Block Island Organics (product review)

admission: i’m terrible about wearing sunscreen.

i know. i know i know i know i know i KNOW. stop yelling at me. i’m fortunate to be a non-burner and tan really easily, and there’s just something about having a (natural only!) tan that makes me feel so much better. i’m sure most of you are with me there! i therefore definitely slack on the sunscreen front — i never wear it running and rarely at the lake — and the only times i’m good about it are if i’m spending a full day at the beach or really early on in the season.

so when Block Island Organics contacted me to ask me if i’d be willing to try out their sunscreen and review it on the blog, i figured it was a sign that i need to start protecting my skin. we had a big park day to celebrate mine and another girlfriend’s birthday last month (gah i forgot to write about that day, whoops! was so much fun!), and i made sure to pack the sunscreen for people to try.

IMG_7314my sweet friend modeling it for me. 🙂

we were both big fans of their Natural Mineral Sunscreen (SPF30) and liked that it was non-greasy and blended into our skin really easily.

taken from their website:
*An ultra lightweight, non-nano and instantly absorbing natural mineral sunscreen great for babies, kids and adults.  A small amount goes a long way – Size: 3.4oz/100 ml

    • HEALTHY – Organic and natural ingredients – zinc only (safest & best UV filter)
    • EFFECTIVE – SPF 30 & broad spectrum protection decreases the risk of skin cancer & aging
    • SAFE – Gluten & nano free, vegan formula, eco-friendly (no ingredients shown to harm reefs)
    • EASY APPLICATION – Ultra lightweight and non-greasy formula, can be worn under makeup
    • TRUST- No parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, dyes, fragrance. Made in USA

i really like the company’s mission, too, which was one reason i decided to feature their sunscreen on my blog:

The Block Island Organics mission
Our mission is to give everyone access to safe, effective, and lovable non-toxic suncare and skin care products. We believe in living outside and enjoying the sun and not hiding from it. With a little sun knowledge, the right sunscreen, and healthy skin care from day to night everyone can live our mantra: “Play Smart, Play Safe.”

they’re a small company in Rhode Island with a commitment to using the best ingredients for our skin, and i’m all about supporting small businesses & healthy-living products. they also have a fabulous communications team who has offered all RTA readers a 15% discount on any of their products if you use the code “Shawna” (awww how sweet) between 7/14-7/20.

side fun fact: when i was in Charleston a few weekends ago on a boat with a crew of people, one of the girls is super committed to organic products and a vegan lifestyle, and she’d heard of this company and was a big fan of their products.

Are you good about using sunscreen?
Have any brands you swear by?


9 thoughts on “Block Island Organics (product review)

  1. I am relatively horrible about using sunscreen on my body, but I put SPF 55 on my face and use a daily face creme with SPF 35 in it. It’s probably because I rarely (knock on wood) burn so I never think twice about putting it anywhere else on my body. I think when I was in Mexico I used sunscreen on my body, but it might have been like SPF 4. Haha.

  2. I’ve heard great thing about this product! I used to be terrible about applying sunscreen but now that I am getting older I’m realizing the effects it can have and have been applying it more!

  3. Speaking my language girl. I tan just walking out the door and I turn black way before I would ever burn. Plus I have oily skin and break out. So I never put on sunscreen. BUT pregnancy and sun can lead to weird sun damage and something called a “pregnancy mask.” So I am all about the SPF now. This product looks awesome.

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