Friday Five: 5 things in 5 years

this week’s Friday Five Link-up hosted by Mar, Cynthia & Courtney revolves around a topic that totally caught me off guard when i read it this morning: “5 Things I’ll be Doing in 5 Years.”

brrrrpppp. (that’s a, “whattttt is going on with that, i can’t even right now” sound. thanks, Alex & Joe & Tim & co. if one thing sticks with me for life from your time at the Scosh, it’s that. and MC Scosh.) πŸ™‚

so yeah, not gonna lie — this is a a weird topic for me, as i like to think of myself as more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants free-spirited type. i mean, i make plans and have things i want to do and accomplish, both short and long term, but i’m more of a “be” than a “becoming” sort of gal…so basically this rant is just me getting out my slight anxiety over tackling this post. thanks for bearing with me through that. πŸ™‚

pretty sure i can’t include things like “eating” and “sleeping a lot” as two points, can i? didn’t think so.

running. no surprise there. God-willing and contingent upon my health (which i hope is always great), i plan to run for the rest of my days, so long as these legs will carry me. i want to keep running a few half marathons a year and hopefully add to my 1 marathon…so yeah. we’ll see how that pans out. at least i know i have a lifelong, stable commitment to my running shoes, regardless of what other relationships come and go, and that makes me happy.

this blog has actually done wonders in helping me be consistent with my writing, and even though i don’t do as much creative writing as i’d like to (and constantly assert that i’m going to change that every year), i love having this outlet for my main passion and hope to continue blogging and writing for other online sites indefinitely…and hopefully self-publishing a book at some point, for my fam and friends.

THREE: work. something i don’t talk much about on here. i currently work to live, and i like the people i work with, and that’s that. i’m definitely praying that i am doing something else 5 years from now — something more focused on writing, education, psychology or helping people in some way. yes, i’m aware that’s rather ambiguous, but i’m trying to be open to ideas…and if all else fails, i will always harbor my pipe dreams of opening a taco & sangria beach bum stand in California. (i’m trying to pretend that’s not really my plan A in case it doesn’t happen.) πŸ™‚

FOUR: travel. although i’m fortunate to have traveled quite a bit growing up and now as an adult, there are still so many places i haven’t seen and want to go! this is on my mind constantly. i’m always thinking of my next airplane ride; the next city i’ll finally see with my own eyes; the people whose stories will intertwine with mine and leave marks upon my life. i reallllly want to go to Italy and Greece. those need to happen.

Chuck Taylors & Sperrys.
trends may come and trends may go, but i plan to wear these babies forever.

What’s something you hope is in your life, or that you change (or keep the same) in the next 5 years?
If you could pick any city to move to for a year or two, where would you choose?
Whatcha up to this weekend??


14 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 things in 5 years

  1. ANY city to live in for a year or two? I would probably go oversees somewhere in Germany or the Netherlands. I might also want to experience something in Alaska. (I do realize none of those are cities…)

  2. I hope that you are still your crazy wanderlust self with a central spot. You know what i mean.
    And I cannot wear Chuck Taylors any more. I wore them in NYC, but having to wear them at the last resto that I worked at ruined them for me.

  3. Ooo very interesting! I love to travel so much! I really hope that in five years we will be living in a different city than Sao Paulo, we will have at least one more child and we will have traveled to a whole bunch of new places (Galapagos, Chile, Argentina), oh and I will have my own studio.

  4. Love this! I’m right there with you on most of your items as for what I plan to be doing in 5 years. Also, if I could move anywhere? Seward, Alaska! I was there once and never wanted to leave ever!

    • gah i want to visit Alaska! my bro and i were discussing it this wknd b/c one of his best friends moved there and he’s planning to visit this year. ONE DAY!

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