weekly workouts

i’ve decided Wednesdays are good days to do weekly workout posts, so let’s get that rolling, shall we?

Sunday: 6-7 miler at an easy pace along the Hudson River. surprisingly, i felt really good after the Brooklyn Half on Saturday and since it was so nice out, i decided a morning run was in order. my legs really weren’t that sore (which means i could have pushed much harder during the half, but not worried about that!), and i felt super grateful during that run, that i live in a place where i can run along the water and just relish in the joy of being outdoors.

Monday: strength/light free weights/circuit boot camp in the morning in my apartment gym. i went light on the leg exercises (necessary after running 20 miles in the last 2 days) and did more upper body stuff.

Tuesday: kept it simple & functional: the usual 3.5 mile bike ride to work, and then walked that river route home. legs were a bit tight, but nothing crazy.

Wednesday (today): ran 4 miles this morning at a really easy pace. this is my fave way to start my day, and even though my legs were sorta hurtbagging on this run, i was in great spirits and just happy to be out there on a lovely morning!

Thursday: i’m thinking a morning gym session consisting of some Arc trainer, light weights/pushups and abs will do me well tomorrow, and maybe another walk home from work.

Friday: hoping for a short run before work (3 miles maybe) and some abs & stretching.

Friday night i’m headed upstate to the lake with one of my bffs for a fabulous Memorial Day wknd of boating, family, friends, workouts, bbqs and wine! cannot waiiiiit.

Saturday: morning gym sesh with my friend at my gym upstate!

full week of fun and varied workouts for me!

how about you??


19 thoughts on “weekly workouts

  1. Oooo I’m liking the Wednesday recap! You are having quite the awesome week, my dear! It sounds like you have an awesome plan for this weekend too (kinda jealous…I’m not going anywhere!). I hope you have a blast!

  2. You killed it running last weekend! You’re being super smart about recovering and listening to your body πŸ™‚ Hope you have a great day!

  3. I wish I was more of a runner, but sadly I am not. I try to workout 5 times a week, but I am slacking at the moment. ( I graduate from college/uni this weekend). I always do cardio and I run for about a mile, sometimes 2. Then I have an arms, legs, abs/back sort of days and that how I workout. xx

  4. I’m really liking the idea of Weekly Workout Wednesday — might have to make that a regular thing for me as well πŸ™‚ I love when bloggers share their workouts. It holds us all a little more accountable to being active. I can’t wait to read all about your fun weekend!

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