when Monday comes too soon…

…and you realize the only thing you might accomplish after your morning coffee (x2)is booking an outbound flight somewhere fun (Vegas, to be exact).

no inbound yet, but hey. at least i’m getting to Vegas. that’s the bigger part of the battle. (i really wanted to say “half” there but it isn’t half if it isn’t equal…)

and now you see what kind of Monday i’m having.

not-sure-workplace-ecard-someecardsmoving on…

i was realllllly productive this weekend. i mean, i really committed full-throttle to everything i did.

like my girlfriend’s birthday on Friday night, which started with champagne at my apartment…

photo 1no, the flask did not actually get utilized, but for some reason i thought it needed to come out with us…

landed us for dinner and wine at Pagani in the West Village, which was really cute (aka it had wine & lights & tall wooden tables)…

photo 2
photo 5there were another 17 or so people who i didn’t know and therefore they didn’t make any of my pictures, naturally…

and ended at Mr. H at the Mondrian SoHo, at which i’ve yet to have a bad time. such a fun spot.


photo 3photo 4that would be my dynamic birthday girl friend front-and-center, less than thrilled with the guy who thought he should photobomb our girls’ pic. ‘it’s my party and i’ll choose who’s in my pictures if i want to…”

when i finally awoke on Saturday afternoon (i told you, i committed hardddd, even to my sleeping), i bundled up in the 20 degree sunshine and ran just under 8 miles, down to Battery Park City and back along the West Side path. nothing like a good run and some fresh cold air, as this made me feel a bajillion percent better and like a decent human again.

which meant i was able to make it back out that evening, for better or for worse. :). first to my fave bar in my ‘hood, Reunion. it’s a surf bar, and as a surf-bum-dreaming, wish-i-was-a-Cali girl at heart, this place always makes me happy.


my friend is from Seattle and is insane about her Seahawks, so of course we had to go out to watch that game. i’m pretty sure they won, so that meant we had to celebrate, which gave us the perfect reason to check out one of the speakeasies i haven’t been to that i’ve really wanted to see: Dear Irving.

ummmm….yes. yes, yes, and yessss. i want this to be my apartment. i seriously felt like i left real life and was transported into another era — like, i was suddenly living in some Great Gatsby glory of a universe. i was pretty much in awe and think i spent the whole time there exclaiming over how much i loved this place and needed to come back, like, always, and probably had to have my birthday here. i think i’d sleep here, if they’d let me.

content_dear-irving-F.-Scott-fitzgerald-roomthe F. Scott Fitzgerald Room

content_dear-irving-marie-antoinette-roomthe Marie Antoinette Room

GO HERE. i don’t care what else you do when you’re in NYC — go here. it’s perfect.

well, all that Saturday night awe clearly caught up with me, because the next thing i committed to was almost 14 hours of sleep. errrrr yep. been a hot year or so since i’ve pulled that. always nice to wake up and see it’s almost 6 o’clock…and have one of those moments where you are in such a stupor you honestly don’t know if that’s 6am on Sunday or 6pm on Monday…in which case, you’d have lost an entire day.

thankfully, it was 6pm on Sunday (phew), and i managed to get myself to the gym and sweat out a messy 5 miles on a treadmill. thank goodness i still make myself work out, because otherwise i’d have accomplished absolutely zero things on Saturday or Sunday.

i’m counting down the minutes til i get out of work today and have a good gym sesh with two of my girlfriends before watching the Bachelor and all its wonderful hideous girl drama. oh, and i’m on a juice cleanse today and tomorrow (seemed like a good idea after my weekend of all the things), so if i’m rambling, let’s just chalk it up to that, mmmmkay? 🙂

have a great Monday, friends. hope you’re killing it.

Tell me something fun from your weekend!


19 thoughts on “when Monday comes too soon…

  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend Shawna!!! You’re so stinking photogenic ha! I’m counting down the minutes until clock-out time too! 😉

  2. hahaha…well isn’t this just a fabulous Carrie/Sex and the City type of weekend!? Love it!! Wine in a flask is kind of a genius idea. I really need a cute flask by the way…I see them in boutiques all the time and never buy one!

    • i have no idea why i thought i needed one, but i saw that one that said “love potion” on sale and it was girlie and cute and i decided, mehhh okayyyy. 🙂

  3. You’re the coolest girl around!! I always adore your pictures because hello, you’re such a cutie pie!! I mean, honestly, I don’t think anyone could ever be as gorgeous as you! Sounds like so much fun and wine in a flask?? Yes please!! Fabulous idea!! Have an amazing week!! XOXO

  4. You know how to have a good weekend! I love it. You make me feel like I never really took advantage of all that NYC has to offer. But I enjoy living it up by reading about your weekends!

  5. YOU HAVE A FRIEND IN SEATTLE!?! GO VISIT HER! Also, your eyes are the best ever…I mean that in a totally non creepy way. HAHA. VEGASSSS. I’ve actually never been…lol.

    • haha she lives here in NYC now but she’s from there…a few of my friends here are from there, actually! i’m hoping to go home with her sometime for a visit. thanks for the sweet compliment, lovey.

  6. I actually might move into Dear Irving and use it as my apartment. F making my apartment look like that–it is mine.
    And the #basicbitch moment with the flask and funnel is simply glorious.
    OH and there is a new speakeasy in Chicago. GET YOUR BOOTY HERE NOW

    • haha welp we will have to share Dear Irving as our apt because i’ve totally got dibs. but it doesn’t surprise me you’d want to live there, too. #twinning. and i’d never heard that hashtag that you bestowed upon me before but i’m taking it as a major SuzCompliment. speakeasy in Chicago, LESSSSGOOO!

  7. Oh my gosh that F. Scott Fitzgerald room! That is BEAUTIFUL! Can you imagine if your apartment looked like that? haha. That’d be a lot of pressure to keep it clean though 😉 love the flask + champagne haha suuuuuper classy!

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