Easter, a babyface & new runners!

i meant to pop in yesterday to do a brief lil Easter post but was so relaxed and loving my fam time upstate that i really couldn’t bring myself to turn the computer on. i kinda loves those days, don’t you?

i saw this yesterday when perusing Easter images and thought it was so dope. simple can be so powerful.

IMG_6667i hope you all had lovely Easter weekends, friends. i certainly enjoyed every moment of my time upstate with my family and friends, and woke up refreshed and thankful this morning. i even managed to jot down a few morning thoughts in my journal before work, which is a habit i’d love to continue.

i think starting my mornings with even a few positive sentiments before i set off to conquer the world each day (brrrrrpppp right) will have a big impact on my mental state and help me stay positive throughout the day.

so, a recap of my Easter weekend:

*a lovely walk through a park and Mexican dinner on Friday night in Albany with an old friend whom i haven’t seen in far too long started things off on a wonderful note. there’s nothing like spending time with people who make your heart so very happy, and with whom you can immediately pick right back up as if no time had passed at all. those people are so necessary to remind you of how important it is to feel truly comfortable, truly liked for who you are.

*a 7-miler on Saturday morning (on a treadmill, b/c the wind was atrocious, and i wanted to go to the gym with my bro), sporting Easter colors. a pink & purple pastel gym get-up is my idea of a grown-up Easter outfit.

FullSizeRenderside note: i just bought this Elastic-Racerback tank at Old Navy (in 3 colors), and am in LOVE with it. seriously: it’s the lightest, most breathable, comfortable workout shirt i own, and such a steal. i can’t rave about it enough. for size reference, i’m wearing an extra small.

*i finallllly got new running sneaks! i met my bff and her adorable baby at Fleet Feet in Albany for this exciting adventure, as i like to bring a supportive posse with me for any monumental event in my life.

IMG_6658can you stand his face? i clearly cannot. LOVE.

i’m trying to teach him to say “Auntie Shoshy” but apparently words yet elude him. i will not give up.

so, back to the shoes. after being a long-time New Balance and Saucony fan, i’ve made some major shifts, which totally surprised me. say hello to my two new pairs of runners:

kicks1) Asics GEL-DS Trainer
2) Nike Air Zoom Fly 2

happy Easter to me!! 🙂

i haven’t taken either out for an actual run yet, but i LOVED both from the initial fit (and cruise around the store parking lot) and am really stoked about them. the two models actually have similar fits, and both are light and breathable yet offer more stability than my Kinvaras, which i definitely need. i haven’t run in Nikes in years, and i’ve never run in Asics, so i was shocked by how amazing these two felt on my feet.

i did try on the new New Balance Zantes, as i’ve long worn Newbies, but they aren’t made for me — they have a really high arch that i found so uncomfortable for my semi-flattish feet. they were perfect for my best friend, though, so it just goes to show that finding your right fit is SO important in determining your success as a runner. i’d have never thought i’d be fitted into Nikes, and yet i loooove them!

what’s better than a beautiful new pair of running shoes? TWO. that’s what.

*we still do Easter baskets in my house, because my family loves tradition (and each other). Ry and i gave my parents candy and gift cards, and then we got what grown-up kids should get on Easter (along with sneakers): dark chocolate and wine.

you’re never too old for chocolate bunnies! dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt is my absolute demise. i forced myself to leave most of it upstate in hopes that either my parents will eat it all, or i’ll be able to spread it out over a long period of time and nibble when i’m home. but the wine — that got packed. duh.

pretty good highlights for a quick trip home, i’d say! now i just have to make it through the afternoon at work before heading out into the 60 degree day (woot!) and trying out the new sneaks tonight. can’t waiiiit.

Highlights from your weekend?

Any Easter traditions you still keep alive?

What kind of sneakers do you run in?


20 thoughts on “Easter, a babyface & new runners!

  1. Sounds like such an awesome weekend! Your parents do it so RIGHT! 🙂
    Love the sneaks – hope they fit your feet just right on your run. What one are you gonna try first?! Let me guess: whichever one matches the running outfit you plan to wear? 😉

  2. Cute news shoes Shawna and you rocked that 7 miler missy 🙂 I’m currently running in Brooks Ghosts and Brooks Pure Drifts.

  3. Love the Easter outfit at the gym, and the new kicks!! I love even more your thoughts and idea to put positive words onto paper before venturing out into the world each day!

  4. He will get it soon enough! What a little cutie!!
    Congrats on the fabulous new kicks. I love the colors and I hope they are wonderful to your feet. It looks like you had a fabulous Easter and I hope this new week is just as great! 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh I JUST bought Nikes (Pegasus 31s) today during my lunch break! I decided to venture out of “minimalist” shoes with low drops into something more supportive to see if it helps with my ITBS. Cheers to possibly becoming Nike converts!

    • haha so funny! hope they work well for you. i took mine for their first run last night along the Hudson — how gorgeous was the weather in NYC last night?! — and i looooved them. SO much better than my Kinvaras for me!

  6. ooh loving the new shoes, I’ve always been an Asics person. and have sworn off nikes.! but maybe they’re not so bad 😉
    Looks like you had a super great weekend.!

    • i didn’t think i’d go back to Nikes either, at least for my every day runners, but i ran in them last night and this pair is truly made for me. so happy! 🙂

  7. Chocolate, running, shoes, and adorable children. WORKS FOR ME. I tried out the new Nike Frees and while they are sooooo comfy, I just need more support. But you better believe I am rocking those suckers out right now. With my purple old navy capris. I love their activewear shirts too–I ran Phoenix in one. And SO freaking cheap.

  8. Wooo hoo new sneaks! Love Asics, and I ran my first half marathon in Nikes with no injuries (even though I know some runners laugh at the thought of running in Nikes). I love the smushie face pic with the baby. How precious!! Great grown-up Easter basket. I wonder when my family will finally elevate mine to grown-up status haha.

    • i think i ran my first half in Nikes, too! but they were the dual fusions and way too clunky. this new pair seems amaze so far, so i’m stoked to return to Nike world. 🙂

  9. Everyone deserves an Easter basket. Rock loves that I still get him one each year and I can’t wait for a little one for next year! I love your new tanks from Old Navy. I was just e-mailing my athletes and telling them to get over there for great clothes. They really do make some great workout stuff and their prices allow you to get one in every color. Love your Easter running clothes!

    • these are the first Old Navy active clothes i’ve gotten, and i’m sooooo in love with these shirts. definitely have to remember to hit them up again. having a lil one to celebrate all the holidays with will make it so magical! 🙂

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