Friday Five: Favorites

FRIDAY!!! gosh am i so stoked for this one. this has felt like a loooong week…anyone with me there? all this relentless snow March has been bestowing upon us here in NYC certainly isn’t helping, either, never mind coming down with my first cold in agesss. basically, i’m just ready for this week to be folded neatly behind me, thankyouverymuch.

soooo i’m linking up with Mar, Courtney & Cynthia for this week’s Friday Five theme of Favorites.

basically i’m just going to assume this means i can write about my overall fave things in life, or my fave things from the week, or choose a theme of favorites…where does a girl start? i’mma just follow my spunky blog friend Salt’s lead and choose 5 random things i like, because i had oh-so-much fun reading her post this morning.

ONE: 100 books everyone should read. i love books. & reading. & lists like this that tell you what books you should make a point to read. i printed it out and highlighted the ones i’ve read (in their entirety — i’ve started, or read excerpts from, a few of them, but that doesn’t count), so i think i’m at about 59. new 2015-2016 goal: finish this list! was stoked that a lot of my personal fave books were on here, including these memorable nuggets that have entirely changed my life:

  • Gone With the Wind (all-time fave book) by Margaret Mitchell
  • Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood (love alllll of her books)
  • Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (obsessed with this when i was young)
  • The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis (the whole series is amazing)
  • Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery (i lived, breathed and thought i belonged in this series as a child)
  • Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (one of my fave stories of all times, and i wrote my thesis in undergrad on this book and won an award for it, woot!)

okay i just realized i could have turned this whole post into “fave books,” so let’s stop this list before it takes up the rest of your morning. anyone want to start a virtual book club and work through this list with me?? i think you do!

however, i would have added White Oleander, Tiny Beautiful Things, and Love in the Time of Cholera to this list.

TWO: poetry. springboarding off my last point due to finding this quote:

i love poetry. i love reading it, i love writing it, and i love the very essence of what it adds to the world — the idea of it, if you will — the way it makes even the dust swirls in the air seem to glitter & sparkle with the potential of magic lingering close by. i’ve had poetry on the brain quite a bit lately, and i’m feeling inspired to be more diligent about my writing and see what i can make of it.

THREE: my last name. or derivatives thereof. and friends who enjoy it just as much as i do, and buy me cute/funny gifts.

FullSizeRenderi mean, come on…it’s pretty much the best. but you can’t have it, because it’s mine. and my potential future husband better want it, too, because sometimes you are given some amazing things by no doing of your own and you will not part with them, come hell or high water (or hot man).

FOUR: Asos. i lost half my week to this site, holy Moses. does it exist simply to torture me?? you can even choose “little black dress” as a filter, for goodness sakes. like, just take my paycheck now, Asos. between you and OmShanti, i’m going to be the poorest cutest-dressed girl in Hell’s Kitchen.

let’s take 2, on the sneak preview of the 4-dress order i’m currently awaiting. hurry upppp, dresses…

image1xxland if it fits, i’m foreseeing lots of back days in my future. alllll the back days.

FIVE: prayer. never, ever to be underestimated. i’ve been reading my Bible and praying a bit more this week, and i honestly can see the difference, no matter how slight, in my mentality about things and how i’m approaching situations. how easily i get distracted by my daily life, and push this to the side; how silly of me it is to do so, when i know it changes everything.

as i say alllll the time on RTA, i’m super blessed with the most amaaazing girlfriends in the world, a couple of whom i immediately go to whenever i need to talk or have a situation i need to sort through or vent about. there’s nothing like knowing your girlfriends can — and want to — be there for you and help you through anything. i admit it: i tell my two best friends pretty much everything, all the time, no filters, no TMIs, total “help me with my life” vent sessions. thanks, guys — you’re seriously the best.

however, i rely so much on these convos with my trusted friends, that i realize i don’t default to talking to God about these issues or pray for guidance on them, because my friends and i should be able to handle everything life throws our way, right? well, no, not really. God is God, and we are not. He’s the one who will really give me the strength and patience and clarity and peace about everything i’m dealing with. He’s the one who will really change my heart, even though my friends do pretty awesome job of helping me stay sane. 🙂

happy weekend, guys! hope it’s fabulous, wherever you are.

Something (random) you love?
A highlight from your week?
Fave book?
Clothing item you automatically default to buying? lbds & running tights for me!



9 thoughts on “Friday Five: Favorites

  1. I am a big Gone with the Wind fan. Love in the time of cholera is one of my favs. Last year I discovered Paolo Coelho – love him!! (The alchemist, 11 minutes etc.)

  2. I second the Chronicles of Narnia series. I grew up reading the books and watching the movies. Just genius.

    Highlight of my week was my birthday, which was Tuesday. It was just a great day with a lot of celebration.

    Clothing items that are easy to buy → anything from lululemon and dresses. I love dress shopping!

  3. Love the last name! I always laugh that when I use my phone to send e-mails it changes my name to Satan. I have to be very careful before I hit send, especially to UES parents 😉 And I am soooo with you on prayer. It works and it is amazing. I have spent a lot of prayer time in the last year or so and it has kept me sane. That and my church time… worth it.

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