2 Things Tuesday

peace copytwo things that made this last weekend fabulous for me:

ONE: Father’s Day with the best of ’em. i spent an incredible, relaxing weekend at my favorite place in the world, with the man who has made me the center of his universe since before i could even comprehend how blessed i was to be born to the family God gave me.

IMG_7412this guy. i can’t imagine having a better dad — it’s been one of the biggest blessings in my life. he continually amazes me with his love, generosity, hilarious personality, wit, enthusiasm, and genuine love for people. he’s one of a kind, and i thank God every single day of my life for the special bond that exists between my dad & i. i inherited so many traits from him: a love for running, a “life is better on a boat” mentality, the propensity to talk too much, and the desire to always keep my family at the very center of my world and love them the most. thanks, Dad. you’re the bestest guy.

& the rest of my weekend was pretty fantastic, too. allll the family time, all the relaxation — exactly what my little heart needed.

red wine & reading on the deck for a few hours on Saturday afternoon,


convertible weather & coffee post-gym with the bro,

starbucksthe loveliest of views on the train ride home along the Hudson.

bridgesuch the perfect weekend, from start to finish; one of those times of reprieve where i went back to the city feeling centered and refreshed and just better. something about those weekends at the lake — HOME — with my family makes me feel like the best version of myself.

TWO: running. or i guess i should say, marathon training, because that’s what i’m doing! eeeee. and so far, so great. okay, so i’m only two weeks in, but i’m excited about following my plan, and overall feeling really strong and confident and happy (despite the humidity that descended on NYC this morning like a velvet shroud…blech). i ran both days this past weekend at home, per my plan:

Saturday: 8.25 miles (had 9 on the schedule but Ry was picking me up en route so we could head to the gym together after my run, so i didn’t make the full 9) –> i felt amazinggggg on this run, despite the fact that it was the first time i’ve done such a hilly course in a while. it’s quite possibly the best i’ve ever felt on hills and i just was loving life the whole time.

Sunday: 4 miles on a treadmill (disgustingly humid and drizzly outdoors) –> rough. not sure if it was my body resisting being on a treadmill for the first time in months, or my legs telling me they needed more stretching, but it wasn’t my happiest run. i dislike running indoors, and i dislike sore hamstrings, so i was thrilled when that was done.

oh, and then i realized my runbuns (you know, hairstyle, duh) were getting too heavy, so i went and chopped my hair on a whim last night. because my life is basically a long series of whims.

hairsummer ‘do? don’t mind if i do!

How was your weekend?
Anyone else on a lake/beach/outdoors somewhere?
How’s the running/training going?


16 thoughts on “2 Things Tuesday

  1. I love the hair! I love my summer running do. They didn’t take off enough for my liking this past time, honestly (remember I get my hair cut like once a year). And YAY for loving marathon training! I hope that you continue to have fun with it. Just listen to you body when you need rest, fuel up, and do your cross training and have fun!

  2. Love the new do : ) ! Running is so humid… ugh I get back and I feel like I just went swimming! Congrats on some awesome runs this weekend!! Hope you have a fab day!

    • i thought of you with your short wavy thick hair when i was thinking of how short to cut it, b/c you manage to make that look SO CUTE but i know it’d be a disaster on me! 🙂 thanks, girl!

  3. Your hair looks adorable and is making me realize how badly I need to do something with mine. It’s too darn hot out there for long hair! Great job on those runs and red wine and reading on the deck sounds like my idea of heaven. 🙂

    • thank you on all accounts! yeah i’m one of those who doesn’t cut her hair for moooonths and then one morning wakes up and is like, this needs to come off today or i’m taking scissors to it myself. and we have the same idea of Heaven, then. 🙂

  4. This is the sweetest post. What a fun weekend! And hooray for marathon training. The first time I ever followed a plan was for my first marathon and while it is hard, I also just loved it.

  5. You just reminded me how I need to get my hair cut too. It’s so long right now gahhh… ok next week sometime it’s happening!
    So glad you had a great family weekend with your dad ❤ He sounds like a wonderful role model to have growing up. And cheers to a good start to marathon training!! That's always a good confidence booster 🙂

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