Greenwich Project (review)

two restaurant reviews in one week? i don’t know what has gotten into me, but i think i like it. maybe this means i need to keep up the going-out-and-taking-pictures-of-my-going-out thing, i don’t know. i don’t wanna get ahead of myself with the goal-setting here. it’s only the first week of the new year, let’s be real. πŸ™‚

so, i finally got back into the “doing brunch” thing last Saturday, which is always one of my absolute favorite things to do in NYC. my friend suggested a new-to-both-of-us place in Greenwich Village, aptly named Greenwich Project.

this place was awesoooommmme. i loved everything about it and have been telling everyone i know to go check it out, and i’m already waiting for someone to suggest brunch this weekend so i can go back. it’s that good.

for starters, it’s absolutely adorable and charming and quaint and just perfect (i’m such a gusher when i like something, i know), with funky artwork all over the brick-and-whitewashed-brick walls and a very airy, elemental environment. it’s a place you walk into and immediately feel like you were hoping it’d be exactly the way it is, and you want to stay. for as long as possible. and bring all your friends.

there was a really cool private room upstairs as well, which would be perfect for private parties or birthday dinners or bridal showers or even really small weddings.

heck, the whole place would be ideal for a small wedding. and now that i think of it, i might have to get married here. i’m sure it’s in my budget.

but you know what definitely was in my budget? the amazing brunch special this place offers: $25 for an entree, a house cocktail (from a very impressive list), mini scones or muffins, and coffee or tea.

considering a brunch entree and one of their amazing cocktails would already set you over $25, this was a no-brainer. this is basically unbeatable in NYC (especially for a place this trendy and delicious), and catapults this spot even higher up on my list of fave new places.

being the utterly-predictable eater/drinker that i am, i ordered the East Side cocktail: fresh cucumber (there it is, my go-to) & lime, vodka, mint. green heaven in a glass.

cukemmmmhmmmm. dangerously good.

my friend’s drink was good, too: the 3 Step, which had beer & campari & bourbon and some celery flavoring. i don’t know how they came up with that, but it was interesting and pretty darn tasty. (but not as good as mine. nothing rivals a cucumber vodka cocktail, IMO.)

i didn’t take any pictures of our main meals (chicken paillard salad for me, truffle egg salad w/ toast points for him), but everything was delicious. we had the mini muffins, which were chocolate chip and mixed berry, and even their coffee was fab. kudos, GP. you rocked it all.

and you can bet lots of “‘Mericas” were flying around once we took in the patriotic-wrapped gun artwork directly above my head:

my friend thought they were cows, but i’m convinced they’re guns. either way, nothing like a good dose of ‘Merica paraphernalia to keep your brunch hearty & wholesome.

so yeah. i mean, i really can’t think of a single negative thing to say about this place, and i sort of want to call them and let them know they need to hire me as their new event coordinator/PR & marketing girl/walking billboard/cocktail-appreciator/biggest fan.

that job description sounds just fine to me.

What do you look for in a good brunch spot?

Fave brunch drink?


15 thoughts on “Greenwich Project (review)

  1. I am a huge fan of brunch as well! And NYC has some of the best places. Have you ever been to Calle Ocho’s brunch? Pretty sure it’s the best deal out there. Their brunch is not expensive (usually $15-20 or so) and you get UNLIMITED SANGRIA with your meal for as long as you’re eating. NO JOKE! Plus, there’s 8 different kinds of sangria (4 white and 4 red). My tip for you is eat slowlyyyy and maybe order a side or dessert when you’re done too so you can keep trying more sangria! Also, you usually have to make reservations about 3-4 weeks in advance because it’s that fantastic.

  2. I can’t even take this. Seriously. I always look for fresh ingredients and the ability to have fun with every step of the process. Not just omelets, but something unexpected, like fun herbs and such. I don’t usually drink at brunch (I wish) but if I were to, I would totally be looking for something refreshing and well balanced. I want something to brighten my day!

  3. I totally wanna visit this place!! Looks so cool and unique and your cocktail…YUMMY!!! Looks delicious! I’m seriously lovin’ the coffee pic, too!! Coffee is definitely my thing! So obsessed! Great review! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful Friday!! XOXO

    • yes you do! NYC needs everyone to visit, it’s so possessive like that. πŸ™‚ thanks, girl! hopefully i’ll be doing more. i think that sounds like a 2015 goal in the making…

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