Friday Five

Five Fab things from this past week:

1. Spring! okay, so it’s totally snowing and freezing here in NYC — happy Spring Equinox, east coast — but still, it’s SPRING and that’s wonderful! and my favorite poet writes about Spring, so that’s even wonderful-er.


2. workouts have been good and consistent, and i’m at total peace about forgoing the Queens 13.1 tomorrow. my leg is actually acting up again and has been really sore — the one that kept me from running the marathon last fall — so i know i shouldn’t push it anyway. not to mention, see #1 above. SNOW.

recap of this week’s workouts:

Sunday afternoon: 8mile windy run outside along the Hudson
Monday morning: 35-40 minutes on the Arc trainer, followed by a bit of upper body strength & abs
Tuesday night: 4.5ish (didn’t map it) mile run outside. cold & windy.
Wednesday night: easy 3 miles on the treadmill & abs
Thursday morning: hard hour+ of circuit training (what i call my personal boot camp) –>felt amazing and hard and i knew i’d be feeling that one.
Friday: woke up early this morning TOTALLY feeling yesterday’s workout. like, every single muscle in my legs was SO SORE that getting out of bed was a feat. i still pushed myself and was on the Arc trainer (with a coffee — my apt building rocks and has free coffee in the mornings) by 6am for 35 mins, followed by some upper body and abs. and then much-needed stretching. OUCH.


a-da-mo-853. Google Feud. (this is just a Google-laden post, eh?) as if you needed another time-waster, please enjoy. you’re welcome. (am i late to this game?? it’s become an epidemic at my office!)

4. Kiabacca. this bar/pizza joint just opened right by my apartment, so one of the girls and i went to check it out last night. it’s a super chill spot with both beer and wine on tap, and happy hour wine was $6, so that was a score. given the relaxed vibe and the fact that it’s a stone’s throw from where i live, i think it’s a good neighborhood fixture.

also digging the name: kiabacca, which they define on their site (and on their wall) as “a rare type of wood found only in the rainforest of St. Croix,” and also “that warm, positive feeling you get when you are sharing drinks amongst friends and lovers.” awww. that’s a nice concept around which to build a place. i’m fortunate that Hell’s Kitchen has so many cute little spots, with new options springing up all the time. i definitely dig my ‘hood.

kiaand yes that is what a kiabacca leaf looks like. don’t go getting any unfounded ideas about the sort of establishments at which i hang out, now. 😉

5. giiiiirls. how i feel when people go on a first date and “fall in love.” Team Elsa all the way here.


happy weekend, my loves!! enjoy the beginning of Spring (and hope it’s warmer and less snowy wherever you are than it is in New York!).


Something fabulous from your week?
Anything good going on this wknd?


6 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I went for a hike yesterday (which will be blogged about next week) and there was SNOW, and a lot of it. I was like dafuqqq!? IT’S SPRING! HA. Team Elsa ALLLLL the way.

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