Friday Five: Fave Indoor Workouts

just one question before we start, that’s begging to be asked: does sleeping count?

happy Fridayyyyy (finally), friends. i’m linking up with Mar on the Run and her girls for the weekly Friday Five link-up. this week’s theme:

gymshot of the gym in my apt. i like it there.

ONE: treadmill. i am absolutely an all-weather, year-round outdoor runner; however, i do have treadmill dates now and then, especially when it’s inhumanely freezing or so windy i’d run the risk of being blown off the path into the Hudson River or cold and rainy or just some sort of gross out that i can’t handle. then, we treadmill. it’s also helpful for speed work, as i, for one, am not adept at measuring out my mileage into 400s and monitoring my pace outside. no idea how to do that.

so yes, i have a love/hate relationship with the treadmill, but it’s still my go-to cardio machine in the gym.

boot camp/circuit training.
is it still considered a boot camp if you’re just doing it on your own? i vote yes. i used to go to a boot camp class a few times a week, and then i stopped that and just started doing all the same stuff on my own. i think if you’re motivated and push yourself and can stick to it, you can still achieve great results. i love these circuit/strength days, and i have recently been training two of my girlfriends as well, so it’s a blast when the 3 of us workout together.

these are some of the moves i always include (i love anything legs related):

THREE Arc trainer.
this thing can be a real beast, in the best worst way possible. if you play with the resistance and inclines and really push yourself, you can get a great workout on one of these. i especially like the machines with the moveable arms as well, as you get more of a total body workout. i think my gym needs to invest in this model:

Latin dancing. i used to go weekly, a few years ago; now, i go very infrequently (sad face), but i really, really love it and wish i did it more. it’s such a fun way to get a great workout in, and i always work up a sweat and put my leg muscles to good use…and plus, you get to wear really cute shoes. win win.

FIVE: abs. i actually really like doing abs, primarily planks or using the decline bench. they’re a great way to either finish a cardio session, or a nice element to add into the circuit mix.

superheroplankssuperheroes, unite!

What’s one of your fave indoor workouts?

Friday night plans? i’m gonna do a circuit workout at the gym right after work, and then head over to this sa-weeeet apartment my friend is dog sitting at all weekend to relax and have girl time.

hope you have a fab weekend!


11 thoughts on “Friday Five: Fave Indoor Workouts

  1. Indoor workouts ummmmm. The stair master which makes you sweat like crazy and spinning. I’d sooo love doing circuit training with ya’ I know you’d put together a monster workout for me 🙂 we use the treadmill in reverse here in Florida it a winter tool for northerners but a summer tool for southerners

  2. Love this. Great workouts, too. I feel the burn from here!! 🙂 And that treadmill pic- hehehehe!!! I’m a huge ab person, too!! I could dedicated every workout to just abs. I love getting inventive!! Have a fabulous weekend!! XOXO

  3. And not just any arc trainer…a fabulous pink arc trainer! We have those at my gym (not pink) and I love getting on them from time to time. I’ve never done a boot camp, but will be trying one out in a couple weeks!

  4. CYCLING! Indoor favorite. I use the treadmill a lot in the winter cause I’m a big wuss and like to break up my longer runs (hell even some of the short ones) for mental sanity.

    • i used to do spin class when i belonged to a gym that had it, but i haven’t in a couple of years. i really don’t miss it. people are Soul Cycle obsessed here in NYC and i’ve never tried it…maybe one day. just so $$$!

  5. The Jacobs ladder (the moving ladder you climb) is my torture machine! a great work out if you have limited time. I can only handle 5-10 min on it! I hate it, but feel great after. :O)

    My friend and I have decided to start some yoga using a groupon so maybe this over tight runner can touch her toes! :O)

    • i neeeeeed to do yoga for the same reason! i just saw a Jacobs Ladder for the first time at my boyfriend’s gym a few weeks ago and had to ask him what the heck that thing was. i didn’t try it…maybe next time. 🙂

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