Two Things Tuesday

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ONE: half marathon training.
since my marathon this past October didn’t happen, i actually haven’t run a race since last May, which is a heckuva long time. now that i have one on the docket for March, i decided to add a little structure to my mostly-haphazard running schedule and use Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half Marathon training plan.

i chose this one because i’ve loosely used some of his plans before and they make sense to me, and since i have a solid mileage base/cardio comfort level and only 6 weeks left til my race, i’m confident i can stick to this one and get these miles done. it’s rather nice to have the plan as a guide, considering that left to my own devices, i’ll run too many 5-6 milers a week, do very little speed work, and pray i get a few long runs in.

unfortunately it was reallllly cold and slushy and messy and gross out here this morning, so today’s schedule 4 miles had to be done on a treadmill. considering my difficulty in getting up early enough to workout the past few weeks, i was just glad to have them done before 7am! and i’m super thankful the treadmills in my apartment gym have fans. i haaaaate fanless machines.

TWO: travel. because my little wanderlust gypsy itchy-footed heart hates to stay still for too long, i’m off again tomorrow evening for what i already know will be an absolutely amazing, long girls’ weekend, the highlight of which will be celebrating our best friend’s birthday in two sunshiney, beautiful places:

Boca Raton

FullSizeRenderthanks for the image, LaurBear!

anddddd South Beach, Miami!!

this is our second annual “go to these cities to celebrate Al’s bday” trip, and i know this one will be just as fantabulous — if not better — than last year’s, because another crazycool girl is joining us this year for the Miami portion, and we are staying at some gorgeous resorts…so yeah. i’m super ridiculously excited to get out of the cold for a long weekend and head south!

not sure just how much blogging i’ll do while i’m away, but i’ll be thinking of you all as i’m lying by the pool with some sort of delicious cucumbery drink in my hand…if my memory serves me correctly. 🙂

Where’s the last place you traveled? Where’re you going next?
Anyone love Miami? Where are your fave places to go out/eat there?


32 thoughts on “Two Things Tuesday

    • thank you! i’ll def be glad to run in the sunshine, although i’m so used to this cold weather running now! i’ll write all about my one night in Miami — err, as much as i can. 🙂 hopefully you’ll get to visit it soon!

  1. I can relate to the outdoor weather! I hate not being able to run outside. Treadmill long runs are so daunting for me! It doesn’t help that where I live, the roads are so poorly taken care of, so I RARELY get to run outside in the winter 😦 Have any tips for slushy weather running??
    Also your trip sounds like it will be so fun! If i lived in the States I would totallllyyy take advantage of being able to travel to so many different sorts of climates and ways of living, it’s so diverse! I’m hoping to travel to Costa Rica for a month this summer! I hope it works out.

    • ahhh Costa Rica is one of the places i’m realllllly dying to visit, too! i hope that works out for you!
      running in the slush can be rough, i agree…esp when there’s the possibility of black ice underneath. if it’s warm but just slushy and you don’t think there’s ice, i just try to find a path that i think will be the most clear, and set out with the mentality that i will have to go slowly and not use it as a speed or training run — just try to keep my footing and enjoy being outside. and wear older sneakers if it’s really messy — i hate to mess up my good ones!

  2. Let me be the first to give you and your girls and early “welcome to Florida”!!! and hugs!! 🙂 and I can tell where NOT to each while you are in South Beach … MONTY’s ugh!!! Worst experience EVERRRR!!! Don’t know much else about South Beach I’ve only been down there once. Enjoy your trip chica!!! And can I get a amen for half Mary’s in March!!! I also will be running 13.1 in March 🙂 if this legs cooperates.

  3. Yay travel! Have tons of fun in Miami! I’ve never been there, but it sounds like a blast. My next trip is to the Cape Cod area and Boston in just a few short weeks. Hopefully they won’t get too much more snow up there in the meantime! And yay for half marathon training! I am almost ready to slowly start my training back up again. I am determined to be ready for that Queens half!

  4. You are so lucky to be leaving this cold weather!!! I last went to West Palm Beach, Florida (for not long enough) and in March I have a short trip to Palm Springs, CA – can’t wait!!

  5. I just got back from the Virgin Islands. It was so lovely and beautiful and WARM! I’m not adjusted to the 40 degree whether we have here in NC. But I’m going out to run anyways. I can’t be a baby about 40 degree weather, right??

    • i haven’t been to BVI but i’ve heard they’re lovely. such a good time of year to escape somewhere warm for sure. and 40 degrees is heavenly running weather! 🙂

  6. Higdon is a great training plan and the go-to for many. TAKE ME WITH YOU TO BOCA/FLA/MIAMI. I’ve been to Miami once but it was years and years ago. We were a little young, but we still went to clubs and had ourselves a right good time.

  7. I attempted running along the East River this past weekend and nope, it was still packed with snow! I did sneak in quick 4 miler in Central Park yesterday though and the main loop is completely cleared of snow! Winter struggles…

    Enjoy your warm vacation!! Bring back some sun + warmth for us here in the freezing city 🙂

  8. Hal Higdon is a good plan to follow. I hope the weather warms up for you. You’ll have a blast in Miami – one tip I learned there is that when you go to the beach, all you need is a thong (tops aren’t necessary). get some sun!

  9. Hal Higdon is great!! That man has gotten me through many a 26.2. And I agree with you, his training plans are sound and make a heck of a lot of sense. I think you are such a strong runner and you will do really well in March!! Good luck and have fun on your travels!!

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