Wine Riot NYC 2015

oh heyyyyy, guys. remember me?

i’m still alive! and feeling good on this GOOD Friday morning after a great solo pre-work boot camp in an empty gym. after a crazy week, this was an amazing way to start my day.

mei wish i had a good reason for why i have been entirely MIA from the blog world, but really, i’ve just been insanely busy and running around like a crazy person and sleeping when possible, and haven’t had a chance to pop in here and write anything worthwhile. as much as i love writing, i reallllly love living, sooooo…sometimes, even really good things have to take a back seat. 🙂

i have a fun event to recap for you guys today, though! last Friday i went to Wine Riot NYC, which was an absolute blast, and such a well-run (and well-attended) shindig. seriously, if it comes to your city and you have any interest in wine whatsoever, check it out. NYC’s was basically just a huge wine expo, held in an armory, where you could “travel the world” through wine and taste whatsoever suits your fancy. we had fun flitting from South Africa (so good!) to Italy to California…

riotbut my faves were the sparklings. always a sparkling girl. luckily for me, they had a whole area designated solely to sparkling wine/champagne, and some were quite delicious. it was fun to talk to all the pourers as well, as some of them were really educated on their wines and happy to talk them up!

oh, and did i mention there was wine on tap? finally, my type of keg!

tapbetween friends and friends of friends, there were about 15 of us altogether, and then we made new friends (because i’m physically incapable of not talking to people when i’m out and about), soooo it was just an all-round super fun night….

as our photo booth shenanigans clearly captured.

IMG_6627they had the best signs and props (mine says “beauty, brains & bubbly,” because i clearly can’t pass up any chance for a bit of alliteration), and i wish i’d gotten into more photos with my other girlfriends. definitely a goal for next time — which i hear will be in the fall?? you can bet i’ll be in attendance!

they had food vendors as well, but i was having too much fun to think about eating, and i meant to check out the DJ too, but that sort of escaped me as well. whoops. all things to aim for next time around!

and on a totally unrelated note: happy Good Friday and Easter weekend to you all! hope you have a lovely, blessed time with family and friends.

FullSizeRenderWhat’re you getting into this Easter weekend?
Anyone else been to a Wine Riot, or wine expo sort of event? What wines would you be most interested in trying?


18 thoughts on “Wine Riot NYC 2015

  1. Wine Riot sounds like a blast! I would be right at home there. I wish an event like that would come to Baltimore! (Maybe there is one. Maybe I should check.) That photo booth picture is hilarious. I need more bubbly in my life for sure.

    I hope you have a great weekend too, lady! We will be spending Easter Sunday with my family. I’m excited to see them and Betty is excited for egg hunts. 🙂

  2. Happy Easter. I love that Good Friday message. Wine Riot sounds amazing. You have no idea how often lately I see someone drinking a glass of white wine or bubbly and stare longingly at their glass. Post baby I am going to have the biggest glass ever!

  3. Happy Easter weekend, lady! Never apologize for being absent from the blog world – it just means you’re living in the real world! Imagine that haha. We have Wine Riot here too and I’ve always wanted to go. Anywhere where I can drink wine and go in a photo booth sounds like so much fun. You are so cute! Have a great weekend 🙂

  4. I was wondering how you’ve been but I’m so glad you’re living it up! Wine Riot sounds like a blast and as long as it doesn’t interfere with my fall marathon, I’m so up for it. I need all the wine I can get in my life 😀
    Have a happy weekend, Shawna!

    • Thanks, girl! Hope your running is going well and have a wonderful weekend! We will still have to meet up at some point, even tho I missed that half.

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