because boats.

can i just start by saying that i think every company in the world needs to implement Summer Fridays?? we don’t get them and i’m trying not to be bitter about it but i fear that i’m failing miserably at that…especially because i just came in from a walk along the marina outside of my office building oogling over this yacht that’s been parked there all week. i was desperately hoping some young handsome single fella owned it and would just happen to see me stalking his monstrosity of a boat strolling by on my lunch break and my next blog post would be an announcement that i’m now sailing the world on a boat big enough to house a helicopter.


alas – not all dreams come true & i’m still waiting for my ship to come in (& all that jazz). til then, i’m just going to have to settle for getting my lil butt on a boat as often as possible, which i’m actually doing a pretty good job of already this summer…

which brings us to last night and the glory that is the North River Lobster Co. if you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, find me @glitterstruck), you already know that i made my maiden voyage on this lobster boat last night and basically had to be carried off kicking-n-screaming. (okay so that part is a lie but seriously, i was on it for 3 hours and could have stayed longer.)


boats are my absolute favorite inventions (probably even before beds, which is crazy talk because SLEEPING) and seafood is my fave (fish tacos got me like {insert hearts & ish}), so the idea of a lobster boat cruise is just ingenious to me. the boat docks & boards riiiight by my apartment (coincidence? i think not) and does 45-minute cruises up and down the Hudson, and is basically just the most amazing summer thing to do in this city. i can’t believe i haven’t done it before and you bet your sealegs i’ll be on this thing again…and again…and again…


we had a gorrrgeous night to be out on the water and stayed for two cruises (& a whole lotta dock time, which is also fun because, well, you’re still on a boat). i had lobster tacos & my friend had a lobster roll and i can’t say the food was spectacular or anything, but it was totally decent enough. but the experience and THAT VIEW of the NYC skyline?


esp at sunset?


’nuff said. and then when it gets darker, the party lights come on, and we’re floating on a magical vessel somewhere between the crazy wonder that is NYC and everywhere else one could possibly go to, that a river will take you.

i obviously highly recommend doing this if you live in NYC (or visit here in the summer). it’s the perfect way to spend a warm evening outdoors and capture some amazing views of the city and sunset. if you’re going to be on a patio or having drinks or seafood anyway, well, why not be on a boat?


oh hiiii, NYC. i love you so.

happy weekend, friends!!


6 thoughts on “because boats.

  1. Ummm so amazing. I wish I had summer Friday’s too but alas we don’t 😦 This makes me want to be out on a boat right now. What says summer more than oceans and a strong cocktail ? Have a fab weekend!!

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