Two Things Tuesday

good news: i’m still alive!!

in case you were worried. 🙂

life has been a whirlwind — i went to my old roommate’s wedding, then to Miami for a quick work conference last week (sooooometimes work does NOT suck), now leaving tonight to go away with the fam til Sunday night on a much anticipated trip to —

oh wait, duh. i’m following a theme here. 🙂

peace copy

ONE: VEGAS! yepppp, so that’s happening tonight and i probably couldn’t be more excited about it if i tried. pretty sure i have every piece of summer and going-out clothing i own stuffed into the suitcase right beside me as i type this, and i can’t focus on anything today other than getting on that plane. family vaca at the Bellagio? did i mention i have the coolest fam ever?

TWO: RUNNING. i’m actually back into long runs again — thank goodness for Spring! training for the Brooklyn Half on May 16th isn’t going quite so badly after all, despite the nagging injury that keeps resurfacing, and i’ve really been loving my long runs along the river again. i did my first long run in the new Asics this past Saturday, and it went really well.


bright colors on my feet and cherry blossoms lining the path?

yes, please. bring on Spring.

Tell me what you love about Vegas! i’ve never really been!
Runners: How’s your Springtime running going? make all the difference?


17 thoughts on “Two Things Tuesday

  1. Yay! I’m glad to hear everything is going well. My training had been going really well up until this week when I pulled a ‘silly’ but I was trying to be a good person so…. apparently donating blood before a race is a bad idea! Haha. But I’ll hopefully have all my red blood cells back by Brooklyn 🙂 See you there!

  2. Shawna!!!!! So glad to hear from ya! You crazy busy woman you 🙂 glad to see you are back to long runs again we are kinda on the same schedule I’ve been doing longer runs again as well for the last month or so.

  3. Have fun! I’ve been to Vegas a bunch of times (it’s a 6 hour drive) and I have a few faves. Sushisamba at the Palazzo (Brazilian sushi fusion). And cocktails at Rhumbar (Mirage) or the Cosmopolitan. Bellagio fountains at night – try to get a terrace table at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris for the best views. Be prepared for a lot of walking. Drink a lot of water (it’s the desert!) and be prepared for it to be expensive. If you guys have time I would totally recommend a trip out to Red Rock Canyon – it’s crazy beautiful scenery and a nice break from the craziness of the strip.

  4. I’ve never been to Vegas…I’m sure it’s on my bucket list. 😉 enjoy your trip and awesome family! And YEEEES to spring running and bright colors. Love it.

  5. Your two things are two of my favorites as well! We try to go to Vegas every other year or so- and always have the best time! …I have a question about your long runs- I have only been able to run about 4 miles in a stretch. I would love to have the umph to go longer- any tips? and what do you bring with you when you go on a long run? Thanks so much!

    • hey Mandi, thanks for the comment. so if i’m going on a long run, i’ll bring a handheld water bottle (mine is a Nathan 10oz Quick Shot) and sometimes some shot bloks, depending on how long i’m running. i understand getting over that 4-5 mile block — it took me a while, too. try different things — a lot of it is mental, too — maybe tell yourself you’re going to just add on a half a mile a week to your longest run for a while, so you’re not psyching yourself out, and build up that way; or walk/run the last mile for the first few times until you can run the whole thing. it’s gradual, but once you start pushing yourself bit by bit, you’ll be surprised at what your body can do! and stretch!!

  6. Love the strip at night – the Bellaggio fountains, take a side trip to Red Rock Canyon and if you have time to Lake mead and Hoover Dam.

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