Thinking Out Loud

so, after reading so many other fun bloggers’ “Thinking Out Loud” Thursday posts, courtesy of Amanda at Running with Spoons, i decided i’d take the plunge and jump on that train this week, too. because we all need a healthy lil dose of randomness in our lives now and then, don’t we? i like a good ramble.

Thinking-Out-LoudONE: once upon a time, when i was a snowboard bum (briefly) in Colorado, we used to delight in snow days as it meant lots of fluffy, powdery goodness for us to play in on the mountain. now, living in NYC and slushing through street-corners-turned-lakes and sweating through layers as soon as i hit the subway station, my opinion on snow has changed. falling from the sky and making things look pretty, sure — the first 5 times a season. but if i’m not snowboarding in it or curled up by the fire at the lakehouse, i’m about done. sorry, March, but i really had higher hopes for you, and today’s blizzard is quite the let-down. c’monnnn, Spring!

IMG_6502welp that’s one bright side of living in NYC — might be wet & miserable, but at least our earth isn’t quaking. thanks, Eeyore. #perspective

TWO: where the heart is. i’m going home upstate tomorrow for the first time in almost 2 months, which is a long stretch for me! they’ve been two very busy, very fun, very activity-laden months, so i’m stoked for a relaxing weekend upstate with people who make my heart so very happy. and speaking of some of these people: last night, i got a text from an acquaintance upstate with this picture, captioned, “They don’t have this in New York City.”

FullSizeRenderthat would be my adorable parents, sitting at a diner, waiting for my brother to join them for their Wednesday night family dinner. so much cuteness. totally made my night.

THREE: i got my first pair of OmShanti leggings last week. i say “first,” because i’m hopeful there will be more in my collection in the (nearish) future, once i can justify another pair.

first pair: Hearts in the Sand.

74-127f-heartssandSummer, i’m so ready for you.

i knew i had to have these as soon as i saw them — my little beach-bum, Summer-dreaming heart felt like they were meant to be mine, and i thought of little besides these leggings for a solid week. i’m happy to say they’re really cute in person and fit super well (i’m 5’5” with an athletic build and the small fit me perfectly), even if this skinny lil model rocks them better than i do. 🙂 this pair is next up on my “want all the leggings” list:

74-128f-peacocki have no idea why i need these but i do. because one day i will do yoga and i’ll want to wear peacock pants. and because one time in high school one of my friends randomly announced that if i was an animal, i’d be a peacock. cool. good enough. i need these.

FOUR: anyone watching The Voice? i’m not much of a TV person but i am addicted to this show, as i’ve mentioned before. my opinions range from “this person is the best singer in the world” to “if they picked her, i would have definitely made it,” to “i’m pretty sure Adam Levine and i would have hit it off, if i’d gone on this show before he got married and we fell in love.” i sort of think i’m getting discovered every time i sing anywhere, so maybe i should get a voice teacher and try out. and i can wear those peacock pants, because blind auditions, whhhhattttttcha know about that!

FIVE: i did not go out one single night this week — no restaurants, no bars, no late nights, not a sip of alcohol (heyyyy March goals), just me and lots of hours at the gym and dates with The Voice judges — and i have my first head cold in a year and am exhausted no matter how much i sleep. God must be trying to tell me something. there has to be a lesson in there somewhere…

or my personal hypothesis: wine has been keeping me healthy all these months. not only is it good for my heart, but it keeps me swimming in antioxidants and probably kills all the bacteria so i don’t get sick. go off it for a week or two, and look what happens. i’ll be lucky if i make it through wine-free March in one piece at this rate! 🙂

SIX: i really need this. because i’m six and that’s Ariel and ’nuff said.


Any random thoughts for the day?
Fave pair of patterned leggings you own, or a style you want?
links, please!
Fave Disney princess?
i think it’s clear who mine is… #mermaidlife


14 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. Those leggings are seriously awesome. Love them. I was just talking about NYC snow with Rock. It is funny how when it first snows there it is so beautiful. But hours later it turns all black and messy. The hardest part is navigating at street corners where you think you are stepping in a pile of snow and end up two feet into a slushy puddle!

  2. Ohhhhh those are sweet leggings Shawna! If they made them for guys like would so wear the peacock ones. I’d wear them on chilly running days haha lol 😉

  3. I am about to LOSE MY MIND over those leggings!!! If any family member asks me what I want for my birthday that will be the direction I point. Those are beautiful! I love the pair you got!
    Favorite Disney princess? Rapunzel. I am loving all this princess chat. 😀
    I hope you have a marvelous weekend! ❤

    • i love that we can bond over our love for Disney princesses, too! i haven’t seen Tangled yet (gasp, i know, i’m the worst) but you just reminded me that i MUST! hope you have a lovely wknd too, love!

  4. I’m following everyone that has posted before me by saying something first about the leggings…holy need. Those are insanely amazing. Snow on the other so much no.

  5. I hope you have a great time at home this weekend! I love your Eeyore quote 🙂
    I think those peacock leggings are really fitting for you too. I think your friend is right. I may not know you in person (*yet), but your splashy, vibrant personality certainly comes through in writing 😀

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