Friday Five [5.22.15]

i’m in a fabulous mood today and super stoked for an amazing weekend ahead — hope you are all feeling the same! i’m also full of all sorts of randomness so i’mma forgo the Friday linkup fun and just do my own Friday Five spillage sesh, mmmkay?

ONE: runnnnning. so yeah, it’s going really well lately and i’m loving this pain-free return to my runnerlover self! i snapped out a sunny 6-miler before work today in the beautiful sunshine and felt like i was kicking rainbows out of my heels, i was so darn skippy! i’m planning to add on another 3.5 miles by running home from work today (and i get out early to start the long weekend, woot!) and taking advantage of this gorgeous weather and feeling so good!

TWO: taco love. i have an obsession with fish tacos in the summer & at the beach and if they’re on a menu (and not fried), i always feel a compulsion to order them because i can’t live with myself knowing i passed them up for something i just won’t enjoy half as much, guaranteed. i literally had them every day at least once in Amelia Island a couple of weeks ago and i now feel like i have to have them this weekend, too.
i know this saying is everywhere these days but i just love it and think i need this and wish that was me in that pic. let’s just pretend, k? til i can reenact for ya’ll (am i allowed to use that contraction in the northeast?).

& i’ll even be nice and buy this one for my brother…or wait til i get a boyfriend because God knows he’s going to be begging this of me alllll the timmmmme.

THREE: lake life. i’m going here after work tonight:

photohi, family lakehouse. you’re my favorite place.

& i’m extra happy because these faces are coming with me for the long let’s-kick-off-Summer weekend:

photobest place + best friends = best life. BRING IT ON, SUMMER 2016!!

our mission this weekend is to come up with a signature drink for each one of us (and our friend Tim whom we affectionately refer to as our “Harem leader”) based on taste preferences. hopefully by next week i will have more details for you on the Shosh, the U30, the Ellehop and the Tandrews cocktails. 🙂

FOUR: shop. VS is having both their big annual summer swimsuit sale & a sweeeet deal on undies right now, fyi. and since every girl always needs more of both, you probably should all place orders today. i’m actually not a stupidcrazy shopper at all and prob spend way less than every other woman in NYC on clothes, but i have a thing with swimsuits and can’tstopwon’tstop buying them (super convenient for me that the one thing i love buying most i can only wear a few months out of the year where i live.) also i recently lost my fave bikini top so i had to re-order it, and add a bottom and another top to make myself feel better about the loss.

FIVE: write. because when your soul screams at you to do something, you really have no choice.

have a wonderful, beautiful Memorial Day weekend, my lovely friends, wherever you may be! xo

Whatcha doing this weekend?
Fave type of tacos?
If you were going to choose a signature drink, what would it be?


15 thoughts on “Friday Five [5.22.15]

  1. omg I lalalove that taco shirt! Absolute perfection!! Of course we just discussed this because I had tacos the other day but I love fish and shrimp tacos!! Seafood galore for summertime 😀
    I’m also jealous of your lake life…I wanna lay out in the sun and just relax – (not happening yet due to marathon peak training ugh lol).
    Also I saw that VS sale and I ALMOST jumped on it…but I literally just splurged at Lululemon sooooo I have to restrain myself and pass on this one. You don’t know (or maybe you do?) how sad that makes me 😥
    Have a lovely weekend!!! ❤

    • ahhhh Lulu! i manage to keep myself from buying stuff there but i can definitely see the draw! hope you had a lovely wknd too, girl, and you’re killing your training! 🙂

  2. Yay to allllll. Running, shopping, food (though I’m less taco, more bed of lettuce with chips) and just basking in the glory of the sun and summer. Margs anyone?

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog… hi!
    It’s been perfect running weather lately in the Northeast (after this winter, freakin FINALLY nice weather!).
    I love fish tacos too and only just recently found out how much I love them! I agree, not fried is my preference, but I love trying them out and they always end up tasting so fresh!
    Have a great long weekend! I’m leaving for PARIS tomorrow so I’m basically jumping up and down with excitement from now until then!

  4. Mahi mahi tacos – so freaking good! I think I could live on Mexican food alone : ) Signature drink – grapefruit juice, seltzer, and vodka. Perfectly refreshing in the summer ! Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. I am ALL ABOUT fish tacos. Get them in mah belly nowwww. I love the idea of coming up with a signature drink for everyone–mine would definitely be either vodka or tequila based with some kind of fruity sweetness but nothing too “syrupy”. Now I’ll have to experiment and get back to you 🙂 glad you’re loving runs lately, so much so that rainbows are shooting out of your heels. You truly have a way with words!

  6. I love that taco shirt! I almost bought a new bathing suit from VS this weekend because I live at the beach so naturally I need a ton of them!

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