Charleston, Part I

let me start by reiterating that i absolutely love my city. New York is phenomenal and unique and fascinating. there’s really no other place quite like it, from what i’ve experienced.

now, let me follow that up by saying that i toooootally, unabashedly cheated on my first love this weekend.

enter: Charleston. talk about being swept off your feet entirely unexpectedly. gahhh. there was just so, so much to love about this charmingest of all charming cities.

for starters, it’s just begging you to love it.

IMG_7551see? no choice. the very streets demand it of you.

i spent three full days there and absolutely fell in love it. it’s quaint and clean and lovely and so very southern without being hokey (does that make sense?). it’s its own little magical universe, really, and i could not stop exclaiming about how much i just loved everything. i also got to visit the church (but didn’t go inside) where the shooting was recently, which i’m glad i was able to do. the street was roped off to cars but we were able to stand directly across from it, and it was a solemn but really nice moment, to be able to see the outpouring of support and stand there and pray for the city right at that site.

so, let me give you a little recap of my wonderful weekend in South Carolina. i’m going to split this trip review into at least two posts, so here’s Part I.

IMG_7604note: please get ready for a lot of pictures of me. my friend was very diligent in documenting my happiness at each spot!

Friday night: i had a late flight and didn’t arrive til midnight, so my friend (i went to visit a childhood friend i haven’t seen in 16 years — talk about overdue!) and i just sat on his couch and drank wine and caught up til 3am. oh, and yeah, about that whole “no drinking all summer” thing…welp, it’s been revised. i’m happy to say i’m at a “no drinking to excess” standard, which is working well for me, as i’m determined to never drink so much that i can’t wake up early and run the next day. aka, 1-2 drinks is it.

Saturday: knowing i’d want to be active as much as possible, Chris had borrowed his friends’ bikes for us, so we spent Saturday touring downtown Charleston by bike! it was an incredible way to see the city. he lives in Mount Pleasant (which is across the bridge from downtown), so we biked to a ferry and boated across, and then wheeled around the city all afternoon. it’s such a bike-able, easy-to-navigate place, so this was the best way for me to take it all in.

we started by walking around Charleston Farmer’s Market, which was adorable and had live music and street dancers and lots of kiddie bouncy houses and lots of amazing looking produce.

we then walked all over the historic downtown area, which was just so lovely. i was just so in awe of this beautiful city.

we made it to lunch at Fleet Landing right on the water just in time to avoid a thunderstorm, and it was pretty sweet to be inside a waterfront restaurant during a torrential downpour. it was a lively, popular weekend afternoon spot with a great seafood restaurant and chill vibe (i was in gym clothes and didn’t feel out of place), and when the rain cleared, we were able to eat outside on the deck.

i was sooooo stoked for the seafood in Charleston — which i had for every meal, in one way or another — and it didn’t disappoint.

that night (after i napped), we headed back downtown to check out The Rooftop at The Vendue. it was a cool spot with an awesome element greeting you right off the elevator:

a life-sized pin point impression toy.

pinvendueanyone else have these as kids? i loved them, so this adult-sized one was mind blowing. the 5-year-old in me clearly adored this…as did the 30-something in me who wasn’t strong enough to push the pins from the back. whoops.

one very notable thing about Charleston was that everything was just nice. consistently nice. the restaurants and bars were all clean and nicely decorated and had such easy, comfortable vibes — i liked every single place we went, and found the people very welcoming (which makes sense, as it is the South, and hospitality is a major industry there).

if i had any complaints, it would be the humidity. woof. not my favorite thing, especially when i’m running…but i did manage to get in a fair amount of exercise: i spent Saturday on a bike for hours, and ran 3 miles Sunday morning and 4 miles Monday.

sneaksand my favorite part of those runs were the “drop all your things and lay down on the cool cement walkway” at the end. man, did i fight for every step of those two short runs, and afterward, i felt like i’d just gone swimming.

i can’t say the city is a runner’s dream, but hey — nobody gets it all, right?

imma cut out here and save the rest of my recap for next time!

Anyone been to Charleston? What did you like best?
Runners: how do you fare in humidity?
i die. i cannotttt.


20 thoughts on “Charleston, Part I

  1. Gosh I love your travel posts! Charleston looks like a charming place! Never been. P.S. I saw some rose wine on the shelf at this wine tasting I was at last week and totally thought of you!!
    Have a great week!

    • aww i love that you thought of me! one day let’s sip rose together, hmm? how fun would that be! and thank you — travel/ places reviews are my fave posts to write (gah i wish i could do this for a living!). have a great week, love!

  2. Charleston does look very nice.!! šŸ™‚ I looove historic downtown areas and I’m sure that the East Coast just KILLS the west coast with that. Glad you had a good time, and found a new love. lol

  3. AHH I wanna go here now! You make it sound so magical I love it. It has been so disgustingly hot and humid in Washington lately, I just suck it up and keep my runs semi short. HA. Or split them inside/outside. Glad you had a great trip!

  4. Awww that heart picture with your sneakers is soooo freaking cuuuutttteee! Besides the humidity, I think I would love that city!!! Glad you got to run anyway though! I absolutely suck in humidity!! I’m useless!

  5. I toured College of Charleston for college and it was an absolutely heartbreaking decision when I decided not to attend. It is absolutely magical, and feels like the town is in its own little bubble. The quaint boutique shops and cafes were my absolute favorite. And asking the 17 year old me, the citadel boys running by my campus tour didn’t hurt either : )

    • omg was we were biking around the campus i was like, “why did i NOT know this existed when i went to college, and how does a girl get a job here NOW?!” it was so lovely! haha ohhhh Southern boys. such cutes!

  6. We had so much fun in Charleston for our anniversary trip last year, and we LOVED Fleet Landing! I have to say that Charleston was a bit too touristy for me, but I still loved to indulge in the atmosphere šŸ˜€

    • such a great atmosphere, i agree! i actually didn’t find it very touristy but we didn’t do any of the tours or anything and stuck to his fave local spots, so i’m sure seeing it through a local’s eyes helped that! and the beaches were SO not crowded (esp compared to the beaches in Long Island/Hamptons), which was awesome.

  7. Looks like you had an awesome trip!! I’ve never been but would love to visit some day šŸ™‚ Me + humidity are not friends in the least bit. I hate running in it and I have super curly hair so it just becomes a big mess!

  8. Charleston always looks so charming whenever I read about it! I haaate running in humidity too. And whenever I make my way to the East coast I’m always ALL about the seafood. It’s so much better! Can’t wait for part 2 and hopefully lots of food pics šŸ˜‰

    • i tried to do the best i could with food pix — so there will be some more coming! thx for the reminder that i should do better with that! šŸ™‚

  9. Looks like you had a great trip!! Please tell me that you got the hushpuppies at Fleet Landing–they are absolutely amazing and huge! Can’t wait to see what is on part 2 šŸ™‚

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