Friday Five: Why I Run

linking up with Mar, Cynthia & Courtney for the Friday Five Linkup to delve into one of my fave things in the world.

and nope, we’re not talking about boys (although that might be a fun idea for another week, hmmm?!). šŸ™‚ today’s theme is all about running, in honor of National Running Day (which was Wednesday, but we’re keeping it going because WHY NOT?). sooo, here are 5 reasons why I run

ONE: my dad made me. but like, seriously. i was a very obedient child (except when i wasn’t) and i really hate disappointing people (that’s mostly true) and i was/am SUCH the daddy’s girl (Hundo P true), and i grew up with a running-obsessed father who basically instilled the fear of God in me that my life would not be complete if i didn’t take up running. his father was a crazy good runner and he was a crazy good runner and it was his duty to pass down that legacy to me…and i’m so glad he convinced me that i would be lazy & unfulfilled and spend my days constantly trying to find a purpose for my feet & my free time & my boundless energy if i didn’t start dragging myself around the blocks in our small town.

so listen to your parents, kids. they know best.

& i’ll never forget being in the car with my dad around the time i ran my first (and only, to date) full marathon and he was so stinkin’ proud & happy that he said to me, “you’re the best distance runner our family has ever had.” thanks, daddy. you made me this way. šŸ™‚

TWO: i love how it makes me feel. running has been such a journey for me — i still remember running/walking the 1.5 mile loop in my hometown and thinking i would die as a teenager/college student — and i love the progression and how everything about me has changed because of this one addition to my life. mentally, physically, emotionally, i’m so much stronger because i run, and it’s done wonders for my self-concept and discipline. i’ve stuck with running even when it’s felt impossible and seen it transform my entire identity/life, and i can’t imagine being ME without it.

THREE: i can’t sit still. i have more energy than a pack of adolescents unleashed in a theme park, and running definitely provides a healthy and consistent outlet for that. if there’s something active to do — snowboard, hike, bike, kayak, walk, dance, cartwheel, travel, swing, you name it — i’m going to want to do it. itchy feet like whoa. or maybe i just have a fear of getting bored, i don’t know. anyway, i like to keep moving. (and then i sleep soooo harrrrrd.)


FOUR: “me” time. running has become my coveted “me” time here in the wonderful chaos that is my life in NYC. don’t get me wrong: i love my occasional “runch” dates with my best friend or group classes, but running has been almost entirely a solo thing for me, and i so love my river runs and feeling like i’m taking on the city, one sneakered step at a time, entirely on my own. it gives me a sense of control and freedom over my time, knowing that i’m doing this just for me, falling in love with my life a little more with every run. nobody can take this from me, and the only person pushing me is ME. i think we all need something in our life that makes us feel like the best, truest, most elemental version of ourselves. this is mine.IMG_7214
FIVE: because i really love bikinis
& workout clothes.
& after writing a book, my life goal is to never have to wear anything else. aim high, right? šŸ™‚

have a lovely Friday and start to your weekends, friends!

Runners: What’s a reason (or 2, or 10) that you run?
Non-runners: What’s your passion/what takes you to your happy place?


24 thoughts on “Friday Five: Why I Run

  1. I could live in workout clothes forever, therefore I could run forever. šŸ™‚ That is so awesome that your dad was such a huge influence and made you into the runner you are today. I never really fell “in love” with running until I made the decision on my own (in college) to start running. Now I love running because it allows me to explore new places, it gives me a natural high, and allows me undistributed time with my thoughts.

    • life is just better in workout clothes! i didn’t fall in love with it til college either, and i love your reasons, too. all the same for me!

  2. Oh yes to all of these. And the marathon booty ain’t too bad either!
    I run because it is honestly something that humbles me, rewards me, and is something that I never thought that I would love. But I really do.

  3. Such a great post. So many reasons to run! I started running while I was in graduate school to help relieve stress and anxiety while I was studying. And it still remains one of the best ways I think I can start my day.

  4. Aw, that stuff about your dad is so cute. My dad runs too but he’s been dealing with injuries in recent years šŸ˜„ I’d so love to run a race with him one day. I got into running after he was in one of his ‘off’ phases but we did do a training run together for the NYC Marathon a few years ago. And I love that I share a love of running with him even if he isn’t out there doing it all the time anymore šŸ˜€

  5. Like you I am a perpetual motion machine. I am NEVER sitting still. (Even when I’m supposed to be sitting still!) Running helps so much with all that haha. I need SOMETHING to keep my energy in check!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

    • haha i hear you! it’s one reason i cannot watch TV/have zero idea what anyone is talking about when they’re discussing shows…my idea of watching TV is having a talent show (THE VOICE!) on in the background while i do laundry/bake/shower/stretch/talk on the phone/read/job search etc… šŸ™‚ have a lovely wknd!!

  6. YEEEES! To all! And marathon legs kick ass! Love that you come from a running family. It was a big deal if my father got up to get the remote. #truth

    I found distance running at a super rough time in my life. It was my control in a time of chaos. Now? It’s like an old friend who you can’t live without. Who, even if you don’t see every day, you never grow apart. Everything always falls into place when you’re together. You don’t miss a beat. šŸ™‚

  7. You’re so blessed to have a dad like that! I run for all your other reasons! I also run because it helps me temporarily “run away” from everyday life lol

  8. Haha I also run because I can’t sit still! Since I started running my fidgeting has become worse! I love the story with your dad! The first person I saw after crossing the finish line to my full was my dad and though I was crying tears of pain I will never forget what he said to me. ā¤

    • awww it’s the best feeling to have that bond, isn’t it?! so happy you have it, too. šŸ™‚ i specifically ran my full upstate b/c my parents live there and wanted him there for it!

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