whatchou know ’bout baseball?

along with being America’s favorite pastime, baseball has long been my sport of choice.

i grew up with a sports-obsessed father who has an especial love for baseball, which he imparted to me at a young age. i have a baby picture of me rocking an SF Giants jersey as a dress and a sideways cap like a boss. between his SF obsession and my mom growing up in Queens near Shea Stadium (Mets), i had no choice but to love baseball. we start fanaticism young in the Huss fam.

why SF Giants, you’re probably wondering, since i grew up in New York? well, they were the NY Giants before they moved to SF, and my grandpa grew up in the Bronx and was a big fan, so my family stayed loyal even after the coastal switch. i’ll always root for those boys…even if i get company seats at Yankee stadium.

because my boss looks out for me and knows i love baseball, i lucked into the company seats last night for the Yanks’ second 2015 season game against the Toronto Blue Jays! we have sick seats, lower level between home plate and first base right by the Yankee’s dugout. couldn’t ask for anything more than dope seats, 3 other baseball-excited friends, a home team win, and all the laughs…

except maybe wine with a straw?

the only downside was that it was 40 degrees and we were freeeeeeezingggg….but luckily, our seats included access to the VIP lounge, so we chilled in there for a good portion of the game. wine & free popcorn? score.

as nice as great seats are, being able to feel your fingers just miiiiight take the win.

it was a blast of an evening, shivering or not, and a fab way to start off baseball season 2015.

Baseball fan? If so, what team?

Fave sporting event to go to?

Ever drink wine with a straw? first time for everything!


10 thoughts on “whatchou know ’bout baseball?

  1. Fun! I think fancy-pants seats make it even better! As a non-American I don’t really get baseball – I think you might have to grow up with it. I did see the Giants at Seattle a couple of years ago (they lost :(), and I was ready to go after the 5th inning. My Dad is a huge soccer fan and supporting Man Utd was mandatory in my house.

    • ahhh i’d love to go to Seattle and see a game there! my friends who came with me last night are twins and from Seattle and we were talking about how i have to visit that city. i love to play soccer but don’t really follow it, except for the World Cup, which i love!

  2. Baseball!!! Haha, my boyfriend is a Yankees fan so I guess that makes me one? We’ve been to two very exciting games together, but they were also so very long. I’m definitely not a fan of watching baseball on TV, but going to the event is a good time for sure 🙂

    • i can watch it on TV — esp if it’s a World Series — but it’s nothing like being at the game. i love everything about the baseball stadium experience!

  3. I love going to baseball and basketball games! But really…there’s no feeling better than being at a baseball game. It’s not the most interesting game (I’d never watch it on tv but I’d definitely watch basketball games over and over again) but that feeling of being in a stadium and all the traditions, there’s nothing like it. I miss working at a company with perks like that! haha lucky duck!

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