2 Things Tuesday

this week, it’s all about working it out.peace copy
1. working out with some faves. it never ceases to amaze me, how one good session of (insert whatever you love most in the world: for me, that’d be working out + friends) can entirely turn your day/week/life around. i was having that day of a Sunday night into Monday morning, and the only thing that kept me sane yesterday was knowing i had a workout planned with two of my closest girlfriends last night.

annnnd it went amazingly. i ran 2.5 miles of intervals before they got there, and then i set up a little circuit boot camp in my building’s gym (which is pretty stellar for an apartment building gym) and we kicked our own butts for an hour.

here’s the total body circuit workout i put us through, followed by 3 different ab stations. we all tackled different stations at the same time, then alternated til we’d done all 3, and then they did the cardio while i did more abs (because i’d already run).

it worked beautifully and we had a blast working out together, and of course i just wish i could train people for a living and be the happiest girl alive every day of my life. nothing like a good sweat session of a workout with some of your fave friends to make Monday marvelous.

the only bummer is that i forgot to take pix of them working out (life fail) but definitely plan to in the future, as we’re going to make this a Monday night ritual (workout + Bachelor and girl silliness = best Monday routine ever). this segues nicely into today’s second thing, however, of which i did manage to take a pic…

2. Danskin Now capris. because we’re all obsessed with fun workout clothes, but nobody wants to pay top dollar for every single piece, amiright? i’m totally in love with my new Danskin Now capris (and went back to buy them in two more colors, as well as a pair for my best friend). they were literally under $10 (in Walmart — who knew?!), and they feel just as good as any (and better than a lot) of other pairs i’ve owned. so so so so soft and comfortable and stretchy and breathable.

i rarely match my workout clothes (hi, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen the Punky Brewster looks in which i run), but these capris kinda match my eyes, so that totally counts in my book. #ootd 🙂 sorrynotsorry for the bathroom selfie

it’s so cool to see companies like Danskin put out affordable lines like this. my mom remembers wearing their stuff when she was younger (have i mentioned she was a real life ballerina in NYC?? she went to Performing Arts high school and then danced with Ballet Russe), and i know some of their tights and pieces were definitely pricier, so i consider this quality for this price the craziest steal i’ve seen in a long time. i’m super happy with them and definitely recommend them as some i-feel-like-i-just-stole-these additions to your workout collections!

You tell me:

Do you work out with friends? If so, what’s your fave group workout to do?

Best new item of workout clothes you’ve bought recently?

Do you match your workout outfits? like, to each other, or to your eyes, or your sneaks, or your hair…it all counts. 🙂


26 thoughts on “2 Things Tuesday

  1. I love running with friends, especially in NYC. And I LOVE Danskin from Walmart. Last summer I ran into Walmart to pick up some supplies on a trip and walked past the stuff and couldn’t help myself. I grew up on Danskin from skating and their clothes are just plain awesome. So are the prices!

    • ahhhh so glad someone else is a fan, too! nobody seems to know it exists. 🙂 always love that you were a skater — my best friend Alex (who i talk about all the time, and who worked out with me in this above post) was in Canada growing up, and her old partner actually went to the Olympics last time! such a hard, awesome sport.

  2. Ohhhhh Shawna you know I have to match my workout close if at all possible haha! I’m soooo a male-fashionista lol 😛 and I just got some new Brooks workout clothes via 6pm.com … three tech top @ $10 each … SCORE!!! Very cute workout attire in that pic by the way missy 🙂 I workout alone the only thing exercise-wise that I do with friends for the most part is soccer. I’m dying over here over the Punky Brewster comment haha! 😛 That totally made my day chica 😉

  3. You make me want to work out with you! If only I still lived in NYC…*sigh* I’ve tried getting my friends to workout and I’ve created circuits for them (cuz they don’t like running) that we do together. But after just a few weeks, my friends will let the busyness of life get to them and don’t make working out a priority…and sometimes it just gets hard to mesh schedules together.
    And matching workout outfits?! yes! I love to match my clothes to my shoes, but it doesn’t often work as I have crazy colored shoes 😛 Besides, in the end I go with what’s most comfortable!

