South Street Seaport Smorgasburg

whoa, talk about alliteration. say that title three times fast!

because it’s just oh-so-hip, Brooklyn has been hosting this fun outdoor food flea market extravaganza called  Smorgasburg since May 2011. it’s essentially a weekend food fair by the water, where hundreds of food vendors put up stands & trucks and people flock in droves to chill outside and enjoy drinks & yummy bites. i went a couple of summers ago, and it was pretty darn sweet (and had a lot of hipsters, especially working the stands).

well, Manhattan decided it needed to get in on this summer trend, so the South Street Seaport (which is already a rad place to hang) obviously boasts the perfect location to house a Smorgasburg spin-off. this one is open 7-days a week from May through October (tourists & locals alike love the Seaport!), and my friend and i jaunted down to check it out on a whim last Saturday afternoon.

seaport smorgasburgit’s much smaller than the one in Williamsburg, with only 8 vendors and 2 bars, but it’s really cool and definitely worth checking out! the Seaport has such a classic charm, with its cobbled walkways and old buildings, and the food booths are pretty sweet…not to mention the outdoor bar is ideally placed right where you walk in, and the open-aired space and picnic tables create a communal atmosphere that screams loving-my-life-outdoors-right-now.

we sure thought so, at least.


we didn’t try any of the food, but their signature wheat beer was really light and tasty (and you know i’m not a big beer gal). it really was the perfect spot to relax and soak up some sun on a lazy Saturday afternoon. the whole scene screamed “chill” — and i am allll about the chill.

definitely recommend checking this place out if you’re in NYC, and i plan to return…and taste some of the snacks this time!

Any cool outdoor markets by you?
Been to the Seaport? Wanna come with me?


10 thoughts on “South Street Seaport Smorgasburg

  1. Ugh I want to go to the Seaport so bad!!! I’ll be in NYC this weekend but will be limited to the birthday girls (my best friends) wishes! I think brunch and the frying pan on Saturday… outdoor markets are the absolute best and my favorite.. I wish there were more local ones for me!

    • brunch and the Frying Pan sounds like an amazing way to spend a Saturday! i’ve been to FP a couple of times already this year, such a fun spot. hope you girls have a blast!

    • okay come with me any time sugarplum! i can only imagine how much fun we’d have exploring NYC (or Seattle, or like anywhereeeee). i haven’t had one — not into noodles or burgers or bread or anything that entails — but one of my best friends loves Ramen so i’m sure she’ll try it and i’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  2. Looks like a good time 🙂 btw, love the filter you used on those pics of you two.! they look super cool.!
    Not very many outdoor markets where I live, but there’s tonnss in Portland. makes me jealous

    • well if you come into the city at all this summer (and now you can visit both me and Charissa — maybe we should plan a girls’ meet up day?!) we can do allll the outdoorsy things here!

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