Two Things Tuesday

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ONE: running at sunset is my fave.


i had two great runs this weekend, with Sunday night’s taking the cake. i mean, a gorgeous river run on a picture-perfect evening as the sun sets beyond sail boats — does life get any better? i had a moment or two of daydreaming about being whisked away across the world on one of those boats…but then came back to earth and realized i was exactly where i was meant to be at that moment in time.

weekend runs:
Saturday morning: 8-miles downtown along the river path
Sunday evening: 6-7 miles uptown along the river path

& Sunday’s run also brings me to the next thing today:

TWO: dancing on the pier. while running on Sunday night, i essentially ran right into a big dance party on a pier not far from me. the Hudson River Park area does a series called Summer on the Hudson and hosts all sorts of activities and events, which includes a Sunday night dance series called Let’s Dance, and luckily for me, their dance of choice is Latin dance! when i heard bachata music, i knew i needed to stop and check out the scene. they had quite the dancing crowd out enjoying the beautiful evening:


even though i was in running clothes and still had another mile and a half left of my run, i stopped for about an hour to join in and boogie down. i ran into a few people i knew from the dance scene and had a few good dances, so it was a lovely little surprise to close out my Sunday and interrupt an already-fab run!

this is one of the things i love best about NYC: the diversity of events and surprises upon which you can stumble. i mean, where else can you go out for an evening run and literally run directly into hundreds of people dancing salsa on a pier at sunset?

i love my city.


18 thoughts on “Two Things Tuesday

    • it’s seriously the best! for all those moments during the winters here when we’re all like, whyyyyy haven’t we moved to California yet…summers make up for it. 🙂

  1. I love NYC events–it is seriously a party every night. The difference between NYC and Chicago summers is that Chicago summers are all about food and beer. NYC is all about DANCING

  2. How fun that you ran into a big dance party.!! 🙂
    and that sunset is gorgeous. I rarely see the sunset, but I did last night, and it was just as beautiful way over here on the West Coast

  3. I love that you stopped to dance. I need to have a bit more of that in me. I need to dance more and be okay with stopping to take in my surroundings. What a great way to enjoy a run and you city!

    • yessss stop and dance! i love that you recognize your need for things like that and i’ll totally hold you accountable to unleashing your free spirit if you need.

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