  4. That’s so cool about your mom.! I’ve always wanted to be a ballerina. Lol. And I just got some new running tights. I loove them.

    • new running tights = the best feelingggg. i wish i had been meant to be a ballerina, too! she wanted me to to take lessons as a kid and my lil tomboy heart refused. 😦 biggest regret of my life.

  5. You guys to not mess around! I’ve never heard of that brand before – thanks for sharing although I’m not sure I could cope with visiting my local Walmart (it’s full of the most interesting people and my friend found people breaking into her car in the parking lot). I love outlet shopping – most of my stuff is green/blue or pink (even my shoes).

    • yeah, we had a good session! i rarely go to Walmart which is why i didn’t even know these capris existed til i was there over the holidays upstate (we don’t have them anywhere near NYC that i know of), and i am so glad i found them! that’s insane about the one near you. i don’t blame you for steering clear! i don’t think it’s quite as bad in upstate NY. most of my stuff is blue, too. like, most of my stuff in life is blue. 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh, I LOVE those tights so much!! I want them!! You look so amazing in them! They were made for YOU! You should be a model! Will definitely check ’em out! Thanks! Also, great job on your circuit workout! Circuit training is my fave definitely!! I love keeping my body moving and getting in a solid sweat! Love it! Great workout, too! Will have to try it!! XOXO

    • haha Kristin, i seriously cannot read a comment from you without smiling or giggling to myself. you give me the biggest ego boosts, i swear, girl. you totally have the gift of encouragement. 🙂 i can only imagine that you crush your circuit workouts like a boss! thanks for all the sweet words, as always.

  7. I want to join you for Monday night workouts and Bachelor!! That sounds like the perfect combo. I always watch the Bachelor with a glass of red wine and popcorn. ☺ Those capris totally match your eyes – very cute! I like doing trainer sessions with friends because it makes the time go by faster. Running I can go either way – I guess it depends on whether I am doing an easy run (where I can talk) or a hard run, in which case it is better to do alone.

  8. I love working out with friends! One of my BRFs go to my gym so we take the same classes sometimes and the other day I ran with her. Not like we talked at all on the treadmills, but it was nice having a friend nearby. 🙂 I love your new pants! I need to check out Walmart for activewear I guess!

    • it’s always fun to have a friend nearby, even if you’re doing your own thing, i agree – and even better when you guys can push each other! YES, def go check it out, it’s crazy. they have Avia capris now too, which i love.

  9. Most of my workout outfits look like a hot mess, but once in a while I feel cute hahaha. Side note…I went to spin class tonight (looking haggard per usual) and this bitch in the front was SO obsessed with her hair (and her full face of makeup) I wanted to scream GO HOME!! End rant.

    • so glad you find my blog so comfortable for you that you can rant to me! sign of a true blogfriendship. 🙂 haha but yeah that’s annoying as all heck…like, i don’t care what you look like (good or bad) at the gym, but be there to work out. because isn’t that the point?

  10. That’s a pretty good “little” workout you got there! And I love those capris. I typically work out in shorts, but there is something about the winter that makes it hard to leave the house like that, haha. I have the random skill of being coincidentally color coordinated, especially when I am running.
    I guess I like certain colors, but I’m ok with that!

    • i like to run in shorts in the hot weather, but i like the knee-length capris the best. oh youuuu. you woulddd have that uncanny skill of being “coincidentally color coordinated.” 🙂 i, on the other hand, end up with magenta-patterned capris, a turquoise top and a purple sports bra, and don’t realize it til i’m at the gym.

  11. There is nothing better than working out with other people, especially friends. I’m trying to make more friends who work out for that exact reason! It makes it so much more fun 🙂 those leggings are adorable! Love the color!

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