WILW {1.21.15}

*races. i haven’t done a race in a whiiiiilllle — since the Brooklyn Half last May, actually — and i now have two on my docket, registrations locked:

– the Michelob Ultra Queens 13.1 on March 21 in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens. i ran this in 2012, signed up for it last year but had to bow out because my bff got married that weekend, and will hopefully have a successful time running it again this year. i was a little bummed because my initial reason for running it a few years ago was because it raised money for World Vision, which i think is a great charity, and that partnership isn’t happening this year, but i still decided to do it after i didn’t get into the NYC Half lottery. the nice thing about this race is that it has a very manageable 9am start time; the down side is that it’s, like, an hour away by train, and i felt pretty awful running it last time, so i’m hoping to erase that memory.

Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon on May 16. i’m psyched for this race, even despite the 7am start time. this will be my third year running it, and it’s just an awesome race, at a perfect time of year to run here in NYC, and draws sooooo many runners and such a great crowd. i absolutely loved running it the past two years and am excited to have gotten into it, as registration just opened today and it’s already nearing capacity. runners looooove to run the BK Half, and i think the iconic finish on the Coney Island boardwalk certainly adds to the charm and appeal. if you live nearby and want to run an amazing half, hurry and sign up for this race!

*food. i don’t post a lot about food, because it’s really not the focus of my life/blog, and i rarely cook or get adventurous with my meals. my fave meal is actually Chobani with fresh fruit and granola: a homemade parfait, if you will — and it makes me so happy when the boy stocks up his fridge with all of these things for our weekend brunches when i’m upstate. i can easily be won over with the thoughtfulness that is Chobani & Bear Naked V’Nilla Almond Fit granola. take me to the gym, feed me fruit & yogurt and tell me i’m prettiest without make-up, and i just might like you for a long time.

*running. two things:
1. i had a nice lil run (pun intended) with the Kinvaras, but i’ve switched back to running in New Balance. there was nothing wrong with the Sauconys, but i was alternating between the Kinvaras and the NB 890s for a bit and found that and the Newbs just work better for me, so back to my first love i go.

product photo shoot    Camera Angles include: 14.Site 1,15.Site 2,16.Site 32. i have fully embraced my identity as a cold-weather runner, and i’m loving it. like, not even just tolerating it, but actually lovingggg it.

photo 1who would have thought? i sort of even like seeing my breath while i’m bounding along. i think the clear, cold air helps clear my head and calms down my (racing) mind. it’s amazing, and embracing the cold is really making this winter much more bearable for me. bring it on, cold & dark. i’ll crush you.

photo 2
i can’t even believe i’m saying this, but i started my final semester of grad classes last nigh!! that seems so surreal, to think i’m almost done with three years of classes. i still have a long way to go, as i have to do the clinical piece (which will take God knows how long), but i’m so stoked to be down to just one last semester of school. sometimes it’s still incredible to me that this program even worked out for me the way it did, that i was able to go back to school at night for something about which i’m truly passionate while working full time in NYC, and still feeling like i kept a balance of fun and friends and social life and running and everything else. and i don’t even feel exhausted, most days. this has truly been a blessing, and i’m praying i can finish this semester strong.

*travel. so much of this in the works for me in the next few months, and i just booked another flight today for a family trip in the end of April! but the imminent trip i’m taking is to Austin, Texas on Friday, to celebrate my cousin’s bachelorette party with a fun girls’ wine tour weekend. i’m sooooo stoked to visit Austin, as it’s one of the main cities in the US i’ve been dying to see, and i’m thrilled to see my cousin and be able to celebrate her, so this should be a blast.

i was telling the boy this past weekend that i’d love to make it a goal to visit a new city i haven’t been to in the US every year, so Austin is kicking that off for me this year. last year i saw Boca Raton, FL and San Antonio, TX for the first times, and this year i have Austin, Amelia Island (FL), and Vegas in the line-up already (because i don’t count the last time i went to Vegas, since we stayed outside of the strip and only went in for a day). yee haw for Austin, which i’m expecting to looove, because apparently everyone does!

Anyone else in the NYC area running either of these races?

What meal/food combo makes you the happiest?

Any fun travel plans in your near future?


24 thoughts on “WILW {1.21.15}

  1. Yay to race registrations!!! And I knew you were too cool for school!!! I love cold weather running too!!! When I got to visit Maryland a year ago I ran every chance I could in the cold and ummmmm see your breath while out for a run = AWESOME SAUCE!!! I’m drawing on blank on food combo that I love sooooo I’ll have to get back to ya’ on that. Annnnnnd trips … planning to visit upstate NY in June. 🙂

  2. Positive post, love it.! 🙂 and sounds like you have some good races coming up.! Minus the train. My favorite food combo is popcorn and lime, I eat that like crazy. More of a snack than food though

  3. I truly wish yogurt and granola was what made me happy but sadly it is crap like dessert. Although right now fruit is something I can’t get enough of. Have a blast in Austin. That sounds awesome right now, especially the wine part!

  4. I am hoping to run the Brooklyn Half. I am just waiting for my check to clear tomorrow…. I am literally sitting here debating just using my cc because I really don’t want to miss out. Tell me about the course please!?

    • ahhh i hope you were able to get in, as the open registration is full and there are only charity spots left! keep me posted. i love the course — basically the whole vibe of that race is just great. we start near the Brooklyn Museum, go past the Botanical Gardens (briefly, though — you don’t see much of it) and then run a loop of Prospect Park, which has the only bit of hills (and nothing too bad) of the whole race. we then run Ocean Parkway (wide, open streets, and completely flat!) all the way to Coney Island and finish on the boardwalk. it’s amazingggg and realllllly runner-friendly (aka flat and fast!).

  5. Oh man oh man, I’m signed up for BOTH of those races! I didn’t know you’d be at the Queens one too! I’ve been signed up for it since last year (couldn’t resist the early bird price!) and I jumped on the Brooklyn chance today 🙂 So exciting!

  6. Hey!! Happy Thursday!! I totally LOVE that you’re a cold weather runner! I’ve been enjoying it more and more lately as well. I agree that cold air can clear your head. Ahhh, you are the prettiest without makeup and HEY come to the gym with me, you fit, beautiful girl, and HEY look, I made you your fave parfait! 🙂 You’re the best! Also, congrats on starting your final semester of grad classes!! Fabulous!! Rock on! XOXO

  7. I’ve got quite few races in my calendar now… wohoo!

    Right now I’m all about porridge – porridge with fresh fruit, porridge with sautéed apples, porridge with cocoa… I LOOOOVE porridge right now.
    We shall see how long will be love affair last for 🙂

    • yay for a bunch of races! i have to admit, i haven’t heard someone say “porridge” outside of literature (lol!) so i had to immediately check your blog and see where you’re from! i’m dying to go to Prague! thx for the comment and happy running. 🙂

      • Haha! Porridge is not really Czech. It’s English… I lived in England over seven years 🙂
        Thanks for visiting my blog – come again… I promise to write something about porridge :))))

  8. I’m running the Brooklyn Half too!! Maybe we can meet up beforehand for a quick hello 🙂 So exciting!

    Oh and I’m absolutely LOVING winter running right now. The cold doesn’t bother me at all and I don’t miss summer running in the slightest.

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