WILW {1.14.15}

*when my job is fun. tonight, i have a tour-and-drinks/dinner visit at the Trump SoHo, as our company has recently partnered with them for travel rates. this is when i love my job: when i have fun events to plan, or when i get to visit cool hotels and be entertained by their sales managers and eat good food. i’ve been (mostly) on a liquids cleanse (juice and protein shakes) since Monday morning (minus a yogurt i had last night bc i was delirious after some hard workouts…whoops), so i’m not sure how much food i can stomach, but it’ll be cool to go and see Koi, at which i’ve never eaten. i’m a big sushi and sashimi fan, so hopefully it’ll look appealing to me by tonight!

*Rawpothecary. when i decided to cleanse out my weekend life choices on Monday morning, i hit Whole Foods (the fix-all health stop) for some juices with no real plan other than to get juice & protein shakes in me and keep all else out for a bit. i ended up with a basket full of Rawpothecary’s juices, and i’m really enjoying them. they’re a privately-owned Brooklyn company that makes organic, cold-pressed juices, and every juice i’ve tried so far has been really good. i’m not really sticking to any sort of juice cleanse plan, just drinking them throughout the day, but i’m a big fan and i’d definitely buy them again.

*Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein.
i bought this on a whim at Whole Foods the other day as well, and i have to say, i’m pleasantly surprised by how much i like it. it has 15 grams of protein to 100 calories, and it’s organic, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, grain-free…and it actually tastes really good. i bought the Smooth Vanilla and i’ve been putting it in unsweetened almond milk, and it’s totally doing the trick. i found it at Whole Foods (which is pretty much my favorite restaurant), and i def plan to continue buying it.

GoL_plant-based-protein-1024x545*this sibling truth.

photocould nahhhht be more accurate for my bro and i (okay so minus the strangling part — we might get a lil annoyed with e/o sometimes but nothing ever serious). but we bust into some serioussss duets. i’m talking full-blown harmony & falsettos & arm movements & serious singing faces, on the regular. this is basically our #1 hangout pastime (with or without wine, and his guitar, and my hopes of being discovered mid-performance). we are one wannabe rockstars family.

*this song.  “Shut Up and Dance with Me” by Walk the Moon.

it’s quite possible i’m late to the Walk the Moon party, but a guy at my gym and i got talking about music and realized we needed to be friends based solely on our love for two very important things: the gym and the band 1975. he then recommended i listen to Walk the Moon, so i did, and he was right. they rock, and not only because i really want to grab a guy by the shirt and say “shut up and dance with me” (okay so that’s, like, 77% of the reason). this is one of my new running jams and you should check it out if you want a fun new dancey beat to run to.

*when someone else understands your lifelong aspirations.

and to think i just was following a childhood dream blindly, without ever once stopping to itemize all the other perks that came along with living in the ocean & being able to sing “Part of Your World” & having covet-worthy hair. this nailed it.

Anyone else obsessed with mermaids, or any other mythical creatures? i have a unicorn thing too, but mermaids have always been my first love. one of my bffs asked me last month, “if you could be a mermaid or a unicorn, which would you pick? and you HAVE to pick.” and it was actually a really, serious question for me. lollz. oh, and mermaid. definitely.

Discover any new good workout/running music lately? please share!!

Fave protein powder or juicing company?


12 thoughts on “WILW {1.14.15}

  1. bhahahahahahaa the mermaid thing. I’m not thinking the clam shell bra would be the best, could we go with either a sports bra or bikini top? Because I’d be down. I would not like to smell like fish, however.

  2. You’re hilarious – the sibling comment is so true.
    And yes, I would like to be a mermaid especially for the free clam bra… I don’t have any suggestions for protein powder but I need some so I’m probably buying the one your have haha.

  3. Omg omg omg!! I wanna be a mermaid!! I even have a couple shirts that say I’m a mermaid!! That means I’m a mermaid, right?? I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to swim in the ocean with perfect hair and lure men to their deaths (which by the way, that’s the funniest line ever). Love it!! Seriously hilarious!! No pants, too!! I hate wearing pants!! Hehe!! I’m lovin’ this post!! Let’s be mermaids together!! We’ll have the best time!! Amazing! XOXO

    • hahaha you’re so enthusiastic about this, i would totally have to choose you for a mermaid buddy. 🙂 i prob need a mermaid shirt, now that you mention it!

  4. I was going to ask you what juices you were using. I gave that Organic Avenue a shot in NYC when I was last there but it was just okay and ridiculously expensive. I might try your route next time I am there. Yum. And I love the protein powder recommendation. Going to search for it this week.

    • i haven’t tried OA, mainly b/c it’s so expensive. i actually snagged these on sale at Whole Foods, which always makes them more appealing, and they had two fun Brooklyn guys giving out samples to boot. done deal. lemme know if you like the protein powder!

  5. Haha, I had never dreamed of being a Mermaid, but it does sound appealing.

    For protein powder, I like Kaizen products. Very few unnecessary ingredients, which is important for me (especially in times of Less is More).

    Nice post! 🙂

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