Friday Five: My Summer Style

so for this FriYAY Five Link-Up (hosted by Mar, Courtney & Cynthia), we have a “free Friday” — which means i just get to ramble about anything my little wandering heart desires — so i’m choosing to talk about one of my fave things at this time of year:

summer clothes. because YES.

i’m a big believer in cultivating your own personal style rather than adhering to all the ever-changing fashion trends. i think clothes should be an expression of who you are: what works for you, what suits your personality, and what’s going to make you feel like your best self. i know i’m casual, beach-bummy (although living in a city, go figure), boho-hippie-wannabe-surf-chick style, so summer clothes are my absolute faves. i get so excited to finally be able to dress the way i wish i could all year ’round.

IMG_7135so, here are 5 of my fave summer staples:

ONE: bright bikinis. my love for swimsuits runs deep (as my friends & you regular blog readers know). i’m meant to live at the beach, i think — i believe the days you can wake up and the only thing you have to do that day is put on a bikini are the best days. i’m sure it’s not a big surprise, but VS is my go-to bikini stop for so many reasons: dig the styles, they fit me perfectly, solid quality, and stellar sales. i have a bajillion from there and i’ve never been disappointed. most recent purchase this week, which i’m totally loving and can’t wait to wear at the lake this wknd:

the Itsy Bottom in a tropical dyad (first neoprene suit and really into it):

itsy& the Strappy Bralette in Iced Kiwi.

icedkiwiback loving the neon shades this year, and both were super on sale. bliss.

TWO: snapbacks. because they’re fun, they’re sporty, they’re perfect for beach hair and summer hair and days you don’t want to think about your hair. i love ’em and basically don’t leave the house without one in the summer. that may or may not be directly correlated to the fact that i rarely do my hair. 🙂

pretty sure i need to add this gem to my collection next:


THREE: Havaianas. the next best thing to being barefoot. and i love being barefoot.


FOUR: wide-armed tanks. lulu bras and bikini tops + airy tanks/cropped tops = perfect pairing. loving this one right now, esp w/ boyfriend jeans:


FIVE: backless. into it and need this.

backlessWhat’re your summer style staples?


13 thoughts on “Friday Five: My Summer Style

  1. Haha omg I’m all about the neon. I got a pair of neon pink wonder unders at Lulu and I wear them to the bar… no joke. My favorite item in my closet are my Nike throwback SkyHigh sneaker wedges. I wear them constantly. Not only are they comfortable but they make me a bit taller too : ) Have a fantastic weekend!!

  2. I can’t speak for right now because I am not loving the thought of putting on a swimsuit right now but I LOVE VS swim suits too. I like that you know exactly what size you are and know it will fit and with so many fun tops and bottoms there is a great variety to mix and match. I always keep a pair of black bottoms on on hand that I can match any top with. I also love my Reefs. I have a fun pair of gold ones with extra cushion and they are cute with just about everything. I plan to live in them this summer.

    • my friend had on really cute/comfy looking Reefs yesterday — i’ll def have to check them out. i remember having the strappy kind when i was younger aka a lil hippie child! 🙂

  3. I get all of my bikinis at VS! I will typically find a style that I love and then purchase that style in a number of colors. I love that VS always has variety and a great mix/match set-up! Now that I am pregnant, I feel like I live in maxi skirts. So comfy!!!

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