March Goals

although i’m generally a very productive, multi-tasking sort of human, i don’t often sit down and actually write out goals for myself. i know what i have to — and want to — do on a daily basis, and certainly prioritize those things (most of the time), but my goals are usually more long-term or ongoing, like:

  • run. workout. stay fit.
  • finish grad school. do the work i need to on a weekly basis. try to learn stuff and make it stick.
  • travel whenever possible.
  • write. [blog, poetry, creative, whateverrrr comes out]
  • eat healthy.
  • sleep a lot enough.
  • prioritize the relationships i love. fam, friends, boys, whatever that may be. love them well.

these are more lifestyle habits than specific, measurable goals, and while i feel good about winning at life (most days), i think it might do me some good to set some tangible goals.

so hey, March. let’s get at it.

march-paintONE: 13.1 Queens Half. i’m determined to run this, despite the fact that my training hasn’t been going as planned (read: those long runs just haven’t happened) and i’ve been stuck on a treadmill (due to inclement weather) for the past 2 weeks. still, i missed this one last year (b/c my bff got married that day!), and i don’t want to miss it again. so if you feel like sending prayers & good vibes my way on March 21st, i will gladly covet them!

TWO: cleaner eating. yes, i am a meticulously healthy eater — most of the time. i’d like to clean it up even more in March. i considered doing Whole 30, but since i’m not sure i will stick to it 100%, i’m going to “loosely” do Whole 30 and try as best as i can to adhere to the food list. hopefully this will encourage me to cook more, as well, since i’d like to up my recipe repertoire and know my way around a kitchen a little better (ie, at all).

THREE: no alcohol.
i’m actually excited about taking on this goal, as the last 3 months have been riddled with parties & celebrations & birthdays & girls’ trips & work events & speakeasy dates & alllllll the night life social scene fun…which is amazing, but takes a toll after a while (and leads to a lot of Sundays spent in bed). i don’t have any birthdays or trips or crazy events in March until the very end of March, when i’m going to Wine Riot with a whole mess of friends, sooooo this seems like the perfect month to cut out the drinking and focus on the health. hopefully this will go hand-in-hand with the above goals, too: being as healthy as possible, and having better success finishing that half.

hopefully this will go smashingly and i won’t feel like this by the time Wine Riot comes around and take my April goals in an entirely opposite direction:


side note: if you live in NYC and love wine and want to check out Wine Riot on 3/27, let me know! we can bump into each other and cheers. πŸ™‚

FOUR: spiritual life. read my Bible or part of a Christian book or a devotional every day. journal at least twice a week. be more consistent in my prayer life, and pray for people’s specific requests. it’s the small, daily consistencies in spiritual disciplines that make all the difference, and i know i need to focus on these. similarly, i need to find a church i love in NYC and be diligent about going!

i think 4 strong goals is sufficient. i was tempted to add “don’t buy anymore clothes this month” to the list, but i think i’ll just keep that one as a “thing to sort of strive for” and not beat myself up about if i fail. i did just order 4 little black dresses (okay so we all have our obsessions) from Asos that should be arriving tonight, however, so if i keep all of those, thennnnn i think i’ll take a shopping hiatus in March.

sneak peak from the upcoming lbd fashion show in my apt tonight:

image1xxlsoooo hoping this one fits.

a girl can never have too many pairs of running tights, too many books she plans to read, or too many lbds.

you can quote me on that.

Anything you’re hoping to achieve this month?
Anyone done Whole 30? Thoughts?
Gone a month (or longer) without alcohol?


23 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Oh have I gone without alcohol…..3 months so far. Yikes! Actually, once you know you aren’t drinking it isn’t such a big deal. It feels great to sleep and really sleep. Also, with the half marathon you will be just fine. You run PLENTY and all you really need to be able to do is 6 to make it. Trust me, you will be FINE! Finding the right church in NYC is so great. I found one on the UWS years ago that was so kind and inviting and it really helped me during a time when I felt down. I was thinking about going there for Easter when I am back because I just love their vibe. I hope you find the one that fits just right for you!

  2. Good luck with your goals! I’m especially interested to hear how a modified Whole 30 works out for you. I don’t think I could 100% commit to it, but I think if I scaled it back it would be doable. πŸ™‚ I like the whole no alcohol thing too. I haven’t abstained completely, but since New Years I cut way back and it’s amazing how clear headed I feel all the time.

  3. I’m not a drinker, so that one is easy for me. My coworker did Whole 30 multiple times and had great results, but it was a struggle for her at times. FINISH grad-school!? SO EXCITING!

  4. Love this. My goals are to nail my grad school interview Friday and get accepted by the end of this month. Also commit to 4 workouts a week, and lose 5 lbs. Good luck with your goals!!! Love the clean eating one especially…and the alcohol one!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great goals.!! Sounds like you’ll achieve them. πŸ™‚

    and I actually don’t like any alcohol. So I never drink it, unless I’m pressured into it. haha. So I’ve gone years. Yes I know, crazy a 21 year old who doesn’t like alcohol. lol

  6. Good luck on your half. But I don’t think you’ll need it. I have done the no alcohol thing. Now I’ve gone back to only drinking when I go out.

  7. Love that dress, first off. Second: good luck my dear! I would come up and help you cook and stuff if I could. You’ll be great for your half–maybe a little sore after (because of the running inside) but otherwise you’ll be golden. I tend to go through alcohol detoxes when Alex is in hard rotations–I don’t drink when he isn’t there! Well, that isn’t true, but 80% of the time he is there.

    • thanks, darling! i’m sure i will survive. hoping to get a good long run in outside at my parents’ house upstate this wknd — if this snow ever abates!

  8. Holy moly! Wine riot sounds AMAZING!! It sounds like something that really shouldn’t be missed, but I know I’ve got to reign myself in with the money-spending. Ugh…decisions decisions…
    Funny thing is I’ve been thinking about cutting my wine intake this training season too. I probably won’t cut it out entirely for a month (are you crazy?! haha), but I do need to limit it…so yeah Wine Riot is probably not the best idea for me for this year πŸ˜₯

    As for ONE: you are definitely going to run it! You’ve done 8 miles and you’re pretty consistent so you can totally run the whole thing. Also, I don’t really know what my outdoor pace is like right now, but I think in general we have pretty similar paces?? Want a run buddy to keep you going? (and in turn I may need someone to keep me going too!)

  9. You’re such a strong runner, I really think you’ll be able to conquer the half marathon with ease!

    I’m with you on the alcohol goal. I’m not a fan of drinking/alcohol but it seems to come with the territory whenever I’m out and about in NYC. I mean….those speakeasy drinks though! I unintentionally took almost 1.5 months of from alcohol in Jan and Feb, mainly because I didn’t go out at all (introvert, winter, etc. etc.) and it was so nice πŸ™‚ WineRiot though, adding to my agenda!

    • thank you, Irina! appreciate the encouragement! and yes, it’s so necessary to take a break from drinking, especially since (as you said) it’s such an integral aspect of social life here in NYC. let me know if you end up going to Wine Riot that Friday — we will cheers!

  10. I have a couple of friends who have successfully made it through the Whole 30 and it seriously works!!! They have actually kept up with certain components ever since and continue to lose weight. It’s pretty neat to see – they are much happier as well.

    I have given up alcohol (for obvious preggo reasons) and have learned that it is much easier than I thought it would be. I LOVE my wine, but have been doing quite fine without it. I think some people would really struggle with this goal – so I am wishing you the best!!!

    I think these are all really doable goals for March and will set you up for a healthy spring! ☺

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