Weekly Workouts {8/2-8/8} & a Special Day

August has started off bright & sunny & hot here in NYC, but thankfully not quite as humid as the end of July, making the running a biiiiit more manageable.

Sun, 8/2:
7.5 mile run along the Hudson. HOT but i survived. finishing a run at noon in August isn’t the best idea (i was literally pouring water bottles over my head the last 2 miles), but dannnng it felt so good when it was done!
Mon, 8/3: 4 mile walk, half hour of kettlebells in an un-air conditioned gym (woof).
Tues, 8/4: rest. i walked and biked.
Wed, 8/5 (today): bright-n-early morning 6-miler. felt soooo good.
Thurs, 8/6: i’m thinking 3 miles + abs and a little light weights.
Fri, 8/7: kettlebells & abs
Sat, 8/8: a long run. God only knows what that looks like, depending upon the weather. i’ll be upstate at my parents’ house, so HILLS. i’m hoping for 12-14 miles (aka, running to Target and having my dad pick me up), but anything 10+ is fine. not really into over-achieving these days. #chill

also, today is a very special day in my family’s life: my parents’ 37th wedding anniversary!

i’m beyond thrilled & honored to be the daughter of my favorite humans, and couldn’t have hand-picked a more amazing couple with whom to have spent my life. they’re the most incredible role models and unfaltering sources of love, encouragement, support, acceptance, humor & all-round joy that a girl could ever dream of.

happy anniversary, my lovely parents. i can’t wait to come home this weekend and celebrate you. ❀

How’re the workouts/runs going this week?
What/whom are you celebrating?


15 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts {8/2-8/8} & a Special Day

    • you are SUCH an inspiration to me! seriously, girl — there have been times lately when i’ve been sweating through some hard, hot runs, and i think about you running in the Dallas weather and crushing those distances and it pushes me — because one day we should run together! πŸ™‚

  1. Awesome week!! I am hoping to get in a few longer runs while on vacation. Potentially two 10 milers, a 15 miler and a 16 miler – something about the change in scenery and ocean breeze makes them a bit easier! Have a fabulous weekend : )

  2. Thank you Shawna. Having you for my daughter is one
    of the greatest joys of my life. I love you always and forever!

  3. Happy anniversary to your parents, they are so adorable! I hope you have a great time with them this weekend and that your long run goes awesome!!

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