Weekend Recap

scenes from my weekend:

*silliness. alternative to the Kylie Jenner make-up pout: pucker-up wine glasses. this is the closest i’ll ever get to big lips.

*running. it rained allllll day here on Saturday, so my anticipated outdoor run had to be swapped for a 2-hour gym sesh instead. after staying in on Fri night and sleeping 10.5 hours, i felt great. i ran a lil over 5 miles, incline walked til i hit 6m, and then did strength/plyo and abs. booyah, kick start to my Saturday. i finally made it outdoors for a run on Sunday afternoon, but it was super windy out — like, i was seriously blowing off the path and had trouble keeping my footing a few times — and i was exhausted and slooooowwww and just not killing it. i made it 8 miles, and by the end, my legs were just beat. i really wished a hot tub had been awaiting me (like at my parents’ house!).

this leads me to my next running point: i have zero desire to run the Queens 13.1 this coming weekend. like, not one iota of me cares about doing this race. i did it two years ago and didn’t enjoy it — wasn’t feeling so amazing — and i signed up last year but had to forfeit it because my best friend got married that day. i registered for this year’s a few months ago, and i just don’t wanna do it. that’s not like me at all, and i think it’s due to a few factors, but i’m pretty sure i’m going to go with my gut and skip it. i love running because i love running, and i don’t want to take the joy out of it by forcing myself to do a race i’m dreading. not into it. i’d rather go home and see my fam and relax.

i’ll keep you guys posted on this, but as of right now, i’m 80% sure i’m gonna skip it.

*inspire. my cousin & lifelong friend tagged me in this on Instagram a few days ago, writing, “you do all of these.”

FullSizeRenderthat totally made my day. i loooove this image — Gerbera daisies are even my fave flowers, and i adore the words on that page — and love that someone who knows me so well saw this and instantly thought of me. it’s those little things, those sweet gestures when someone reminds you “hey, i’m thinking of you, you’re special to me” that can turn your whole day around. ❤

*drink up. how have i not had this stuff before this weekend?

perrieri drink club soda basically daily, but i somehow managed to make it all these years without having Perrier Grapefruit. it’s soooooo good. i’m craving one as i write this.

*cake batter blondies. i made these for a friend’s lil get-together on Saturday night, because i know she loves sweets, and even though i’m not a huge sweets gal, i love to bake stuff for other people. i used a Funfetti cake mix instead of vanilla (because who can have too much fun?! not this girl!), and subbed applesauce rather than oil, to make it that much healthier, at least. they were super easy to make and went over so well, and the applesauce worked wonderfully. i’ll def be making these again, for fun people, of course. because FUNfetti. you get me.

PS, anyone ever Googled the word “funfetti” before? i just did…holy rainbow overload. i think every time i feel a bad mood coming on at work, i’m going to do this. it’s sure to boost my spirits at least 5%. i mean, it’s just glitter for food, right? ezzzzactly.

*dirty hair don’t care. i don’t wash my hair every day. it’s thick, it’s dry, it doesn’t get greasy very quickly, and who has time to wash their hair every day?! because of this, i’m a big dry shampoo fan, and i’ve probably tried half the options on the market. however, this one has been a game-changer for me:
Batiste-Dry-Shampoo-Dark-and-Deep-Brown-200mlBatiste makes a dry shampoo specifically for dark hair, and it’s awesome. no more white residue to brush out! it blends in perfectly, and the quality of the product is fab. it’s a must-have for brunettes.

*confusion. so, given that 2 of my lifelong favorite things ever are mermaids and unicorns, my attention was obviously sparked when i saw a shirt at H&M this wknd that said something along the lines of feeling like “an ex-mermaid but a newborn unicorn.”


can someone please tell me what the whattt that means?! i seriously stood there and stared at it for a good 30 seconds, completely baffled. are we supposed to assume that by putting mermaids and unicorns together in the same sentence, all of our fantastical dreams of mythical creatures have suddenly collided and we NEED that shirt? why would an ex-mermaid now be a unicorn? why am i an EX-mermaid? what happened to my mermaid-ness? did i just exchange fins for a horn?


no, H&M. just no. stop ruining things i love.

but this is cute, so that makes me feel better. 🙂

hope your week is off to a great start!

Weekend highlight?
Unicorns or mermaids?
Does that shirt make sense to anyone else??


15 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Ohhheeyyy there twin!!! So, I was totally DREADING the half marathon I was signed up for this past Saturday. Legit dreading. I did not want to run it, but I thought “I should.” WELL COME FRIDAY evening/Saturday morning having not picked up my packet AND I didn’t even pay for the race I SKIPPED IT LIKE IT WAS A HOT STONE! Not sure if that makes sense, but I didn’t regret it one bit..SO yea I skipped my half marathon and did a HIIT run instead and loved every minute of it…at home…not in the pouring rain.

    Long story short I completely support your thoughts to skip.

    • i love that we are on parallel tracks here, even across the country! glad you shared that story and i am pretttty darn sure i’m going to skip this one, too. no guilt here either!

  2. Whaaat?? Ex mermaid/newborn unicorn…I don’t get it? AND ya know I’m a mermaid, so who would EVER wanna be an ex- mermaid!! 🙂 Haha!
    Also, don’t feel bad about skipping your race (if that’s what you decide). 13.1 is a long way to go if you’re not feeling it. I totally understand how you feel, too!!
    Have a great week! XOXO

  3. Aw, I’m sad you’re thinking of not doing the race, but it’s for selfish reasons since it would’ve been fun to meet you. But I completely get not doing it if you’re not feeling it. Keep the running fun!
    I didn’t know Perrier had a pink grapefruit flavor! Must…find…now!!!
    And the milk cartoon def makes up for the confusing H&M shirt. (I don’t get it either…) FAIL.

    • i knowwww, i am really hemming and hawing over here about this one. i’ll certainly keep you posted — shoot me an email if you’d like so i have your contact info! shawna.hussey@gmail

  4. I have thick curly hair and admit I used to wash it every day! I recently realized how foolish this actually is and am in need of a good dry shampoo that doesn’t leave my brown hair white! Will def try this one.

  5. Unicorn. Always. I’m rocking the dirty hair dry shampoo train too. Hey, I’m not sweating enough haha. That picture of the “do this” definitely pertains to you and should be the guidelines to our lives. Because otherwise, “why so serious?”

  6. Where did you find that dry shampoo? I love grapefruit Perrier. I also LOVE Polar seltzer water (which I usually only find out east). But LaCroix is also my fave these days. BTW Polar makes an orange vanilla that tastes like a creamsicle. I love, love, love it. We usually drive to Stew Leonards and stock up!

    • they have that shampoo at the drug store — i got it at Rite Aid — but i’ve seen it at Urban Outfitters, too! i’m into Polar Seltzer and La Croix also. i haven’t had orange vanilla — love vanilla anything so i’ll have to check it. thx!

  7. Skip it if that’s what your gut says! Your gut will never steer you wrong 🙂 I love tulips, especially in the spring, but those Gerbera daisies are giving them a run for their money. Wow those are gorgeous!! Aaaand now I have to go Google funfetti. Except my sweet tooth has been out. of. control lately and I’m sure that’s not going to help haha.

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