2 Things Tuesday: out & about

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this week’s theme: 2 places i’ve been (aka gone out for drinks with friends) in the past few days.

ONE: Frying Pan. this is a famed NYC summer/warm weather staple, and such a chill spot at which to spend a weekend afternoon or a post-work happy hour. it’s actually a boat-turned-bar on the Hudson River — yes, it’s a boat — located just off 26th street and the West Side Highway. it’s a super casual, super summery, pretty awesome excuse to drink on a boat in NY, which is always a novelty. i’m a big fan.

1TheFryingPanhighlights: sitting on the roof deck and taking in the amazing views (you can see everything from the Statue of Liberty to the south all the way north to the George Washington Bridge); sangria pitchers; the signature drink “Drunken Sailor”: vodka, lemonade and light beer. sounds kinda weird, tastes kinnnnda awesome.

i actually was there twice last week: once with a group of friends after work, and again on Saturday post-BK Half on a sangria & sunshine “date”, where i ended up being forced to salsa (sort of) with a stranger sitting at the rowdy table next to me. always a crazygood time. i foresee a lot more Frying Pan excursions in my Summer of 2015!

TWO: Ward III. so this place is on the entirely opposite end of the spectrum from Frying Pan but has an equally cool vibe for different reasons. nestled in TriBeCa, it’s a rather small, unassuming cocktail bar with a cool, dark, intimate feel and an impressive cocktail list. no summer beer or sangria pitchers here; everything is hand crafted and has a prohibition-style drink feel. it’s a great after work place at which to grab a comfy booth with your fave friends and enjoy some nice drinks (which is exactly what i did last night).


(those photos are taken off their website. i have no idea what that strawberry drink is but i suddenly need to find out. Harem — we need to go back!). 🙂

i recommend both of these places if you’re searching for great spots to check out this summer in NYC!

Best outdoor bars in your city? Anyone else have boat bars where they live?
Any weird drink concoctions that sound crazy but taste delish?


9 thoughts on “2 Things Tuesday: out & about

  1. Looks awesome! I love a good patio bar. We’ve got a few cool ones down here too. My current fave is Katy Trail Ice House. So since the boat bar is on the open sea, does that mean anything goes? I hope so.

  2. I know we’ve talked about this many-a-time but I really want to come to NY just so you can show me all these hot spots. You should really write restaurant reviews/finds for a newspaper! I feel like you’re always finding new places and even if they’re not new, you’re so good and summarizing them in concise, beautiful, but not flowery ways. Does that make sense? Haha. Patio and boat season JUST started here and I’m loving it! Nothing better than working on your tan with a drink in hand 🙂

    • well girl, you should just come visit me anytime you’d like, then. standing invite. 🙂 also, THANK YOU for the sweet words — i’d love to write restaurant/bar/event reviews!!

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