Charleston, Part II (all the food pix)

Sunday morning, we woke up and went for a run before church. i’d spent Saturday touring Charleston by bike and had given my legs a rest from running, so thought i’d be feeling good. enter: humidity, to totally ruin that thought. i actually stopped during our 3-mile run to announce to my friend, “i’m not having fun. this isn’t fun.”

woof. but i made it, and the rest of the day was much better. 🙂

Chris took me to his church, a non-denominational church called Seacoast (such a good church name, right?). it was nice to be back in church, as i haven’t been in a bit, and i enjoy experiencing new venues. the vibe was relaxed, the people were nice, the sentiments about uniting and praying for Charleston were heartfelt, and the worship team was awesome.

we then went to brunch at one of his fave places, which he’d raved about for weeks ahead of time: Red Drum.

11081299-932002206852456-2255359556334997802-n_54_990x660this place was really cool, and very popular. although i’m not big on Southern food, the atmosphere, service and overall vibe were all great…and can you beat $11 bottomless mimosas (me) and bellinis (him)? i think not.

reddrumi ordered something very atypical for me: the chicken quesadilla, sans cheese, add avocado…and i actually really enjoyed it. the chicken was cooked perfectly, and i’m a believer that avocado makes the world go ’round.

queswe then spent Sunday afternoon on his friend’s boat with a group, which is always fun. you know me and boats! i needed a nap after, naturally, before heading back to downtown Charleston for some rooftop drinks and dinner.

first stop, to have a cocktail & appetizer and catch the lovely sunset: Market Pavilion Hotel rooftop.

chrismethis place was so, so lovely. we were fortunate that it wasn’t crowded, being a Sunday night, and it was absolutely beautiful out. the afternoon thunderstorm helped clear some of the humidity, and i don’t think i could have asked for a lovelier moment. (and yes, if you’re wondering, i did wear my hair up in a bun the entire trip. entirely necessary!)sunseti had a cucumber martini (obvi) & my friend had a mango mojito, and we shared the tuna tartar, which was delicious. you really can’t go wrong with any seafood dish in Charleston.
tunai’d absolutely recommend checking out this rooftop for drinks/appetizers/sunsets if you’re in Charleston. it truly was a magical little spot.

post sunset drinks, we headed a few blocks over to have dinner at Hank’s, an upscale seafood restaurant with a historic vibe. it reminded me of a steakhouse in NYC, but with a seafood focus. (think waiters in white coats, lots of wood paneling, and a little bit more of a formal atmosphere.)hanksit was a really nice place, with a seafood lover’s dream of a menu. there were sooooo many options! i mean, look at the list of just the Chef’s Specialties:

fishso good.

i ordered the seared tuna…because if that’s on a menu, it’s for me. Chris had a bouillabaisse, and we both realllly loved our food.

tunathey give you some serious portions, and although i wasn’t able to finish it, i put a good dent into it. it was fantastic. Hank’s definitely does seafood right.

Monday: my final day in Charleston (sad). i ran 4 miles solo that morning and stuck to shady roads, which made a huge difference. we then set out for a first-ever experience for me: jetskiing! (i know. i’m a late bloomer.)

i tooooootally loved it. i don’t have any pictures from this excursion, but it was awesome. we used Tidal Wave Water Sports located on the Isle of Palms and did the Waverunner Safari Tour, which was soooooo much fun. we had a guide who led us through the marshes and to a secluded beach, where we saw the remnants of a shipwreck. my favorite part was driving the thing the whole way back. i could totally get used to jetskiing on the regular (and it’s the best way to get some color, too!).

we then hit up Poe’s Tavern on Sullivan’s Island, a much awaited/anticipated stop, because i really needed to have fish tacos on this trip and Chris swore these were the best.

this picture sums up how i felt about that place (and pretty much about my life in general):

IMG_7599i was seriously loving life at that moment, two blocks from the beach, living out my sun-and-sand-and-fish-tacos dream to the fullest. if you want to know my truest self, well — that’s it, right there.

so yep, the fish tacos were so good and it’s such a hip, happening little place (with a literary name to boot!).  i’m telling you, this trip was just one amazing seafood meal after another for me.

coming back to real life eats has been rough, i won’t lie.

& there you have it, friends — my wonderful, eventful, loved-every-minute-and-bite trip to Charleston. all i can say is, if you haven’t been to this city, GO. please, go.

and take me with you.

bunjust don’t expect me to come back.


5 thoughts on “Charleston, Part II (all the food pix)

  1. I’m with you on running in humidity, it kills the run and it’s NOT fun at all. Those are the runs that are totally mental for me and I have to think about something like a cookie or cake to get me through. Or all these eats!

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