Marathon Training Begins (eee!) & Weekly Workouts: 6/7-6/13

are these weekly workout posts boring anyone, or am i good to continue with these? plz let me know if these are snoozers! i just like the idea of holding myself accountable to seeing my runs/workouts all laid out before me, and anyway, isn’t this what we healthy living bloggers do??

so, before i lay out my week, let’s talk something else that’s on my mind:

Marathon Training

yep, it’s true — my training for my October marathon (please pray i stay uninjured and able to run this year!) “officially” started this week, as i decided yesterday to follow an 18-week Hal Higdon plan and lo and behold, that starts me this week! i chose the Intermediate I plan, which has me running 5 days a week, but i’m definitely planning to listen to my body and see how i feel and cut down to 4 days some weeks if need be. i know my legs get tired from over training and my main priority is not getting hurt this time around, so i’m staying open to modifications, both on the number of days i run and the mileage for certain days. i’m going to try to stick to the long run mileage on weekends, though, as i know those are crucial.

along with choosing a plan to follow, i made another big decision yesterday:

i’m giving up drinking for the summer.

i want to be the healthiest, fittest, soundest, most grounded version of myself throughout my training and just in general, and this feels like the right move for me right now. i have a list of reasons i want to go drink-free this summer, and training and my health are at the top of that list. i’m actually excited for this process now that i’ve made the decision to stick to it (minus a glass of wine here or there for a wedding or other celebration), and i’m looking forward to tracking my progress and seeing how i feel throughout the next couple of months.

sooo, yeah. i figure if i can give up alcohol during the summer in NYC, anything is achievable. πŸ™‚

Weekly Workouts
Sunday, 6/7: 6-7 mile run along the Hudson River at sunset, with a dancing break thrown in!
Monday, 6/8: rest. i ran a lot over the weekend and met friends at a sailboat bar after work instead…marking my last drinks for a while! at least i chose a great spot. πŸ™‚
Tuesday, 6/9: 3 mile run (per my new plan!) along the river path last night, followed by a long stretch session and 10 mins (broken up) of planks
Wednesday, 6/10 (t0day): 5 mile run at 6am along the river
Thursday, 6/11: 3 miles on plan, and i plan to add some abs/strength training in
Friday, 6/12: rest from running, so i’ll do a morning strength session at my gym and probably a walk after work
Saturday: 6/13: going to my first Soul Cycle class (woot!) at 10am with a whole mess of friends as the kick-off to my birthday celebrations. i am supposed to run 5 miles that day, but i’m going to push it down to 2-3 and just run down to class in the morning.

tell me, spinners, what can i expect from Soul Cycle? do you love it? i’m afraid my legs are going to be so tired from all the running that i’ll be sort of just coasting and jamming out to the tunes. πŸ™‚
best workout/anticipated workout of your week?
anyone want to come running with me?! i’ll sing for you!!


20 thoughts on “Marathon Training Begins (eee!) & Weekly Workouts: 6/7-6/13

  1. Yay for Hal Higdon!! I rely on his plans a lot during marathon training season!! I have one 26.2 scheduled for Nov (RnR Vegas) and then may throw another one in there for Oct…strong maybe! haha best of luck and keep rocking it!!

    • i know a guy at work who has run that race and really liked it…so much fun! you’re so amazing with all of these marathons, girl! we should meet for a race in a fun city one day. πŸ™‚

  2. Yay marathon training!! I will cross my fingers for you and pray you don’t have to deal with any injuries. As for running together – yes!!! Things have been crazy and I wanted to try to get together with you soon but it’ll have to happen after my marathon because work is keeping me so busy :/ And then since you are no longer drinking (major kudos to you!) and I don’t want to tempt you, we should do a run/coffee date instead πŸ™‚ Maybe like a waffle/crepe place? End of June/July, we’ll make this happen girl!!

    • thanks girl! best of luck on your marathon (it’s coming up quickly eeee!) and yes, let’s def make plans for a run and coffee or whole foods date!

  3. Good luck. So you are running Hudson-Mohawk again? I was hoping you’d run Rock n Roll Brooklyn with me on Oct 10.

    • i know, i left you a comment about that a while ago — i had to defer my registration from last year b/c i couldn’t run (injured) so i’m doing MH again this year. Brooklyn maybe the following!

  4. I know so many people who are training for October marathons! I am very excited for you. Does giving up drinking mean not even a sip? A cheat day? More power to you!!! That is pretty awesome as I don’t think I have ever given up alcohol during a training cycle (only cut back). Of course, now that I have gone almost 6 months without it, anything is possible. πŸ™‚

    • welp right now i’m planning on not drinking at all unless it’s a drink at a wedding or a birthday or something…just no casual mid-week drinks and never more than one glass of wine. thanks, lady! and yes, anything is possible. πŸ™‚

  5. So excited to hear about your SoulCycle thoughts!! I’m absolutely obsessed and love it! Which studio/instructor? I’ve been to a few in the city and they’re so great. I’m hoping you love it : )

  6. I love reading about what people do – keep it up! You will feel great without drinking. I gave it up a long time ago and now I only do it like you said – celebrations, etc. I had a few drinks yesterday to celebrate the end of the school year (I’m a teacher) but probably won’t have another until who knows when, and I don’t care. Great job on your workouts this week!

  7. Good for you for giving up drinking! I did it for ten months and it was tough! Having a baby grow inside helped though. Haha!

    Good luck at Soul Cycle! Definitely expect to feel it a lot in your legs. Just pace yourself and do your own ride. Have fun!

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