Friday Five: A Day in the Life

this Friday Five is a link-up week — i’m back to rocking and rolling w/ the DC Trifecta who hosts our wonderful Friday Five Link-up: Mar, Cynthia & Courtney. this week, y’all get to read a lil bit about what my daily life looks like…or at least, 5 things that almost always show up in my every day.

ONE: workout. no surprise here: i generally run or do some sort of workout (gym sesh, walk a few miles if it’s a rest day, the occasional spin or yoga, of which i’m hoping to add more into the weekly routine) every day. this is usually the best part of my day (and if i’m hanging with a girlfriend that day, i have two best parts!). i love this “me” time to focus on myself and get stronger and do something i really love.

TWO: Citibike. i do this to work, and usually 2-3 days home from work (the other 2-3 i run or walk). it’s about 3.5 miles straight shot (if i run, i add the piers, which adds at least a half a mile), and it’s the absolute best way to commute to work. i love starting off my days this way, and i use this time to pray for people and think about all the good things in my life and start my day off on a positive note. if you live in NYC, you should Citibike! it’s amazing.

THREE: fruit. every day. almost always a banana at some point, and i generally have berries & mango in the morning, and always get fruit in my salad (that i get from the natural market on the corner several nights a week for dinner). i looooove fruit – i’d say it’s my fave food. (close second: TACOS)daily-motivation-716
FOUR: girlfriends.
it’s no secret: i love my girlfriends. okay, i’m sort of obsessed with them, but in a good way. 🙂  i either see, text, talk to, email, or any combination of that list, at least several of my closest friends every single day. they make my world so wonderful & i’d truly be lost without them. aside from my family, God’s biggest gift to me has been my incredible friends, and i am so fortunate to have the best of the best all around the US & world (i miss those of you whom i don’t see
that often – you know who you are!).

FIVE: mom.
i am a walking poster child for “but a girl needs her mom!” my mama and i are best friends and we talk, text, email and IM every day. (and sometimes she comments on my blog, too, which is lovely.) every time something great happens, i want to share it with her; every time someone makes me cry or my sky falls down, she listens & picks me up. she’s my greatest encouragement, and my favorite woman. she is part of my moment-to-moment life, no matter how many weeks go by between visits.

and that’s that! enjoy your Friday, friends, and hope you have a fabulous kick-off into the weekend! i’m headed upstate to the lake to celebrate the parents’ anniversary and mom’s birthday, so i couldn’t be happier.

Whatcha looking forward to this weekend?
Tell me something that shows up in your every day!
What’s your fave food?


18 thoughts on “Friday Five: A Day in the Life

  1. Citibike looks like a fun way to get around town! My brother just moved to NYC last month 😦 so hopefully I’ll be visiting sometime in the near future. I have only been there once and I loved it! That is so wonderful that you and your mom are so close and that you have such great friends! Sounds like you’re living the good life in NYC! Enjoy your weekend celebrations!

  2. I’ve been eating 2-3 bananas a day lately, I just cannot get enough!! I wish I could commute to work…I can…I just need a bike! It’s about 9 miles one way, so my best bet is by bike.

  3. that’s so sweet you and your mama are so close, I love that! It’s a special relationship for sure.

    So happy to have found your blog, thanks for commenting on mine. I’m following you now!

    I’m from Chicago but love New York too, such an awesome city!

  4. That Citibike program is brilliant. I haven’t heard much about this because I live in a smaller town, but it seems like a great idea for big cities or places where driving isn’t necessary (and can be a pain).

    I love that you have such a close, special relationship with your girlfriends and mom. My mom lives about 2 miles away and we get together at least once a week for a walk and girl talk. I feel like I can tell her anything.

    Something that shows up in my everyday… my husband and I play a couple games of Yahtzee every night before bed. It’s our time together to relax and decompress. ☺

    • awww that’s such a nice evening ritual with your hubby! love that. so great that you and your mom live so close to each other, too. i’d love to see my mom more. and yes, Citibike is amazingggg and has totally changed my take on NYC transportation, in the best way possible! i take it everywhere.

  5. All of these are just so awesome. I am a huge fruit girl and have been ever since pregnancy. I adore fruit on a salad and can’t get enough berries and stone fruits. And your mom? What a sweet, sweet thing to say about her. You are both very lucky!

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