything about Corkbuzz was delightful, in every sense of the word. the four of us couldn’t stop exclaiming about how much we loved everything. it’s an ideal spot for either a girls’ night out or a cute little date. we were tucked in the back room at this long, communal table,

and had the most delicious Oregon Pinot Noir imaginable. i definitely recommend the Gothic Nevermore (Willamette Valley 2012). it’s quite possibly one of my new favorite reds.

we ordered two apps and two entrees to share: Brussels sprouts (my choice, as i seem to be unable to see them on a menu and not order them), a pureed pumpkin app, scallops, and chicken.

we loved everything. this food was seriously amazing and proved that Corkbuzz has more to boast about than just its impressive wine selection! i definitely plan to return here (and see the Nevermore and Brussels in my next-visit future).

i rather liked the fun little Rumi quote they chose for the first page of their wine list, too. 😉

so, wine lovers in NYC, or visiting NYC — i’m pretty sure you’ll absolutely dig this place and highly recommend it!

How’s Monday treating everyone so far? can’t lie — i’m struggling being back to the grind!
Any Oregon wine fans? any pinot fans? what’s your fave?
Ever taken a wine class? i haven’t, but i think it’d be super fun and interesting.


24 thoughts on “Corkbuzz (review)

  1. I’m not excited to be back to real life today, but so far it’s off to a good start. I’m not a wine drinker, but I’d still come to these restaurants with you….or just be in NYC period with you. bahaha.

  2. Ummmmm Monday has me feeling like a turtle running through peanut butter right now missy sooooo you are sooooo not alone ha lol 🙂

  3. This place looks AMAZING!! I’ve got an anniversary coming up and this just might be the PERFECT place to go. Thanks so much for the review!! I haven’t been to a wine class yet, but I’m dying to try it out. My fave is usually Shiraz, but Zinfandel (the red variety not the white haha) is catching up 🙂

  4. Great review!!! Loved reading it!! Okay, not excited about being back to my responsibilities at all, but tryin’ to adjust!! Happy Monday!!! Have a wonderful week!!! You are beautifully gorgeous!! XOXO

  5. Lovvvvvve the environment of that restaurant! It looks so chic and warm/welcoming. I love brussels sprouts too but I think if I ordered them off a menu my friends would think I was nuts — no one will ever split cool stuff like that with me! I need more foodie friends! Move here?

    • you’d love it, girl. if you come to NYC, def go there. haha my friends know me well enough that i don’t even have to say i’m getting the Brussels – they’d prob know to order them for me automatically. we will split them one day, maybe! aww and i can’t move there but that’s sweeeet of you. 🙂 hopefully i’ll visit Chicago sometime soonish!

  6. Was this place created for me? Because I think it might have been. I think that it has to be place that we go when i finally get up to NYC. As in, dedicated trip for it.
    And yes, we would split all the things.

  7. Love when you write about wine!! I love going to tastings as well as classes!! I used to go to a free one at Whole Foods all the time…they even do pairings with cheese and such. Actually I’m not sure they still do them but they were so much fun! I’ve also gone to a wine glass painting class at this wine bar which was super cool and a great girls nite! As you can see like you I’m a passionate vino lover 🙂 Have a fabulous week, lady!

    • love that you’re so into wine! unfortunately, they can’t sell wine in grocery stores in NY, so Whole Foods doesn’t carry it. 😦 sad, i know. but if they did, you know i’d be all over those classes! sounds fun. i haven’t done the paint and sip things but i’ve seen them and would totally be into that!

  8. So I just watched ‘Somm’ this past weekend about people studying to take the Master Sommelier test, and later found out that the youngest Somm actually opened up this restaurant! She was something like..32 I think?…when she passed and opened Corkbuzz. Highly impressive, it’s on my list of places to visit this year.

    P.S – I’ve been failing at commenting but happy new year!!! Congrats on a very successful 2014 (loved reading your yearly recaps a few posts back). Wishing you all the best for 2015 🙂

    • yep that’s her! i think that’s so cool, too. thanks, girl — happy new year to you and best of everything in 2015. if you ever want to meet up in NYC sometime (for a run or a drink), let me know — be fun to meet other blogger chicks.

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