2 things Tuesday

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my tips for running in humidity:
step 1: reconsider.

sooo, that’s where i’m at lately. it’s just haaaarrrdd. first of all, it’s been so flipping hot & humid that it’s just not fun, and i generally run because i like it (one of those weirdos) and it’s my “me” time, so when i don’t enjoy it, well, i get pretty bummed. i WANT to wake up and enjoy my morning run, or leave work and run the 4 miles home with pep in my step, but i’m just hating it lately. my legs have been ridiculously sore the past 2 weeks as well, for some unknown reason, and my right knee recently decided to make itself known with every step (such an annoying little rebel), so yeah. not loving this lately. i ran 4 miles on Sunday night & the 4 miles home from work last night, and both were pretttty awful.

i haven’t done a long run in a couple of weeks, so training is basically now reduced to “just eek out a few miles & don’t die.”

TWO: buy yourself a present. apparently that was today’s solution to try to make myself feel better about my run fails lately (and just overall being a girl). i decided after this weekend that i was in desperate need of a fabulous backpack for all my weekend travels, so this happened:

10751_1_F hershel-little-america-backpack-in-blue-chambray-4_1024x1024Herschel’s Little America Backpack in chambray. how dope is this thing?! i’m really into the chambray & white duo for summer, so i was stoked to find this guy and believe it’s the perfect pack for me. this is my first Herschel bag (woot!) and i’ve heard nothing but fab things about them, so i have high hopes for my future travels with this baby.

moral of today’s 2 Things Tuesday: sometimes the things you love the most let you down. and when they do, buy a bag and plan some travels. that always helps. 🙂

Runners: Please feel free to gripe about your humidity-riddled runs lately, too! I’d like some empathy (aka you’d better be dying out there also). My mom told me yesterday that my dad said he “really likes running in this hot weather.” For the first time in my life, i’m wondering if i’m adopted.

Any other Herschel fans?

What’s your next trip? Can i come? Baby chambray & i are ready to hit the road!


10 thoughts on “2 things Tuesday

  1. UGH!! Girl, I feel your pain. It’s THE worst. & the gym I go too isn’t any better -> just as hot & humid in there. LOVE that backpack, I’d never heard of Herschel but just glanced through the website & everything is super cute! Next trip is to Chicago in October!

  2. Girl, you already know I’m so with you on this heat/humidity problem. Your reasoning behind not doing more running is completely how I feel. I want to enjoy running and when I despise it because of the weather – that’s a serious problem. Lucky for me, I really don’t mind the treadmill much so it is helping me to get my runs in anyway… but I would definitely prefer that fall weather to come sooner rather than later so I can get my butt outside and enjoy it again!! Um, and buying stuff to make yourself feel better = best idea ever!! But my version of that is usually a glass of wine at night 😉

    • oh i was with you on the wine last night, too. great minds. 🙂 thankfully today is BEAUTIFUL and i had an awesome run this morning and am loving this weather!

  3. Oh my god I am so sick of the stupid humidity. Ruined another run of mine today. It can kiss my ass. But, I LOVE your tips for dealing with it, HA!! Especially the “buy yourself a present” part. What a freaking awesome bag. I might need that one. I’m so digging chambray this summer, too!! You have great taste!

  4. I just can’t with this weather. Today was so brutal and I’m surprised I made it through track night without dying. Tomorrow it’s only supposed to be in the 80’s! WInter coats for everyone! 🙂

    That bag is to die for!!

  5. Haha totally with you on the humidity. I usually walk out my door and think WHYYYYYYYY every single morning. But today, it seems to be a brief hiatus so I’m switching up my rest day and taking full advantage!

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