Weekly Workouts {7/19-7-25}

i’m so glad to be writing this post on today of all days, as we are having a beauuuuuty day here in NYC! it’s the nicest day we’ve had in weeks and i’m just loving life this morning after rocking a felt-so-good run in 72 degrees (with no humidity!) and some lovely sunshine. glorious start to my Wednesday!

& it’s been so far, so good with daily workouts this week, i’m happy to report, even if they haven’t all been my faves…

Sunday, 7/19:
misery run along the river at 6pm. 4 miles in 90+ degree heat and humidity at a super slow pace, and then i had to walk the last mile and a half home b/c it was so gross out.
Monday, 7/20: another pretty bunk 4-miler after work in the grossness, followed by 45 mins of strength & abs in my gym (much more enjoyable than the run). felt good to get some weights back into my life.
Tuesday, 7/21: early morning gym sesh focusing on arms, chest & back: kettlebells, 10-lb free weights and the pull-down & row machines, with planks & other abs thrown in. this felt awesome.
Wednesday, 7/22 (today): fabulous 7-miler this morning (finally!), which i realllly needed to boost my running confidence back up. i felt like i could have kept going, but i had 7 miles on my training plan & limited time before work. i’m determined to get back to sticking to this plan.
Thursday, 7/23: my plan says 4 miles, but i’m thinking of doing some strength & a lil Arc trainer instead, b/c i have a friend visiting this weekend from California and plan to switch my long run to Friday morning.
Friday, 7/24: long run, aka, as long as i can make it. plan wants 14 this weekend, so i’m hoping to get at least 10-12 done. i haven’t been sticking to my long runs the past few weeks, so i’m going to see how i feel and do what i can.
Saturday, 7/25: hopefully somethinggg, depending on how Friday’s run pans out, but since Manbun isn’t a runner and i need to be a good host, i’ll either have to workout while he sleeps or coerce him into biking beside me as i run. TBD. πŸ™‚

side note: do you guys find that on weeks when you have stuff to do every night, you’re really diligent about sticking to your morning workouts? (if you’re not a morning worker-outer, well, this doesn’t apply to you!) i feel like this works well for me. i’ve had stuff to do every night this week except Monday — people keep having birthdays and moving away (sad!) — so when i know i’m going to be out straight after work, i’m really good about forcing myself out of bed and into a rigorous workout that morning. it’s like that extra little push i need to make the most of my mornings: “hey, if you want to socialize at night, you’d better work for that drink in the morning!”

& when this fails to work, i’m going to hang a big photo of the beach at Montauk on the wall across from my bed as motivation when i open my eyes — because that swimsuit scene is enough to send anyone scrambling for a gym.

summeralehappy running/working out, friends!

Best run/workout this week?
Those of you training: How’re the long runs going?
Fave summer drink?
ya know, to offset the morning workouts, duh.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts {7/19-7-25}

  1. Awesome job! I was supposed to rest today, but after two struggling runs Monday and Tuesday I’m ready for a redemption run tonight in the humidity free air! Long runs are getting there.. .I have 14 on the agenda this weekend so hopefully this cool air stays around : ) And vodka soda, splash of lime ! Best beach drink ever!

  2. Great job and YAY on the 7 miler! Woooohooo! During the school year, I am pretty good about sticking to my morning workouts – particularly the running. I don’t like to miss runs more so because I want to TRY to keep my base consistent – but sometimes, life happens πŸ™‚ I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks with training myself. One week was meh, another I was sick, and this week is both meh and struggle bus. I’ve been loving the mojitos and layered jello shots this summer πŸ™‚

  3. It was a beautiful day yesterday – finally! I’m so happy you got a good run in! Unfortunately I didn’t make it out because by evening it was so freaking windy I was being blown over just walking to my car!! But I will take advantage of days like that more. Luckily, the next few days until Sunday are supposed to stay pretty nice too πŸ™‚ I’m actually gonna preemptively say that tonight will be my favorite run since I’m planning on an easy fun run through the park πŸ˜€

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