2 things Tuesday

peace copy
ONE: write. because creative writing has, and will, always be my first love, and i neglect it to an embarrassingly high scale lately. i mustn’t do that anymore. it needs to come out. i’m determined to be more committed to this love of all loves.

if i self publish a book, y’all better get one. 🙂


TWO: double date. when you and one of the best friends meet each others’ new (best) boyfriends, it becomes the best date night out ever. this was seriously one of the most fun nights i’ve had in NYC in a long time. my little heart was just bursting with happiness to be in the company of such fabulous humans.

we went to my two fave speakeasys, Dear Irving & Apoteke,
so i really couldn’t have asked for anything better. fave people in fave places?

fave life.

you know it’s a good night — and better friendship — when 4am finds you mirror images of each other, entirely unawares.

the boys were pretty proud of themselves for this photo opp…and i can’t say i hate anything about it, either. kinda obsessed with this picture. #kindredspirits

Tell me something making you happy on this Tuesday.

What’s your fave mixology cocktail to order? if they have a cucumbery-clean-and-refreshing-not-sweet-lime-or-minty-concoction, you can bet i’ll order it. Apoteke has an amazingggg one of those, and i also love their kale drink (made with organic quinoa vodka!). it tastes like a green juice, and i love itttt.


13 thoughts on “2 things Tuesday

  1. Of course I will buy your book (if/when it does exist!). There are a few places here that you go and they create drinks for especially for you. You should come so we can go 😀

    • i’d love to do a compilation of poetic prose/poetry/short prose…seems more feasible than a novel, although i’d love to have the dedication to write one of those! & thanks — we def have the best friendship!

  2. I fully support your writing dreams! It can be your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal!). You’re so talented. Yay for double dates — those are the best. And we are sooo different in our drink orders. Mine needs to be a little sweet (but not too much or I’ll feel so sick!)

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