Gallow Green: Rooftop brunch Heaven

let me just start by saying this: New York City never ceases to amaze me. if you can imagine something here, well, you can probably find it. it truly is a city that has something for everyone, regardless of what your “thing” might be.

case in point: i think i found my version of Heaven in NYC yesterday at Gallow Green, a magical, enchanted fairyland of a dream world rooftop located at the top of the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea (and easily walkable from my apartment, conveniently enough!).

i’ve been wanting to go to their rooftop brunch for a while now, and yesterday, on the loveliest of all June afternoons, one of my closest girlfriends took me for an early birthday brunch. it was an absolute Midsummer Night’s Dream-esque wonder of a place, and a gorgeous reprieve from city life.

photo taken from

photo taken from

the space is earthy and airy and lush, with lots of sunlight (but covered, thankfully, because it was pretty hot yesterday!), wooden bench seating, and live jazz all throughout brunch. there’s also a sweet train track running through the restaurant, so i wonder if it used to be part of an elevated train route, or if they just preserved a portion of a track to incorporate into their vibe.

you have to purchase tickets for a brunch time slot online, and i thought they did a great job of not over-packing the place and making sure people had enough room. your brunch ticket gives you two hours to enjoy the buffet & music, with coffee and one mimosa included. you also have the option to purchase more drinks (which i’m pretty sure most people do, judging from the mimosa carafes and cocktails on almost every table), which allows you to keep your table for longer.

mimosaand yes, i broke my “no drinking” rule in honor of celebrating my birthday yesterday. this was a special occasion, and mimosas had to be had.

it truly was the loveliest brunch i’ve been to, and the perfect birthday date with an absolute gem of a girlfriend.

friendsthanks, Loan, my love, for a wonderful brunch date!

definitely, definitely make a point to go here for brunch! they also boast a really unique cocktail list, so when i’m back to having drinks (come fall, probably), i hope to check it out at night as well.

Best brunch you’ve ever had?
What’s your idea of a perfect restaurant/rooftop ambiance?


16 thoughts on “Gallow Green: Rooftop brunch Heaven

  1. I love that you ate brunch on a rooftop. That is so freaking cool. I definitely need to add this place to my “must do” list. Best brunch I’ve ever had is actually in CT at a small restaurant called Rosie’s it’s delicious and I absolutely love the small, intimate feel and decor. But hey, dining on a roof top is pretty amazing! I love open air spaces… top that off with some twinkly lights and I’m sold!

  2. Happy Birthday gorgeous!! What a beautiful looking brunch. I love having dinner and wine on the rooftop out in Ft. Worth at the Reata!! I will take you there if you come back down! πŸ™‚

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