Friday Five: L-O-V-E

annnnnd i’m back! i’m sure you were all wondering if i made it out of Miami alive, after my radio silence for over a week here?!

i did. i survived. barely, but i lived to tell about it. and i promise to recap it at some point, after i’ve caught up on sleep and regained most of my brain functioning. i’ve had such an insanely busy week since i returned, both at work and outside of work, that i’m thankful today is a Friday Five Link-Up and my theme is already chosen for me. #lazyblogger

this week, the ladies have appropriate chosen “LOVE” as the Friday Five theme.

given that i’m one of the overzealous types who gets excited about everything, i need some sort of focus here to prevent me from spewing a whole list of random things i love (like unicorns & mermaids & head wraps & snapbacks)…so i’m just going to give you 5 things having to do with love & hearts & all that darling “all the feelings” stuff to get us in the V-Day mood.

because berate it though you may, i happen to love Valentine’s Day, single or taken. a day to celebrate all the love in the world, regardless of to whom you’re giving your love away, makes my little heart oh-so-happy.

ONE: Shakespeare, Sonnet 116

TWO: Shakespeare in Love quote. quite possibly my favorite quote ever.

THREE: Sidewalk wisdom. because love can be ever so urban, & ever so universal; ever this simple.

FOUR: the truest example of what love really means.

FIVE: White Oleander. these are some of my favorite sentences, from one of my all-time favorite books, and this sentence has stayed with me since i first read it. i will forever be haunted by this image of love, and i wish these words were my own.


have a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend, loves!

What’s something you love?
Any Valentine’s Day plans?


11 thoughts on “Friday Five: L-O-V-E

  1. Welcome BAAAACK!!! I love all this sidewalk wisdom that you keep finding and I hope you had a wonderful trip and Valentine’s Day! No big plans over here. Just dinner and hiding inside from the cold. 🙂

  2. I also love Valentines day, regardless of my relationship status!! It’s a day of LOVEEE for all!! I spent it at work with wonderful coworkers, then went on a date with my favorite gal pal! Totally saw 50 shades, and I enjoyed it immensely.

  3. I was moved by these quotes! The last one especially 🙂 love does come out of thin air — and it can come from anyone, when you least expect it. Not to mention everyone and anyone deserves love! Love the sidewalk art by the way. I wish there was more of that around here.

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